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Bacon! It's not just for breakfast anymore!

August 19, 2014 |

Hormel Foods Corporation, a company that has been making bacon for over 100 years, has now made the world’s first motorcycle fueled by bacon grease.

The Austin-based company has created a new marketing campaign in time for the International Bacon Film Festival in San Diego, California, which takes place August 29.
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Will Hormel compete with Harley-Davidson, the makers of the original hogs?
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At the White Sox games you can buy bacon on a stick.
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Weird Harold
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Originally Posted by JackLuis View Post
And the exhaust emission smells like bacon!
Just what every biker wants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ug_iluxQ1IQ
Answers! I got lots of answers!

(Now if I could just figure out which questions they go to. )
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It shouldn't be surprising that bacon can be used as a fuel.

Fat has a lot of energy content and produces enormous amount of heat when burnt.

The downside is that it needs a lot of oxygen to burn efficiently, more than the conventional fuels we use.
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Originally Posted by Weird Harold View Post
Just what every biker wants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ug_iluxQ1IQ
My dog loves those things.
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Originally Posted by 49greg View Post
My dog loves those things.
That's cool, but I wouldn't want him chasing down my motorcycle looking for some.
Answers! I got lots of answers!

(Now if I could just figure out which questions they go to. )
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I invested/built a number of holiday cabins in very remote parts of Australia. There is no public electricity supply at any of them, and at three I have generators powered by slow speed diesel engines (650/800 rpm) like the one shown in my AV. I run two of them on waste margarine from a margarine manufacturing plant.

I have experimented with using waste engine oil as a fuel (because the energy output per volume is so good) but microscopic metallic waste in the oil can wreck an engine, and getting the oil thoroughly cleaned makes it very expensive.

I used oil from a fish'n'chip shop a few years back but the exhaust smell was way too much.

Rudolf Diesel's first engine back in the 1880's was fuelled with peanut oil - not diesel.
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nice jack.

mmmmm.... Bacon... WAIT. I MEAN SCIENCE.




NARRATOR: In Sacramento, 22 big “Victory Bins” were set up on downtown street corners for the duration, even though some people thought they were unsightly. Luverne, Minnesota had been founded by Civil War veterans, but now the town council volunteered to melt down the cannon balls that formed part of the memorial to the Union dead to make munitions for the new conflict. And in Waterbury, Connecticut, 281,135 pounds of tin were collected, along with 65,000 pounds of rubber, 225,458 pounds of rags – and 372,733 pounds of fat.

JIM SHERMAN: If you were lucky enough to get a pound of bacon, for example, and you get the fat in there, you were supposed to pour that into a tin can and then take it down to the salvage guy. Now, I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how’re they going to make ammunition out of bacon fat?

KATHARINE PHILLIPS: All of this we knew made ammunition, but we didn’t know how. But anything to help the boys.

NEWSREEL: Fats make glycerin and glycerin makes explosives. Every year two billion pounds of waste kitchen fats are thrown away. Enough glycerin for ten billion rapid-fire cannon shells. A belt one hundred fifty thousand miles long. Six time around the earth. A skillet of bacon grease is a little munitions factory.
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Mmmmm ... bacon.

H/D needs to have a bike's exhaust that smells like pussy. Now that would bring the boys to the yard ... girls too.
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