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So the new portal doesn't like smart quotes and ellipses from MS Word... It also doesn't actually show the number of Lit pages in preview. At least not in using the MS Word work around.

In the old portal I saved as as .txt and uploaded it. In preview it showed up as posted Lit pages would so I would have an idea of how many pages it came out to be. I was usually pretty close to a ten to one MS Word to Lit, but it's nice to know.

With the new portal I have to copy and paste from the .txt, and the preview shows up as one long document.

Or am I missing something?

BTW, Somebody mentioned using the old portal. If so, how do you get back to it?
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There are about 3750 words per Lit page. Plus or minus. It might vary a based on the size of your paragraphs.

As far as the characters are concerned, maybe cutting and pasting your story is the best bet. I upload text in UTF-8 format and have no problems with smart quotes or ellipses.
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You should find an "Old Control Panel" button at the bottom right of your new panel page. I can't answer the other questions as I'm avoiding using the new panel for as long as possible.
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How else would you submit but C & P? On my first stories, I tried to submit links, but this was very slow.
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I deactivate smart quotes, but I have taken to using the ellipsis character rather than three periods. Let me double check one of my recently posted stories that has one of those...

Huh. It seems to have converted it to three periods. Interesting.

Anyway, I usually copy/paste over from an RTF file in Wordpad, just to make sure there's not going to be any garbage carried over from the original file in the proper word processor program.

What difference does it make how many lit pages it turns out to be? I know some people talk about how many lit pages is the "right length" but the needs of the story should overrule some artificial number. If you want some rough idea of how long your story or chapter is, the page count in MS Word should give you that anyway.
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Three periods separated by spaces is best to use anyway. This replicates publishing ellipsis. The ellipsis on the computer isn't what publishing uses.
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