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Talking Nothing to be scarred about dear

Originally Posted by _me_
You have a very nice body (well, what I have seen is very very nice).
Love your nipples and would really enjoy sucking your fingers after they have been in you sweet love box!
Please do post more of you... even a nice bathing suit...or not lol
Kink test 524....

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very nice!

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nice...keep'em comin

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Your pics are hot, and you have a great set of tit's.

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Originally Posted by zerowaitstate
Your pics are hot, and you have a great set of tit's.

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great pics... feel free to keep taking more and posting them... yeah like he said.. great set of tits

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Such a beautiful, tantalizing body.... very arousing to look at you


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Your breast ar a men magnet for sure! Hope to see more of you soon

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Originally Posted by _me_
What happens if I post a pic that's deemed unsuitable? Scared to post something that I may get shouted at for!
From what I've seen, unsuitable pics just merely vanish... no explanation at all.
Pose and post whatever you wish. If they break the rules... oh well... those that are able to feast their eyes on your delicious body are all the better for it. Those of us that miss out are just that... out of luck.


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juan tractor
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Originally Posted by _me_
Not sure what I'm allowed to post!
You can post whatever you want. If it's against the rules it will just be removed...
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I wish I could taste you

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Originally Posted by _me_
I definitely need to get my sunbed soon!!
Nipple looks tanned enough to me ;-)

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very very nice

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Highly approachable.
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Great pics, very sexy. I'd love to see you in some lingerie. Yummm
I have a new photo thread, if that's your thing.

"I need your help with this... why don't we get it started with a kiss?"

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Very Sexy

Hi...don't be scared...very nice!

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WOW such great photos, and an amazing body

thankyou for sharing, hun

Mrs FC
Remember, a hot woman is for life not just for christmas!

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Nice puss picture. I wish it was a little bit bigger

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Wonderful pics. Thanks for posting. I'm glad you were brave enough to give it a try. You'll find most of the people here very accepting and friendly. I don't know of too many who have had bad experiences posting here.
Mr. Ron
Gently Rounded for Easy Insertion

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Originally Posted by _me_
I'm Very Scared!

There's no reason to be. You're a very sexy lady (with incidentally, very sexy looking hands) Love the pics so far! x13

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Originally Posted by youngleo
Nice puss picture. I wish it was a little bit bigger
This better....

Old 05-20-2007, 11:25 AM   #146
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That is a fantastic picture, looks very inviting...

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Originally Posted by _me_
I'm Very Scared!
Absolutely stunning pic
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Very nice pics, please post more!

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Originally Posted by _me_
This better....
No think just the right fit. Sorry was tooo easy to tease you. It's a beauty to behold.

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wow, you seem to be really wet on that photo!
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