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The Pantie Bandit

When I was in my early twenties I was what you might call a 'pantie bandit'. It all started one evening when my young wife and I were at a party given by another couple. All of us being young, we either had apartments or in the case of the party, the couple had a rented house. Also being young, you might say there were things that should have been done in the interests of personal privacy that sometimes got overlooked. Not even thought about.

And so it was that at one point I had to go to the potty. Here I am locked away in their little bathroom when I notice the clothes hamper in one corner. Mischief kicked in, and so before I leave I lift its lid very quietly... and The Great Pantie Bandit began his two year adventure in pantie snatching.

I was amazed to discover how many people left their clothes hampers in the bathroom. Even somewhat 'older' people who should have been wiser. Maybe they were just too trusting.

Picking my 'targets' carefully, over that two year period I collected 8 pairs from some very attractive 'victims'. No one was off limits... one of my prized pair was from a hot aunt just a few years my senior. I kept my collection in small box hidden under a loose floorboard in a walkout attic. Whenever I could get home alone for a day or so I would pull them out for a sniffing party. I kept each pair in their own resealable bag to preserve their 'scent' for as long as possible.

After a while I figured I'd better cease this little pursuit before I got 'busted'. And so one day, I said 'farewell' to my collection, and sighed when the garbage man drove away with my 'girls'.

Anybody else have a similar tale to tell?
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I Do

I was a horrible panty bandit for years! Laundry mats, friend's houses, exgirlfriends... and so on and so on. It started when I was at a friend's house and we were drinking. I had to use the bathroom and saw the home owner's dirty laundry hamper in the bathroom, and on top, there were a pair of rainbow panties, a thong, and it had still wet, fresh smelling juice on the crotch! My dick got insta-hard and I couldn't help to pull my dick out and jerk it until it exploded huge thick ropes of cum all over her bathroom floor. I wanted to leave it, but cleaned up quickly and returned to the party... had to lie and say I was shitting when asked what took so damn long...

I Never looked at that girl the same way!
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