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Homemade sex toys

I've long been a bare handed stroker. Skin on skin no lube. Every now and then I branch out and try other methods of self pleasure, but I find the rubber silicone toys to be cumbersome and they make your hand smell. And fleshlights are, in my opinion, a little bit too pricey. On a whim the other night I made a fifi and boy did it feel good. And for those who don't know what a fifi is it's a rubber glove in a rolled up towel with some lotion or lube. It was so tight around my cock with just the right amount of friction. Forget the store bought toys I found a much cheaper alternative. And the gloves makes for easy clean up.

So has anyone tried their hand at making a sex toy. Ladies, I know it's easier for you, but lets hear from you too. Did you ever see a phallic looking object that's not a dildo and get the urge to fuck it?
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I've never made a toy, but I've had the curiosity of following the instructions I found a few years ago about using fruit. Such as banana peels, a carefully cut and warmed cantaloupe/apple/honeydew/watermelon. Sounds interesting, but it's never seemed worth the time, effort, or expense of doing all that when my fist works perfectly fine.

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