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Post Transportation Challenge - Group B

If you would like your entry to be included in the collection submitted to Lit, please go to Imp's opt in thread.

Guesses only on this thread, please. Please continue to post any discussions to this thread.

Deadline for guesses is noon GMT on FRIDAY.

The authors are listed below. There is one wild card.

If any of these links are broken or incorrect, please post a correct one so we can get it fixed.
Caution: Brooding Goslings

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1 - Skip1934a

The Nancy Hanks

It was a hot summer day in June of 1959 when the Nancy Hanks pulled out of Terminal Station and headed toward Savannah. I was always on board the Nancy when it moved. I retired early with several million dollars, and had nothing better to do than ride the rails. What that really means is that some really sweet pussy rode the Nancy in those days, and I wanted to tap into my share of it. I had an arrangement with the carrier. I had my own car, and painted it to match the Nancy’s color scheme, and they always put my car at the end of the train, to keep the public out of my way.

As soon as the train cleared the terminal, I went to the club car to survey the prey. It wasn’t hard to pick her. She was alone at the bar sipping a mint julep. Stacked. I mean really stacked. Size DDs at least, and wearing a sheer blouse. I walked up to her from behind, and reached around to take those beauties in my hands. I nuzzled her neck, planting a juicy kiss just under her ear. Squeezing her breasts, with each nipple between a finger and thumb, I whispered, “Hello, lovely lady. Can I buy you a drink, or fuck you, or anything?”

I felt her stiffen, and then relax. “That depends,” she answered. “What do you really want?”

“Just want to fuck you silly to pass the time.”

“What do I have to do, exactly?” she replied.

“Whatever I say do, you do.”

“I’m drinking mint juleps. And I’m married.”

“I can see your ring. Is your husband hung? And is he with you?”

“He’s in Savannah waiting for me at the station. What do you mean by ‘hung’?”

“Is he as big as I am?” I guided her hand to my erection.

She gasped. “Uh… no. If that’s really you, no,” she smiled. Her teeth were pearly white and perfectly aligned. She licked her lips. Her eyes danced. She shivered.

“So, which is it? A drink, or a fuck?”

“Can’t I have both?” she queried.

“If you do what I ask.”

“What’s that?”

“Leave your skirt and blouse on the bar stool and come with me.”

“ I can’t do that! There are people here. They’d see.”

“Then no drink, no fuck?”

She slid off the barstool, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and hung it on the back of the stool. She undid the zipper of her skirt and slowly let it fall to the floor. I bent and picked it up, placing it on the seat of the stool. Brazen bitch. No panties.

I smiled as I put one hand behind her, found her pussy, and inserted a finger, then two, and then a third.. My other hand pulled her bra straps down, exposing her succulent breasts to the world around us. I took a nipple between my thumb and finger and led her from the club car to my private car. I had chosen well. She was left only with a garter belt, stockings, and heels and walked proudly as I anticipated my helping of pussy.

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2 - Vermilion

The Road to Nowhere

“So how long have you know Max and Flora then?” asked Lucy, trying to break through the thick silence in the car.
“I went to school with Max.”

There were more questions she could have asked as follow-ons to his reply, but somehow she got the sense the conversation wouldn’t really go anywhere even if she talked til the wheels came off the car.

She was only giving him a lift because Flora had begged her. She wasn’t exactly looking forward to another sodding wedding and having to go forty minutes out of her way (yeh, thanks Flora, not quite as nearby as you implied) did not help.

Now she was having to share the intimate space of a car with a taciturn man in dirty jeans who gave her directions as brief as they were sullen. She honestly didn’t know what was wrong with him, unless he was sulking because he’d had his license taken away for speeding and wanted to take over the driving. What is wrong with men?

She was really fuming now inside her head, rehearsing an argument with him and mentally venting all the things she wanted to say, starting with, “oh don’t worry about saying ‘thank you,’ or offering to pay the fucking petrol or anything.”

“Right here!” He said abruptly as a turning came up.

She slammed down on the brakes, indicated and wrenched the wheel around to make the turning.

“I meant the next one.”

“Oh fantastic. Thank you. You couldn’t have made that more clear?” She snapped.

All she got in reply was a shrug. Git.

Slowly she drove down the twisty, narrow road, looking for a convenient place to turn the car around. Ahead she saw a gated entrance to a field with enough room in front of it to manoeuvre. She pulled in, turned the wheel as hard as she could and moved forward, then she put the car in reverse and … nothing.

She swore as she tried to rev the engine, but still no result.

Silently Dave got out of the car, wheeled it back so that it was off the road and popped the bonnet open. Lucy sat in the car, her arms folded, listening to the grunts and clanks as he played around with the engine.

After a while she got out and went to see what he was doing. He was topless and had his t-shirt wrapped around his hand as he struggled with something.

“How handy to have a mechanic with me when my car breaks down,” she said.

“Shame you haven’t got the fucking tools in your car when it breaks down,” came the surly reply.

So that’s what he’d been doing rummaging around in the boot.

“Can’t you fix it without?” She asked… somewhat extraneously as it seemed, judging by the look he gave her.

He flung the filthy t-shirt aside and slammed the bonnet down disgustedly, turning round to lean against it.

Lucy walked round to lean next to him, perching her bottom on the warm plastic of the bumper and folding her arms across her chest. They stood like that for some time, listening to the gentle shush of wind through the trees, watching the flickering evening sunlight that filtered down through the leaves and becoming aware of the peaceful chirruping of crickets and birds hidden in the greenery all around them.

“I used to go out with Flora.” Dave said in a quiet voice. “She dumped me for Max. I… we managed to stay friends, but I suppose I always hoped.”

His voice trailed off until it was hidden by the singing of the birds.

Softly Lucy laid her hand on his bare shoulder: a gesture of compassion that bypassed words. He turned his head then and looked at her, a long look that crystallised into a frozen moment between two people.

The peace was broken by the roar of a tractor ploughing over the field towards them. The beam from the headlights picked out the two figures standing there and the tractor came to a trundling halt.

The driver got down and came over to the gate and leaned there to talk to them.

“S’lucky I came along,” he said gruffly when they’d explained their situation. “Nobody ever comes along this way. The road comes out only 100 yards along from where it turns in. They call it the road to nowhere.”

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3 - perfect_munachi

"Already past Sinaia."

Raluca sighed, staring out the window at the familiar mountains. They reminded her of trips with her family, wonderful walks in summer, social gatherings in the casino. How she would miss all this.

Her friends, of course, envied her: Going to Paris, and learning to be a proper young lady there, that was something they all dreamed of. Elena, her best friend, almost spoke more often to her in French than in Romanian.

She, Raluca, loved her own language though. It was like the landscape, somehow. Like the rugged rock face and the softer green hills she saw, looking out the window. With herds of sheep and goats, that fled as the train noisily rushed past them. With green trees and yellow of the little plums on them. She wished she could get off the train and pick some of them, walk up one of these little paths into the mountains. Barefoot, preferably. Not like a lady at all. Let her feet hang into the cold water of a small mountain stream, when she got tired. And fall asleep under the neverending blue sky.

Instead she had to go to that city, where she knew no one, where no one spoke her language, where she had to learn to be someone she did not want to be. Again she sighed.

Brian entered the restaurant car deep in thought. Since he had left Egypt the pendant had occupied his mind and he could not wait to be back to London to analyse his discovery with Dr Tobbs. He almost did not notice the dark-haired stranger sitting opposite his customary seat, which he had occupied since his journey with the Orient Express had started in Istanbul.

He chided himself for being so churlish and rose immediately from his seat again to greet her when he became aware of his ungentlemanly behaviour.

"Forgive me madam, I don't believe we have met. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Saunders, Brian Saunders. Delighted to make your acquaintance."

"I am Raluca Marinescu." She searched for the right English words. "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Saunders."

"Pleasure, yes, indeed. Will you allow me to sit with you?"

Again, she smiled. "Yes, of course. You must apologise my English, though."

"Oh, well, yes, Marinescu, that is Romanian, is it not? And no need to apologise, I believe it really is quite excellent, quite excellent," he stammered, desperately avoiding to peer at her neckline, where something had caught his attention.

That was... impossible... what were the odds? He just couldn't desist and stared right at her, at what looked like the second half of his precious acquisition, taunting him right above her cleavage.

Raluca blushed, noticing his stare. She was about to excuse herself, when she noticed the man’s hand opening – and in it, a pendant that looked just like hers.

“Remarkable, isn’t it,” he exclaimed when putting the pieces together. “We are made for each other. Let's go and fuck."

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4 - Cheerful_Deviant

The door slammed shut as Rica stabbed her finger onto the engine start button. The powerful engine fired on the first revolution and Rica dropped the automatic transmission into reverse. She whipped the big BMW coupe out of her reserved parking spot just as the guard that had been chasing her came bursting through the doorway from the lobby. She caught sight of him yelling into his radio as she selected Drive and mashed the accelerator into the floorboards.

The rear tires howled as the big sport coupe leapt off through the parking garage like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby. The cars parked in neat rows became a multicolored blur in her peripheral vision as she headed to the exit ramp that lead down to street level.

Being a ranking executive, Rica had a reserved parking spot near the main entrance to the lobby. Normally she loved the short walk and prestige the reserved spot gave her. However, the downside to the spot in her current situation was that the exit of the parking garage was one level down and all the way at the far end of the garage.

The screech of tires and howl of the engine was muted by the car’s heavy soundproofing as Rica threw the car around a corner and down the twisting ramp to the main level. She managed to fasten her seatbelt just as the exit came into view at the end of a long row of parked cars. Her hands clenched the wheel as she saw two security guards pull up in one of the small electric carts that they used to patrol the lot and grounds. They parked the electric cat directly across the exit ramp in front of the ticket booth and got out, pulling their handguns.

Rica steeled herself and pushed the accelerator to the floor with grim determination. The car responded immediately and she was forced back into her seat as the numbers on the speedometer increased at a terrifying rate.

The guards eyes widened in shock at the sight of the black BMW, not slowing as they had assumed it would but rather, bearing down on them at close to sixty miles per hour and still accelerating. In unison raised their guns and snapped off two quick shots before diving out of the way.

Rica ducked instinctively as a round hole appeared in the windshield just below the rear view mirror and the rear window dissolved into a shower of glass fragments. Before she could really comprehend what had happened, her car slammed into the immobile electric cart.

The battle between the lightweight plastic and aluminum of the small electric cart and the high tensile steel of the big BMW wasn’t even close. The electric car dissolved into a shower of shattered plastic scraps and mangled aluminum tubing as Rica’s BMW blasted through it. The ticket booth passed in a blink then she was clear, heading for the main road and what she hoped was freedom.

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5 - TE999 (stupid thing won't let me do all caps with no lowercase...Grrr)

You know how I hate riding in taxicabs, but you insist we ride in one to the theater. I see you hand the driver something when you thought I wasn't looking. What mischief have you planned?

The odors in the cab make me wince, but your perfume overwhelms them. It is my favorite on you, White Diamonds. You snuggle close to me, your skirt riding up your thighs, stockings shining in the passing lights. I see you are wearing the necklace and earrings I gave you for your birthday and I smile.

Traffic is heavy this evening, so we edge along in fits and starts. I wonder if we will arrive on time, but you laugh and tell me not to worry. The scent of your perfume is intoxicating and your body is oh, so warm.

Then your hand is on my knee, sliding under my dress, your breath hot on my ear. I look towards the driver. Can he see what you are doing? Your fingers creep along my inner thigh and I open my legs to you. Your lips brush mine as your fingers stroke my silk covered pussy. Ohhhh, what are you doing? The driver will see. Passers by will see. Why is it taking so long to reach the theater?

I open my mouth to speak, but you place a finger on my lips and kiss me softly. You lean against me, fueling my urge to feel your warm skin on mine. Your knee parts my legs as you push my panties aside, fingers slipping between my soaked pussy lips.

Your mouth is on my neck, licking the hollow of my throat. I quiver as your fingers twirl inside me, caressing the slick flesh, mewling as your thumb finds my throbbing clit. Your tongue skims the edge of my aureole, seeking my stiff nipple. I moan and pull my dress aside. Your hot mouth engulfs my pink nub and your fingers dance in my pussy.

I feel exquisite pleasure rising in my body, suffusing me with warmth. I am cumming for you as I have always cum for you, fast and hard. I forget everything, the driver, the taxi, the city... I live only for your lips, your tongue, your fingers...ohhhh... so good...oh yesssss...

Your mouth grinds against mine, smearing our lipstick as you muffle my scream of pleasure. You bring me to the edge once more and I moan in your mouth, cumming again on your marvelous fingers.

I gasp for breath as you take my hand and place it between your spread legs. We share a burning kiss as I cup your bare pussy. You have gone commando, you sexy slut! I plunge my fingers in your gooey folds, stroking the velvet walls, my thumb rubbing your erect clit. Then you are bucking against me, our tongues dueling, my fingers drenched with your juices.

You squeal in delight against my mouth, body jerking, cumming in waves on my hand. You slump against me and we share a tender kiss. The taxicab stops and I am surprised to see we are back at our apartment building. We are home. What about the theater?

You see the questioning look in my eyes and you whisper, "We'll see the play next week, love. I've always wanted to fuck in a taxicab." Laughing, we tip the driver and head for our apartment and our soft bed. The night isn't over yet, and you are all mine.

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6 - Remec

“Can I get you anything to drink?” the stewardess asked Pat as he lounged as best he could in the usual uncomfortable airline seat. He looked up from the novel he’d been trying to read as a distraction from the motion beneath him. She had a rather typical cart of drinks and bagged snacks; several different cans of soda and juice were open right before her, and Pat could spy a wide variety of liquor and even wine bottles tucked on the shelves below.

“Um,” Pat hesitated as he tried to imagine what would be more likely to stay in his stomach; or, at any rate, hurt the least on its way back up his throat. Definitely not OJ…maybe the apple juice…yeah “Could I get a mix of apple juice and vodka?” he asked. “And perhaps a bag or three of peanuts?”

She laughed and gave him a nod. Pat smiled back as he watched a few strands of hair slip from beneath the confines of hairspray and bobby pins on the attendant’s head. Pat glanced at her chest to see what her name was. He had to squint to make out the word ‘Janice’ through the glare the lighting on the gold-toned pin from the angle he was sitting at. Janice looked down while he was doing so and sighed under her breath.

And he seemed so nice, too. Sometimes, she wasn’t sure there were any nice passengers on the routes she flew these days. Between commuters wrapped up in their own little cocoons of stress and isolation, tourists who never quite appreciate why they have to go through the security precautions they did, and families of annoying children with overworked mothers and dads on the make, Janice seemed to question her career of choice more than a few times every week.

Pat cocked his head and raised an eyebrow at the slight sound Janice had made and his eyes widened. He realized where he was looking and that trying to read her name had probably looked very much like staring. Not that he wouldn’t mind staring at Janice’s chest under the right circumstances, mind you. It was full but not to the level of cliché when it came to stewardesses, and he got the feeling that she wore a bra and slip that supported everything but toned down the obvious curves to make her figure less prominent. Too many jerks, and I guess I just made the list.

He took the drink she made him with one hand, and the snacks in the other. “Janice?” he asked as she started to move on. “Thanks. Um...” Pat lost his train of thought as she stopped and met his gaze. Janice smiled at him. He smiled back and gave a little shrug. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. I get it all the time,” Janice told him. “Let me know what else you need, okay?” Pat nodded and cracked a grin that Janice had seen many times, but wasn’t disappointed to see again.

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7 - CharleyH

“Too big for me,” I smiled gently as the dining car waiter placed the Baba au Rhum in front of me.

“Pas pour moi.” Abella de La Tour sung her words in an accent that veiled her life growing up in Indochine. My nostrils carnivorously opened to satiate my inner starvation as her arm brushed mine, but all I caught was the buttery rum filling as she reached in front of me and sunk her fork into my dessert. My eyes fell closed for a half a second longer than maybe they should have at a table where her father had just been sitting, but I wanted to devour her nuances, consume the breeze of her skin, or even the scent of her perfume might have stopped the painful desire I felt every moment she was in the same room.

“Êtes-vous malade?” Madeleine asked, mistaking my look of desire for the rattle of the train, which had earlier caused me trouble between Sirkeci Station in Istanbul and Kapikule on the Turkish/Bulgarian border.

“Non. Just full.” I said still empty and aching as Abella moved her arm away and then eagerly swept the fork to her plum cherry lips before I could bottle the smell of her skin.

It had become almost unbearable to sit near her. Every moment of closeness tightened its grip at the base of my balls, yet no matter whether we shared the same table or house, we were always a thousand miles from each other.

"My sister says you were quite the Don Juan, Jean-Paul," Abella teasingly caressed her moist tongue around the cream smeared fork and then reached for another bite of my cake.

"Stop being such a vamp!" Madeleine snapped and I felt her leg kick past mine under the table.

"Ouch." Abella jumped with a laugh, and the morsel of pastry leapt from the silver onto my trousers between the flaps of my dinner jacket. "Mon dieu!" she said and instinctively scrambled to pluck it from my lap, only to turn a flush of rouge when her fingers brushed my hard on.

Her lips pursed into a smile as she looked up with a sluttish glimmer twinkling in the sultry blue between her half closed eyelids. It seemed she knew in that brief moment that my body was reacting to how I looked at her. Yet, I wondered if she knew that every time our eyes broke from a glance mine fell over the soft neckline of her evening gown to the well between her voluptuous breasts and then further to a fantasy of what lay hidden beneath her salmon coloured dress.

"I'm glad you didn't use your fork for that bite," I chuckled nervously, then felt the sting of my fiancée's jealousy kick into my shin and reluctantly moved away from Abella, dabbing the creamy smear with my napkin.

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8 - Trombonus

The Flight

David looked over at the girl next to me. She was nervous and breathing deeply with her eyes tightly shut.

“Are you ok miss?”

She nodded, too afraid to open her eyes and look at me.

“Afraid of flying?”

Again she nodded.

“I understand. Have you ever flown before?”

She shook her head no this time. The plane began its takeoff, and she squealed, clutching his hand tightly in the process. Soon the plane was lifting off the ground. We leveled off and she relaxed a little, releasing the death grip she’d had on his hand.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“Nah, don’t worry about it.” He smiled at her.

“I’m David by the way.”

“I’m Eileen. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” He said shaking her hand.

“You know, I’m really glad I’m sitting next to such a nice person. I was afraid I’d be sitting next to some noisy kid or something.”

“Ha ha, I know what you mean. So why are you flying today Eileen?”

“Oh, I’m visiting family. What about you?”

“I just got done with a business trip.”

“You must be glad to be going home.”

“A little bit.”

“Don’t you miss your family?”

“Nah, I live alone.

“How come, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“No I don’t mind. My job keeps me busy. I was seeing someone, and came close to marrying her, but we ended it. We were just heading in different directions. After that I sort of gave up trying.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“No it’s ok. We’re still very close friends, and we’re both happy with our lives at the moment. She’s married now and is expecting her first child.”

“Don’t you get lonely?”

“Sometimes. What about you? Anyone special in your life?”

“No. I had a few relationships, but nothing serious came out of them. So you must fly a lot. How do you manage?”

“Oh I love flying. There’s just something about it. I mean, just look outside. It’s so beautiful out there, like a whole other world.”

“I don’t know.”

“I understand, but you won’t know unless you try.”

“Well, I guess that’s true. Ok, let me look.” Eileen leaned over him to look out of the window. Suddenly, she looked right at him.

“My goodness, you’re right. It is beautiful.”

Her face was inches from his. He looked into her eyes, and she looked into his. They lost themselves for a moment and before they knew it their lips were pressed together. The kiss lasted but a moment, but it was all they needed.

“I’m so sorry.” Eileen retreated back to her seat, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

“I’m not.” He tilted her face towards him and he kissed her again.

They spent the rest of the flight in each others arms. Soon the plane was near its destination, and began its descent. Eileen was no longer scared. In fact, she eagerly watched out the window as they landed.

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9 - i_love_u_in_me

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'.

Janie stood in her driveway contemplating the wisdom of wearing stiletto heels. She was amazed at how quickly her feet had conformed to the comfort of nearly-flat soles. She frowned. He considered it a great coup when he trumped her assertion that he’d never see her in cowboy boots by finding a fabulous pair made by Dior. It seemed she had worn little else for far too long.

She opened the door to her powder blue, fully-restored, 1965 Mustang convertible. A big V8. A manual transmission.

‘Dammit,’ she thought, wondering if she had the muscle memory left to use a clutch in strappy high heels.

She wanted to go back inside the house, close the door and pretend she had nowhere to go. But, she couldn’t do that---not this time.

Her favorite Prada bag had not so much as landed on the passenger’s seat when the phone began to ring. She steeled herself.

The “Wedding March” chimed happily from inside the pricey, soft leather. There was no need to look at the caller ID. It was him. It was Chris.

She’d laughed the day in the deli when her best friend set his number to that ring tone and called them destined. She’d laughed more back then, back when she believed it could be reality. She’d be his, and he’d be hers. They’d marry. All the world would be right.

She realized the ringing had stopped at the same moment she realized how silly those thoughts had been.

She exhaled slowly and reached inside her purse for her lipstick. One more touch-up before she made her way to the restaurant down by the water. She knew she was being overly cautious in driving herself, but trust had become difficult. Fishing past the cell, she jumped when it began to play Mendelssohn again.

Dum dum da dum…dum dum da dum..dum dum da dum dum…

She pulled the cell phone out along with the silver tube. His name was displayed there in neat letters against a glowing blue backlight.

She whispered, “Dumb, dumb, dumb,” to herself as she contemplated whether or not to answer.

When the music abruptly stopped, her mind raced. Maybe he remembered their last conversation. Maybe he understood that she really was going to have dinner with another man, an actual date, not business, a date. Maybe he was scared now---scared of losing her, scared of growing old alone.

The little logic she had left stepped in to remind her, ‘He’s not alone,’ as she put the key into the ignition.

She clenched her jaw to ward off the tears. Her face still ached from days of stress-induced grinding.

“He has a wife,” she said aloud, hoping that somehow hearing the words would bolster her resolve to move on. Granted, it hadn’t worked in the past, but she figured one more shot wouldn’t hurt.

She said it again, “He has a wife.”

She’d barely gotten the w-word out of her mouth when her insecurity stood straight up and added, “And probably another girlfriend.”

She pressed in the clutch and cursed at the awkwardness of it, her foot slipping.

She petted the dashboard and said, “Betsey, I’m wearing Betsey Johnson’s. Be nice; you were named after her.”

She wondered if her date would be as amused and indulgent of her shoe fetish as Chris had always been. She wondered if he’d ever let it slip to his house-shoe-wearing wife that he’d inadvertently learned the difference between a Manolo and a Moschino.

She bit her lip. He’d bought both when he couldn’t remember which she preferred. The nice lawyer might be able to buy her lobster tonight, but she doubted he could spoil her in the way Chris had been doing since day one.

She shook her head and called herself shallow. Shallow and materialistic. She knew her feelings for him had nothing to do with a fondness for footwear, but it was easier to reduce it down to that.

While the engine warmed, she reached down and turned on the radio. The pop-like tones of modern country music filled the interior of the car and tore open something inside of her. She thought of how she’d whined with the announcement that she was being assigned to promote his latest album. She was certain she’d drawn the short straw that morning.

She’d chased her boss down the hallway, calling out, “Seriously, Bob?”

She’d been in four and half inch Chanel’s that day, and it was a feat to keep up with his always-hurried pace. She was sure he was hurried a little more by the tone of her voice.

“Country music?! Do I look like a girl who knows anything about country music?” She stood still and made a dramatic wave down her fashionably attired torso.

Bob looked her head-to-toe and sighed.

“Sorry, Janie, but it’s your own fault.”

Bob shook his head at the girl’s puzzled expression before continuing.

“He likes old Mustangs. He saw you getting out of that car of yours last week. You were a personal request, my dear. And, a client that big gets what he requests.”

Janie had stood dumbfounded by the explanation. Her boss took a couple of paces down the hall and then turned back to her.

In a lower voice, he told her, “He is a big client, Janie. Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth. I would have picked Roger for the job…And, Jane, my girl, you are in Nashville now. Don’t ever stand inside this firm and pronounce a dislike for country music again.”

And, so it all began.

One boy, one girl, one classic car, one wife, lots of shoes and one more broken heart to be memorialized in song.

She closed her eyes and flipped the radio off. She sank back into the seat as she listened to the hum of the well-maintained engine. After a few deep, slow breaths, she opened her eyes and put the car into reverse.

She had just cleared the driveway when the phone began to ring again.


She hit the brakes a little more suddenly than she intended, reached for the phone and stared at his name.

Pulling to the side of the road, she flipped open the phone and answered, “Hello,” doing little to hide the irritation in her voice.

“Hey, baby.”

Hearing the affectionate name in his cowboy accent made her a little weak, as always.

He continued, “Guess who got into town last night?”

She took another deep breath. Last night.

She didn’t try to hide her feelings when she echoed, “Last night?”

He ignored the obvious hurt in her voice, also as always, and answered, “Yeah, I was beat. Went straight to bed.”

She bit her tongue. Inside she screamed, “With who?!”

His wife was tucked away in Montana in their feather bed and her blissful ignorance. She’d never worried much about her. She hadn’t even worried about the barrage of tight t-shirt and cowboy hat wearing femininity that cast itself at his feet. It was his female lawyer, his female manager and most especially, the gregarious twenty-six year old English girl who’d opened for the Southern leg of his tour. She couldn’t help but wonder if that little bitch was in Nashville, too.

Her head began to pound.

“Janie? Hello?” The irritation in his voice only served to annoy her more.

“I’m here,” she mumbled, as she thought, ‘I’m always here---waiting, watching, wondering, hoping…’

She could hear the smile in his voice when he answered, “Good.”

Shifting her legs to a more comfortable position, her well-heeled foot hit the accelerator. Her mind jerked back to the present, to the time, to herself sitting at the side of the road when she was supposed to be going somewhere.

He began, “I have to tell you what happened…”

She interrupted.

“I’m sorry, Chris; you’ll have to tell me some other time. I’m going to be late.”

There was something freeing in the silence that followed. She didn’t hurry to say, “I love you” in the form of a question, desperate to hear it parroted back in the affirmative. No, she didn’t say it at all.

She let him be the one to finally say, “Well, I guess I’ll talk to you later then.”

Ignoring the hurt in his voice for once, she answered, “Okay then, bye.”

She was flipping the phone shut when he made his reply.

Setting the cell aside, she wiggled her toes inside her new shoes. She put her foot on the clutch, put the car into gear and let go.

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10 - neonurotic

On the Road to Durango

"I said pull over," she glared at him, her posture stiff and ready to fight. "I'd rather walk then sit in this car another minute with likes of you."

Not able to stop himself, he laughed at her, which earned him another nail in the coffin of their dead friendship. What could he do? Nothing, really. He resigned, shrugged and stopped the Jeep on the side of the road. He wondered what exactly was she was going to do, walk and thumb for a ride? Not likely for long or at all since it was hotter than hell and he hadn't seen another car on the highway for hours in either direction.

Ana jumped from the bucket seat and snagged her skirt on the door latch as she did. "Dammit!"

"Are you all right?" He leaned over to her side.

She'd popped off nearly every button on the front of her skirt, which exposed her tan thigh and gave him peek of her purple panties. He grinned. She responded by slamming the door in his face and heatedly walking down the road to Durango.

Chase watched her for several minutes; her figure grew tiny in the distance, but he knew that each time her heel pounded the tarmac she wished it were his face. Wow, she's really mad. Maybe she cared about him more than she had let on. He slowly drove along side her to get her attention, but she stared ahead.

"Hey Ana, you can keep walking to the next town because you're not getting back into the Jeep all sweaty-smelly like I know you are."

Ana stopped dead in her tracks, making him slam on the brakes. Her cheeks were bright red spots and they were not from all the walking she'd done. "You've got to be the biggest bastard I know." her eyes blazed into his then quickly dropped her gaze and turned her back on him.

The hot Mexican sun lit up her hair in a fiery flame as the wind tossed her skirt about her waist. She was beautiful. "Ya, well I aim to please," he said feeling aroused seeing the full view of her panties, which turned out to be a thong that displayed her cheeky round ass to the best advantage.

Chase jumped out of Jeep, went to her side and spun her around. It was an over-dramatic gesture, but still, he kissed her. Her kiss was what he hoped for; he tasted passion on her lips. Hot, erotic and something sweeter, deeper than any summer wise blackberry. He squeezed one of her full breasts and felt that she hadn't put on a bra. He smiled, pulled down the front of her tiny scoop necked t-shirt and nearly inhaled the soft flesh. He licked her areola, lightly raking his teeth over a nipple, making it rock-hard. She responded, moaned and cupped his head in her hands, whispering his name.

Good gawd, he thought, maybe this whole time he loved her too.

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11 - jushorny

I had flown on the client’s private jet before, but only for short one hour jaunts. This would be the first time traveling half way across the country with Joe and his wife, a former tattoo artist, along with two others from my office. Here I was flying with a couple who I have heard love a bit of kinky sex, my gay boss, and a newly divorced big bosomed colleague.

Shortly after take off, Joe mixed bloody marys; conversation was light and friendly as we all maneuvered our seats into positions that allowed us to spread out better. It was after the first round of drinks when Joe and his former tattoo artist wife turned to me.

“This being your first long flight with us, you should know that we have certain way of welcoming you,” he said as his wife moved over closer to me. Her hand was on my thigh and my colleague was on the other side of me when Joe spoke again.

“We like to make sure our guests have a pleasurable and enjoyable flight.” His grin was wide, my boss smirking as he eyed my growing bulge.

That must have been his signal it was a go. I felt my colleague’s hand slide over my chest, unbuttoning my shirt and spreading it wide while the wife’s hands were busy undoing my belt, sliding my zipper down. You can bet I was fully aroused when her hand even reached in to pull my cock free.

Before we even reached much altitude I was in heaven, warm wet lips and tongues tantalizing every nerve ending. I was soon naked, hard and loving every minute of it. Sure, it was a little intimidating, embarrassing to be spread out naked in front of my boss, but the lips of the former tattoo artist mouthing my cock, teeth lightly grazing the skin, was all it took for me to forget all about inhibitions.

Both ladies knelt between my spread legs taking turn pleasuring my balls and cock. I watched the combination of my pre-cum and the mouths making my balls and cock glisten. I spread my legs further as she sucked my balls in, pulling them away from my mouth. My hips rose from the seat wanting my cock to be deeper into the other ladies’ throat. Her suction forced more pre-cum out, her tongue quickly lapping at the head to drink it in.

I felt myself bucking; probing deeper into whichever mouth was on my cock, moaning as teeth bit into my balls. I grunted and groaned, knowing my cock was about to explode. They could tell as well, for at just the right moment my colleague let go of my cock and together they watched as his spurt cream onto my abs and chest.

I lay panting and watching the two sexy ladies licking up my come. When my boss spoke up, “That’s just the appetizer; we still have over three hours before we land.”

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12 - inlovewithyourghost

I want you to look in the mirror for a moment. Note the way your hair falls. Note the shade of your eyes. And the tint of your cheeks. Now close your eyes, love. And feel my arms around you. My body pressed against your back. My fingers tracing the trails of fire down your arms... You feel it... don't you? The way my breath feels on you neck. The way my body sways to an unplayed melody. You feel my energy encompassing you. The heart beating in my chest. Your hands follow mine as they caress the tender skin of your abdomen. My teeth sinking into your shoulder as I pull you tighter to me…..

Now open your eyes... it seems almost a surprise that I am not in the reflection before you. Or so it seems. But you know that I am in you. I am the fire in your eyes. I am the tingle down your spine. I am the flush in your cheeks. I am the surge in your veins. And though we are separated by layers of distance and space, you hear me whisper softly in your ear, “I am always with you… and you… go with me... everywhere I am.”

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13 - Fallenfromgrace

Tugging the collar of his coat skyward and furrowing his brow he continued ploughing forward. The slope of the tunnel hindered his pace and his calf muscles burned under the strain. His athletic frame made it easy work- weaving in and out of commuters and he persevered despite obstacles. The loudspeakers reported that the 13:44 was delayed until 13:47 and he smiled as he bent forward and pressed harder. The tunnel was becoming more crowded and his blonde hair began to stick to his forehead. Pushing his way past a young couple- his hopes hanging by a thread, he frustratingly retrieved his mobile phone from his internal pocket.

‘’Shit!’’ he hissed angrily, he was still too far from the surface to have any signal.

As he took the bend in the tunnel at an alarming speed, he managed just in time to swerve around an oncoming commuter. His gaze fell impatiently to his platinum watch under his cuff; the hand’s pointed ominously to 13:46. There was still no end to the tunnel in sight and he clenched his fists in frustration.

Taking a deep breath he spurred on, the tunnel walls were now beginning to feel claustrophobic and all he wanted was to get above ground and breathe freely, rest his burning legs and ease his throbbing ankles. He set his jaw and noticed the shaft of light in the side of the tunnel ahead- a second wind overcame him and almost propelled him on.

As he reached the above ground platform, his breathe came in short gasps as he rounded the edge of the wall in an attempt to reach the train before the doors closed. The train pulled away from the platform and an utterly defeated sensation rushed over him as his knees wobbled underneath him. He stood alone and disorientated on the concourse. Suddenly his thoughts flooded back into his mind and he fumbled clumsily for his mobile again. Bringing it to his ear, he waited.

‘’You promised not to be late, James.’’ Came the husky voice as a hand reached up and took his phone, another at his shoulder spinning him around.

‘’I waited for you.’’ The dark haired man whispered, his face close to the blonde’s, the dark haired man wore a two day beard that complimented his facial features.

James breathed in the man’s scent- the smell of perspiration and Paco Rabanne mingled with a light hint of tobacco filled his nose. He looked into the taller man’s dark eyes, falling slowly into the swirling chocolate pupils.

‘’Rick…’’ James whispered the beginnings of his question but the feel of the darker eyed man’s arm encircling him and pulling his body close forcefully caused him to falter.

Rick crushed his lips against the blonde’s and the two merged into an uneasy but passionate embrace. Rick’s muscular physique held the smaller man’s chest tight against his as they breathed together, their lips sliding against each other as tongue’s battled. The blonde moaned against his lover’s lips as he dropped his bag and crossed his arms behind Rick’s neck, kissing him back with equal vigour.

‘’I missed you.’’ Rick whispered as he pulled away from the blonde’s lips.

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14 - RebeccaLeah


He stretched his arms over head, feeling the muscles work together in smooth movements he never thought possible till recently. His fingers brushed over soft feathers as his arms dropped back to his sides. Rolling his shoulders back and feeling the extra sensation, not exactly a weight but more of a presence, Joshua spared a glance to confirm it once again. There they were, beautiful pure white feathers covering wings that almost reached the ground.

Joshua didn’t quite remember how he had become what he was, all he could recall was falling and a voice whispering to his heart. Yes without reserve or hesitation, had been his answer and he found himself in a new position. He saw details more clearly, not by eyesight, but by understanding. His mind had changed to view a complete image and its story instead of pieces that may or may not fit into the puzzle’s final solution.

As the first rays of sunlight reached him, a faint, continuous beep came to Joshua’s ears from the hospital below him. The girl would no longer wake to her parents' fights. In moments he reached her room and entered it cautiously. Though the cut, wraith-like body on the bed was just edging into young adulthood, the spirit that looked up at his entrance was a small girl. No more than four or five with blonde pigtails, the child looked up at him with big blue eyes. Joshua held out a hand and the little girl took it, her small hand only fitting around three of his fingers. Gently he lifted her small body and cradled her to his chest as he turned towards the door. The doctor came running through them with a nurse at his heels as Joshua spoke to the child.

“The sky is pink and the clouds are puffy white this morning. Would you like to see them?"

A small nod before she spoke in a child’s lisp, “Mommy and Daddy will be sad, won’t they?”

He nodded in return as they climbed the stairs. “Yes, sweetheart, they will be.” They reached the roof in silence. As the golden light hit them, Joshua stretched his wings. The small girl smiled to the sun and Joshua caught a glimpse of a dimple as they were taken upward on a warm current of air.

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Will come back and edit as I make guesses...

1- CharleyH
5- Damppanties
6- Trombonus
8- Fallenfromgrace

Would like to point out that this really is all guesses. Please don't laugh/hate me if I get it hideously wrong

ps- my brain hurts now. Be back later... maybe.

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1. Skip.
2. i_love_u_in_me
3. CharleyH
6. Fallenfromgrace
7. jushorny
13. neoneurotic
14. inlovewithyourghost
(Like Mili, I'll be back and forth guessign and editing guesses.)
Trouble comes in threes; The weather, the Devil, and me.


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Imp's Random Guesses

  1. Skip1934a
  2. RebeccaLeah (Vermilion)
  3. Vermilion (perfect_munachi)
  4. neonurotic (cheerful_deviant)
  5. CharleyH (TE999)
  6. Remec
  7. perfect_munachi (CharleyH)
  8. Trombonus
  9. i_love_u_in_me
  10. TE999 (neonurotic)
  11. jushorny
  12. inlovewithyourghost
  13. Fallenfromgrace
  14. damppanties (RebeccaLeah)

impressive : Adapted to excite attention and feeling, to touch the sensibilities, or affect the conscience.

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Red read these too. . . and guessed those folks here. . .

1. damppanties
2. Trombonus
3. Fallenfromgrace
4. cheerful_deviant
5. Skip1934
6. RebeccahLeah
7. Remec
8. inlovewithyourghost
9. TE999
10. neonurotic
11. i_love_u_in_me
12. jushorny
13. Vermilion
14. perfect_munachi

Wild Card: CharleyH

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Selena's Guesses... and I MEAN Guesses

1. Skip1934a
2. Fallenfromgrace
3. Remec
4. CharleyH
5. Vermilion
6. TE999
7. RebeccaLeah
8. jushorny
9. i_love_u_in_me
10. cheerful_deviant
12. neonurotic
13. inlovewithyourghost

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Final verdict.

1. Skip1934a
2. Fallenfromgrace
3. Remec
4. i_love_u_in_me
5. cheerful_deviant
6. TE999
7. CharleyH
8. Trombonus
9. Vermilion
10. RebeccaLeah
11. jushorny
12. inlovewithyourghost
13. neonurotic
14. damppanties
stuf...mor stuf

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1. Skip1934
2. cheerful_deviant
3. Vermilion
4. neonurotic
5. CharleyH
6. Remec
7. perfect_munachi
8. Trombonus
9. i_love_u_in_me
10. TE999
11. jushorny
12. inlovewithyourghost
13. Fallenfromgrace
14. damppanties

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1. Skip1934a
2. damppanties
3. perfect_munachi
4. Vermilion
5. RebeccaLeah
6. TE999
7. CharleyH
8. jushorny
9. i_love_u_in_me
10. Remec
11. Trombonus
12. inlovewithyourghost
13. Fallenfromgrace
14. neonurotic
wild card: cheerful_deviant

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Lauren Hynde
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1. Skip1934a
2. Vermilion
3. perfect_munachi
4. TE999
5. cheerful_deviant
6. Remec
7. CharleyH
8. Fallenfromgrace
9. i_love_u_in_me
10. damppanties
11. Trombonus
12. inlovewithyourghost
13. jushorny
14. neonurotic

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Boah, this one is difficult...

1. Skip1934a
2. cheerful_deviant
3. jushorny
4. inlovewithyourghost
5. RebeccaLeah
6. Neonurotic
7. CharleyH
8. damppanties
9. i_love_u_in_me
10. Trombonus
11. Remec
12. Fallenfromgrace
13. Vermillion
14. TE999

wildcard perfect_munachi

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