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I would love to do this, it's one of my strongest fantasies.
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This past week on my play cation on more than occasion their wives wanted to watch me suck their husbands/boyfriends I was more than happy to let them see me ....mmmm
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I liked it

I have entertained a women a couple times by showing them how I service my young man .
One was my young mans Brazilian Neighbor she was about 60 years old and had never seen another cock other the her deceased husbands
She asked Ken (my first young man ) how he could like an old guy like me . she had seen me enter and leave kens a couple of time s The planned visit had me a nervous reck I was told she would be there when he called I was told I would be introduced to her then when she asked A Question on how we did something I was to answer by showing and telling
When introduced to her Ken said this is my old cock sucker her first words were Ken the old man has a hard on I can see it through his jeans
He said I always was hard when I came to be used by him she seen me jerk off on ken then lick it off His Ass cheek
I blew him rimmed his ass that got her going more the me sucking his cock
the only thing I got was myself jerking myself off and eating it . then I was dismissed I think that had sex after I left but I got nothing but the excitement of servicing Ken with an audience
I loved it
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Never Have ..but would not mind it at all

Most of my sex life has been that of Gay male ...have had few hetero encounters.All when younger and one relationship lasted for over a year ....Looking back it was strange time for me ...I knew I was Gay not really bi -sexual ...however something clicked with her and it was not about just sex.

I trully felt comfortable in that hetero sexual relationship. I never opened up about my sexual orientation...1st sex for me was gay sex at 16 and I was attracted to other males at 15 ...first hetero sex was at 19 ..a one night stand after a party.Crappy drunk sex for both I am guessing.

There were a few others but most was gay sex until ...This relationship at age 23...I did have sex with men a couple times during it and wanted to tell her ...but was the 80's and was to scared to tell her.

Kinda wish now I did ...If she was accepting of it ..and maybe even curious enough to go as far as doing a MMF..I think it would it have been quite an erotic sexual experience. Honestly I have never really deeply thought about a MMF until recently ....and have to admit I find the idea a huge turn on today.

Would be completely into a 3 way with a couple ...me being the sub for both...I allways enjoyed performing Oral on women ..just not as confident as the top with them ..felt less natural for me, a submissive thing . But having a husband or boyfriend maybe fuck me while I go down on her ....or even just sucking his cock ..with her watching maybe even encouraging ...yes that would be very huge sexual turn on.

Have done MMM 3 ways and loved everyone ...so why not try it with a man and woman. But now that I think about it more bet having 2 couples to be a plaything for would be very very hot indeed. Maybe thats a bit over the top ..but hell yeah I'd be into that and all it may involve...it would be their choice ..imaginaton ..and sexual appetite and me catering to what ever they desired. And I would hope they are very creative and sexually imaginative indeed.

Again this might be over the top but ..it would even turn me on more if the women were verbal and commanding ...maybe even slightly insulting just as a sexual thing if you get me. Some verbal Humiliation while being used by their men for sexual gratification. I think a few words come to mind ..and said in sexy agressive female voice ..YUM.

I think having grown older and the new acceptance of various forms of sexual idenity have made me braver as far as what others think and it seems we are all a little more sexually adventuerous than was known or admitted to in the 80's and 90's ..after 2000 it sure seems less a hang up for people and society as a whole.

The thought is just incredibly arousing. I can allmost taste it in my mind.
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