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Lifes to short not to preform oral on both sexes.

Just a comment or notion ..not really anything to discuss. But hey in my humble oppinion life is to short ..and the younger side of it even shorter not to at the very least preform oral sex on both sexes as you adventure thru the sexual aspect of your life.
As a pretty much completely Gay male I have of course taken it past that on that front. Allmost completely forgotten how to approach a women in regards to fufilling her needs , never was comfortable with it obviously...except in that one regard ..I may not top well for a female (lack of confidence on my part ...what if I go soft she'll laugh..)..but man I do remember oral for them and to this day it still turns me on....I am sure it is just part of my submissive sexual identity.
But I sure would like to do it more often ...can not say why I have that urge alot these days ...no desire to be a dominate male in regards to intercourse but yeah making a women cum orally even as a Gay male still has a very exciting turn on thing for me.

Weird Huh..?

Just a side note to the Intercourse with women thing ...it might be hard to do fucking her while thinking about a cock in your ass or mouth to stay hard.But hey might work.Have no clue why at 48 and the vast amount of my sexual life being Gay sex I find myself suddenly thinking of women alot more. Wonder if this is a Gay males midlife crisis thing in some way

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