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Old 12-19-2008, 04:09 AM   #276
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After my first time I'll report back here! lol
My TRUE Story
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The first time I sucked another guy I didn't actually realize he came! It only lasted about 5 minutes or so and he didn't make any noises or get harder or anything. Then when his dick started going down I thought I was doing something wrong! When I asked he just looked at me funny and said, "Are you kidding, I haven't cum that hard in a long time!" I guess it just shot right down my throat. We both laughed pretty hard and agreed we'd have to do it again soon so I could get the 'full experience'. The next day I got just that.
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I swallowed it without realizing that I did, then I notice a much unusual taste in my mouth
and I liked it from the word go. However, everyone has different taste, have been with women who would not suck one, and have been with women who loved sucking and swallowing, so, everyone has different taste. Just do what you like.

ted cincinnati
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The first time Daddy came in my mouth was no big surprise. I had jerk him off lots of times and I had tasted is cum on my fingers, so I knew what was going to happen and how it would taste. It was wonderful! Fantastic! Out of this fucking world! I love to kneel before Daddy and Uncle Billy and let them pump their big beautiful cocks into my mouth until they come!
"When Jena is good, she is very-very good, but when she is bad she is exquisite," so says Daddy.

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I liked it from the first time and just wish it was more often. Some loads do taste better than others though, depending upon what the guy has eaten recently (and I mean food....lol)
A little kink never hurt anyone

C'mon, what's your pleasure
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I personally happen to like the taste and texture of semen, but what I like most is just the idea of being a cocksucker. I like the slutty submissive feeling of being on my knees and allowing a guy to use my mouth and throat for his sexual gratification.
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It is a great feeling to be on your knees! With all that power in your mouth! And that musk smell is just so over powering!
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i loved it , it was such a wonderful sensation and knowing i had caused it made it all the more exciting
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Old 04-08-2011, 09:13 AM   #284
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Originally Posted by LadyC View Post
It's a shame you never got to do it again. Of course it's very different for a girl. After the first time I went down of the boy, the next day the entire school seemed to know about it, and I tried to suck all the boys. Eventually I got good doing an oral gang bank in school and was sent home and asked not return.
Can I do your homework for you?
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I guess bluesky is bumping a lot of older threads, so... in the interest of welcoming him to Lit...

I don't know why I didn't relate this before, I was perhaps responding to a different question:
Originally Posted by gaymm View Post
Absolutely! I just love the fact that I can taste his cum in my mouth for the rest of the day...and the more the better...love cum
but, for the first time a guy shot his load into my mouth: I wanted it, I needed it, I got it...AND I LOVED IT!

It was all so many years ago, but as with many first experiences you remember...

It wasn't my first time having sex, but it was with the guy who I lost my virginity too. I knew I liked cum, as I had tasted and eaten my own many times already. But during my second time having sex with him I just focused on him and wanting to get him off. It was really selfish of me, as I really just wanted him to cum and I wanted him to cum in my mouth. (I was still in that experimental phase)

We were in his bed, and obviously naked, kissing and well just having fun. He was very hairy: dark, thick, curly, long hair all over his body. And even though he had a nice sized cock, it was still mostly shrouded in hair. So I recall having a mouth full too. I remember really trying to get as much of him as I could into my mouth and I was surprised that I after a couple tries I wouldn't gag anymore. My technique probably wasn't the best, as I remember sucking hard and pulling with my suction on his penis as hard as I could, while I pulled off. I was trying to keep my teeth away, (there is another story about that) but he liked me biting him a bit. I recall the silky smoothness of his shaft and head (he was cut). I was doing this for quite a while, my eyes were watering due having him repeatedly down my throat, I kept getting hair in my mouth and stuck in my throat...I wanted his cum so bad, but it was getting difficult to continue...I was getting tired and a bit sore...but I didn't want to fail. AND I WANTED HIS CUM!

So I started to masturbate him while I was sucking him, and I recall instead of sucking so hard, that I started licking around his shaft and head, I would alternate sucking and licking...well that worked for him, because after what seemed to be only about a minute later (after changing my technique), I recall him telling me that he was about to cum. But he was telling me, like it was a warning so he wouldn't cum in my mouth...I didn't know what to do, I was afraid that he didn't want me to take his cum in my mouth...I recall looking up at him and there must have been something there, cause he just smiled and I knew it was okay. I took him all the way into my mouth and throat and felt him starting to spurt. I pulled off and he kept cumming in my mouth, I mean a lot. I had to swallow as I was filling up, and he came some more on my face. I remember getting it up my nose!

I was still holding him in my hand and slowly rubbing him and he was still leaking. It was so wonderful. I was able to lick that off and just savor the taste on my tongue and in my mouth.

That was my first time with another man's cum. And it was my first of many, many, many times with his cum over the next year.

We lost touch with each other, after I went away to college, but recently I ran into his dad, and we have reconnected. He is married now (...think...this is Massachusetts) and he and his husband and me and my BF have gone out a few times.

Gay," "out and loving life!

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Just to add to my previous post about this subject, I did allow my husband to take pictures oof me giving a blowjob to a friend. I have to say that was one of the most thrilling as well as memorable blowjobs for us both.
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too much??

The first time a guy had cum in my mouth was not the first time i had sucked a dick. I had a friend that would wait until every one left the locker room at school and then i would suck him off and he would shoot on my chest or ass. then i got brave and thought that well his cum tasted good when i sampled some on my chest so why not have him shoot in my mouth. Well the next time i was sucking on his 7 inch cock he told me his was cumming and i held the head of his dick in my mouth and i was not shocked by the taste in fact i thought because it was hot it was better tasteing. What took me by suprise was how fast my mouth filled up with his cum and it leaked out and on to my chest then i swallowed and finished cleaning him up. So my first time was great i just need to be more prepared for the amount of cum....mmmmm
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Old 04-08-2011, 01:08 PM   #288
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I loved the first taste of cum.Before I tasted it I only sucked dick a couple of times but I never had a load shot in my mouth. So one night when I was sucking my j/o buddy I tasted his pre cum for the first time and I loved it. I wanted this taste more so, I furiously sucked and stroked until he busted a nut. His cum tasted so good! Some dripped out of my mouth and I swallowed what I had in my mouth and than licked up the rest of his body and he gave me a kiss afterward.
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Old 04-08-2011, 01:50 PM   #289
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Oh yeahhhhh!!! Ofcourse, I'd been working myself up for it for years and years and years. I had sucked cocks several times as a teenager, but never let any of the guys cum in my mouth. Then I got married and didn't play around with other guys until I was divorced and about 30. Even then, I didn't find somebody for a long time. But I'd masterbate all the time, and eventually started to point my cock down at my mouth and ejaculate huge loads of my own jism down my throat. Eventually I got to the point where I craved that taste of cum and simply knew I had to find a guy to give me one from another persons penis. Finally happened at a hotel I was staying at and hooked up with a guy in the bar. After an hour or so of chatting and getting horny as hell, we ended up back in my room, stripped naked in about 5 seconds, laid down on the bed and started 69'ing each other like mad horny animals. I think it took all of 3 or 4 minutes before we started cumming. His cock erupted first, filling my mouth with hot creamy jets of milky sperm and semen ... which immediately sent me over the edge to shooting my own load into his mouth. Both of us ejaculated wayyyyy more than the other one could handle swallowing, but both of us also enjoyed the hell out of it.


And it ends up it was his first time swallowing too!
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Old 04-08-2011, 04:50 PM   #290
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Originally Posted by boi6969 View Post
I too was forced to be used as a cock whore. At age 13 my brother and his "friends" decided to make me their whore. At first I resisted not wanting to become their slut, but as they continued to use me and I saw how much I could "entertain" them I started to realize how enjoyable it was. Since then, I have really enjoyed giving myself to anyone who wants to use me as their fuck slut.
I am Paul in New Mexico, and I have a fetish of men or women who are able to tell me their experiences with first time situations, or their best sex, If you would like to chat on yahoo, pswiser@yahoo.com, is my addy.
Please let me know its from this post or I will not chat. I am usually on at night or early morning and I am married discreet and I don't judge a person or condemn them for there interests.

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Old 04-08-2011, 06:54 PM   #291
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Of course...

and every load after that and every load to cum!
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Old 04-08-2011, 07:43 PM   #292
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all of this makes me want to swallow hot cum so badly.
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Old 04-10-2011, 02:18 PM   #293
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I posted this in First Experience as well, but it applies...

My first time was about 6 months ago. I was out of town on a business trip, and was just getting out of a marriage. I had always fantasized about sucking a cock, and had looked at Craigslist and jacked off thinking about it. While I was away, I got drunk one night and passed out in my hotel room. When I woke up, I was horny as hell, and still pretty buzzed. I checked out CL, and created a fake email address. I finally got up the courage to reply to one of the ads, and I got an email back in 10 minutes.

I couldn't believe I was going to reply back, but I said "fuck it" and just replied. The guy said he could be at my hotel in 20 minutes, and I said ok and gave him my room number. When he knocked on the door, I had no idea what to do. I just let him in and sat on the bed with my laptop out and a porno playing. Without looking over, I told that we should just go ahead and take our shorts off. When I turned my head, he was totally naked with a nice, 7" cock that was already hard just hanging there. Right next to me! I thought it was now or never, and reached over and wrapped my hand around it. It was so hard, but soft at the same time. I've never felt my own dick like that before! I leaned over and licked the underside of it. It felt so good against my tongue. I repositioned myself onto my knees and elbows and finally took as much as I could into my mouth. I couldn't believe my mouth was full of hard cock! I wanted to cum right there...

I stroked his shaft with my right hand while I bobbed up and down on his hard dick with my mouth. I loved the feeling of it reaching the back of my throat, but took time to lick it from base to tip every now and again. As I kept going, I looked up at him, and his closed eyes and open mouth told me he was enjoying my mouth on his cock. I took my time though, and made it last about 25 minutes. As he started moaning, I knew he was ready to cum. I hadn't thought about what I was going to do at that point, so I figured I might as we go all the way. I just hummed "ok", like I've heard so many women do, and went a little faster. I could really feel his cock swell in my mouth, and then a warm, slippery sensation in the back of my throat. It quickly filled my entire mouth, and I just swallowed as fast as I could...

I haven't done it since, but if I can find a guy that will let me...
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I absolutely loved it. Loved having a hard cock in my mouth, loved feeling it shoot in my mouth, and just adored the taste and texture of the cum. There's just something so incredibly erotic about sucking cock and swallowing a load of spunk. I miss having the freedom to do it.
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simply yes
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Old 04-11-2011, 08:51 AM   #296
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Originally Posted by SharingofR View Post
simply yes
Love your enthusiasm.
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Always yummy
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I have sucked 4 guys but only swallowed one and it wasn't any fun. We met on craigslist. I didn't get any stats from him before we met. I had worked past all the anxiety about meeting someone and doing this that I wasn't going to leave until I tasted cum. He was older and could not get an erection, so I sucked his limp dick for about 10 minutes. He said he was cumming but I never noticed it until the after taste a few moments later.

Another guy I met a yahoo chat room was the most enjoyable cock I have been lucky enough to suck. I did taste pre cum but then his wife called and he had to leave.
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No, I did not, BUT since that was back in the 60s, and since then I have grown to love it.
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I enjoyed the first time but not nearly as much as my third, fourth anf fifth times. As I gained a little experience and learned the game of control, seeing and tasting his cum just made me a whore
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