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Just a Funny scenario of Marital sex in coming decades

Ok ..here it was in the 90's and into the 20-0's ...Husband to wife ....Baby how about we spice up our sex life with you finding a hot friend and we do a 3 way with some lesbian action.????? wifes answer could be no...and accepted.

What may well be coming more often...Wife to Husband ....Honey (we are )going to try something new in our sex life ...I invited a really hot Guy I met to come over for a 3 way ....and your (Going to perform some Gay action).!!!!!!Husbands answer will be yes weather he really wants this or not if he wants any sex at home at all and knows whats good for him.

What's definately here but not said 99% of the time ...Husband to wife honey I have a confession to make .....( wife gets very troubled angry look on her face)...Husband lowers gaze meekly as butterflies the size of bats fly around in his stomach.....he breathes what he is sure will be his last breath and finds the courage to say it .....Honey I fantasize about sucking another mans cock....Wifes angry expression turns to a smile and she chuckles....Husband is nervous cause he's not sure what a chuckle might mean....Their eyes meet .....Wife says oh that ....I allready knew that .....sure go for it ..but I get to watch....Husband's butterflies instantly turn into an enormous Hard On ....Husband hesitates but asks ...Honey how did you know ......Wife smiles and says ...well you talk in your sleep ...and I didn't think ...when you moaned ... OH' Jim it feel's so good in my mouth .... these last few months it was because you liked his pussy......later that night after the husband turns off the light ..and climbs in bed alongside the wife ....the Wife asks ...Honey any thing else you've been Fantasizing about ....Husband says no Baby why ?......cause I keep my dildo in the 3rd drawer ...not the fourth where you've been putting it back....
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