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Happy Mother's Day to all the Lit ladies!

I know this won't stay long but maybe long enough!
Heaven to me is having a beautiful woman riding on my face!! A Black Belt in Tongue Fu
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I second that!

Happy Mother's Day and thank you for the gift of your beauty that you share with us here! We adore you all!
Nice guy with enough bad inside to keep you entertained.
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Originally Posted by southerncharm77 View Post
I know this won't stay long but maybe long enough!
I agree, I hope all of the Mom's on Lit have a great day! Happy Mother's Day!
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To my fellow Mummies...''Happy Mother's Day'' and to all those amazing women here at Lit who aren't yet, or may never be, mothers...you'll be a source of inspiration and motivation for someone so I hope you have a suitably lovely day too!

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Yep its moi.
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Thank YOU so much , sweet and sexy ones. And for making us mammies feel so special and sexy.
you ALL
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Originally Posted by emmy_christina View Post
Thank YOU so much , sweet and sexy ones. And for making us mammies feel so special and sexy.
you ALL
Happy mamsie day!!

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