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Writing Partner?

Looking to collaborate with a female writing partner, for female role(s).

I'm interested in writing in any of the following genres:
1. Taboo (male student/female teacher)
2. Sci-Fi future with space travel.
3. Medieval setting with the male being a nobleman.
4. Current (Modern) setting with several variations involved.

Just about the only thing I'm not interested, in any and all of these settings, is a femdom situation. I'm okay with Male Dom, or even leaving the whole issue of Domination aside.

Please feel free to PM me if you are interested or have questions. I do ask that any PM's include that you're interested in a writing partner somewhere in the subject line. Greatly appreciated.
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Sounds more like a roleplay partner you're looking for, if that's the case, go to the personal ads forum and place an ad for a rp partner. I honestly don't know one author here who will collaborate on a story with someone who hasn't written one, or submitted one.
Writing is a solitary disease, although I won't make a generalisation and say there aren't authors who collaborate, there are, just not many.
I suggest you go to the front page where the categories are listed. You'll see there is a section for authors who want to collaborate. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by ColetteJulie View Post
Writing is a solitary disease
Wow. Dark.
-- HU
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There are two role play boards here; Online Role Playing, and Sexual Role Playing:



You can post your own ideas and/or respond to other posters.
Link to my stories...

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