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I think this teacher misses the boat with FLOW.

To my way of thinking flow happens when writers express complexity with simple words and eliminate word clutter.


This is a good example of flow. Note how the left hand plays the same chords almost all the way to the end. Real simple rhythm. And rhythm is kinda what flow is.

Another tutorial to make the point:

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How concrete words and abstract words influence rhythm and create flow.
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I read part of the first essay JBJ linked to. The DH Lawrence bit was descriptive, but seemed too wordy to me. Possibly it's a time thing, the language changes and, for me, many of the older classics, while they might tell a good story, just don't sound right.

As for flow in general. I can't do it. So I disguise that fact in some of my stories by sticking to a deliberately choppy and broken up style.
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I can't help feeling that if D H Lawrence was around today he would write more in the manner of Kurt Vonnegut.
‘Writing is the ultimate decision-making experience. Every paragraph, every sentence, every word, is a decision.’ – Michael Bremer
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