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Slut Wife Training

It was eleven o’clock on a Tuesday morning. I was at my desk, just opening another file and preparing to phone one more client, when my phone rang.

“Your wife is laying naked on your bed. Her legs are spread and she’s finger fucking herself like a little bitch in heat.” The husky stanger's voice spoke between heavy, panting breaths. “She is the hottest little cunt I’ve ever seen.” I could hear Liz's voice in the background begging for his long juicy cock. Demanding that he fuck her now before she explodes. “She wanted me to phone you and tell you we will be fucking and sucking all day long. I’m gonna fuck her face now, then her ass, and I’ll save that oozing cunt for last. She says you are to bring supper home cause she’ll be fucking all day long. You are to bring home her special "jelly roll" desert. She wants a taste the very moment you walk in the door. My cock is so cranked right now that I gotta go now and fuck her gorgeous face.” I heard Liz almost in tears of frustration as she pleaded for his heavy fuck meat. She had to have it now.

The line then went dead, and I sat in my cubicle with my hand in my pocket, squeezing the throbbing head of my knob, which demanded my immediate attention. I had succeeded I thought. Prim, proper, morally sensible Liz had become a slut wife.

She and I attended St. John’s Catholic High School together. Little Elizabeth O'Brien was an "A" student, the point guard on the basketball team, a proper young lady and, in my opinion, the sweetest ass in the entire school. She is only just over five feet tall but her body is sculptured with fll round tits and a bum that kept me hard for four solid years. Only if you recall your teen years can you appreciate how I lusted for that ass. In our senior year we began dating and it took me twelve dates to get a full French kiss out of her. We were married young, one year later, and it wasn’t until we were engaged that I got to fuck my Liz O'Brien. I was in for quite a surprise. Liz came like a freight train. She groaned, thrashed about wildly, pulled my hair, bucked like a bronco and I realized that I was the most fortunate of men. I had a proper lady who turned into a whore in the bedroom.

She has reddish blonde hair and the face of an Irish angel. You can lose yourself in her limpid blue eyes. Naked she is a vision. I love my wife and she turns heads wherever we go. We fucked each other’s brains out for five years. We couldn’t get enough of each other. Then, I found the Internet. This did not diminish our lovemaking but rather increased it. Yet, I had changed. I wanted dirty, twisted, fantasy sex. I was becoming addicted to some of the sites and clips. I found myself constantly drawn to slut wife sites and joined a number of them. I participated in forums and message boards. One day I admitted to myself. I wanted to see my beautiful LIz fuck another man. I wanted her going wild on a strange cock. I wanted her sucking a dick as I watched and masturbated. She is the horniest little fuck in the world and I wanted to see her drive other men crazy.

I devised a course of action, which in fact brought this about. I sat Liz down and honestly told her how much I loved her; how our lovemaking was world class; how I wanted us to reach even higher states of lust and orgasm. All I needed, I told her was for her to talk dirty to me. She had never used the type of expressions I wanted to hear and asked me to teach her; and, that she would try it in the privacy of our bedroom. I had her ask for my “big juicy cock.” She was shy at first but soon was demanding my “fucking fat cock meat rammed in her dripping cunt.” I directed her to various sites and had her read filth for the words and ideas that were used. Her new vocabulary enflamed her, she would be ready for me when I came home from work with a steaming pussy and a mouth and brain full of obscenities. She would come time and again as she screamed out, “fuck that cunt baby. Slam your hairy balls against my goddam ass. Harder. Faster. Oh fuck it daddy. Make me fucking scream.”

Along with the vocabulary came new sexual practices. She would “deep throat my throbbing prick”. She also started to want it up the ass. We were fucking nightly and she was becoming as addicted to the Internet sites as I was. A huge breakthrough came one day when I walked in on her viewing an MPEG of two girls devouring a huge cock.

I asked her to describe the cock to me. “It’s a long fucking cum filled fuck machine. It has a fat pulsing red head. See how it glistens with their spittle. Mmmmmm.” I had knelt beside her and was caressing her wet cunt.

“What would you like to do with that cock, Liz?” She stopped and looked down at me.

“I only want your cock baby.” She kissed me and I continued to massage her clit using her cunt lips.

“Oh, it’s just a fantasy baby. It will make me hot as hell then we’ll go fuck for hours. Make me hot baby.” I doubled my efforts on her clit.

“I’d fuck it.” She said shyly almost inaudibly. But as she said those simple words her hips began to pulse uncontrollably and I could feel by her moisture, how turned on that simple phrase had made her.

“Mmmm. More” I said as I began to finger fuck her.

“I want his big smooth cock.” She was lost now and I could not have stopped her. She began to get into it. ”Look at that gorgeous stiff prick. I want its long smooth shaft fucking me mercilessly. I really want it. I want to suck it. I want to masturbate for him. I want….” On and on she went getting more and more descriptive, more and more turned on by the strange cock. Finally she looked down at me and asked me to “Fuck me now with that huge strange cock.” I carried her into the bedroom where she closed her eyes and I fucked her like a maniac and she kept moaning and calling out for my new fat meat.

It soon became part of our love making that she would watch a clip and drool over a cock. Describing it to me and telling me what she would do with it. Next I had her name the anonymous men in the clips and when I would fuck her or receive a hand job or blowjob from her and she would use the strange name. She began phoning me at work and telling me about the clip she had found. Over the phone she would name the character and tell me what she wanted to do to him. I would remain horny as hell all day and when I got home we would fuck, suck, wank, fantasize all night. She loved that I would be horny for her all day at the office.

One day our friend Steve came over for a barbecue and we drank red wine and joked around. Steve had always flirted unremittingly with Liz and they both enjoyed it. He was a handsome guy and Liz was her usual knock out self. When he left I took our games to another level.

“What do you think Steve’s cock looks like?” She looked at me and knew exactly where this was going. She thought for a while and answered. “I think he’s got a huge hairy nut sack and that his cock is long and thin.” She looked at me defiantly almost daringly. I crossed the room to her and took her in my arms. I worked my hand up under her light summer dress and found her gorgeous cunt. She opened her legs and allowed me access to her wet pussy. I kissed her deeply and breathed into her ear. “What would you like to do to it?”

“First I want to stroke it outside his pants. Feel its length. Make him hard as steel. Cup and fondle those big fucking balls. He’ll beg me to fuck him. But I’ll just nestle my head into his shoulder like this and continue tracing and rubbing his cock.” She was performing all these actions on me but her mind was elsewhere. I had never been so turned on and we teased and edged each other all night long. Throughout the entire night she called me Steve and reached more orgasms than I thought a woman was capable of having.

For a month we fantasy fucked all of our friends, acquaintances, family members. First I named them but later on she would say that she wanted to fuck Don tonight. She was amazing in that she wanted to be slow and loving with one and rough and abandoned with another. “It is what they want” she said when I asked about it. “I just know what they want. I just know what I want too.”

One day we went to the Palermo restaurant for a meal and, when the waiter left the table, LIz leaned over to me and whispered. “That young man has a huge cock. I’d love to suck on it till I milked his balls dry.” We ate our dinner and she described fucking and sucking and bending over for the young man through the whole meal. It was dark in the place and I wanked off through my pants as she described the lust she felt and the games she wanted to play with the waiter. Her cheeks were flushed and her tits erect. She squirmed with desire in her seat. We were as horny as either of us had ever been and I knew LIz was ready.


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Slut wife in training

Elizabeth O'Brien met Thomas Walsh in high school and it had been love, and lust, ever since.

Elizabeth, known by all as Liz, had lived a sheltered life throughout high school and was known as a "good girl." She definitely was not "easy" and it took her husband-to-be several dates before she gave him a French kiss. Liz surprised the young Thomas, however, after their engagement.

It turned out that Liz, who was a strong athlete on the high school basketball team, was quite a sexual athlete as well. Her long repressed sexual urges exloded into reality when she and Thomas made love on the night he asked her to marry him and gave her a ring. It was as if the animal had been unleashed in her. No one was more surprised than Thomas, who adored his beautiful bride-to-be and admired her sexy body.

Liz was a true strawberry blonde, who wore her naturally curly hair long. Her blue eyes twinkled from a face that featured a few freckles, a slightly turned up nose and very full, pouty lips. At 5-foot-3, Liz maintained an athletic figure: a trim waist, full breasts capped by sexy pink nipples and a killer ass. She was the picture of class and innocence, a woman any man would be proud to have by his side.

The wedding was the typical affair. Family and friends joined to fawn over the young couple. It was pure, clean, virtuous fun. Several people made sly jokes about consummating their marriage, as if it would be a new experience for Thomas and Liz. Little did they know that the bride wore a special item for her husband underneath her wedding dress. It was a tight red G-string that Liz could feel rubbing against pussy all day and night during the wedding festivities.

Thomas and Liz had a wonderful life. He was a young executive and she was a receptionist in a doctor's office. Fairly routine careers starting out, but their personal life was exploding with passion. Although Liz was a prim and proper employee during the day. She quickly became Thomas's slut wife at home. The transformation came in steps, but it wasn't all that gradual. Liz took to her new role with great vigor, learning what her husband wanted and enjoying his control over their combined desires. They fucked one another passionately, trying every sexual position imaginable and generally having wild nights at home.

Not that their lovemaking ever went stale, but Thomas began to visit a variety of adult web sites on the Internet, mostly using them for ideas to satisfy he and his wife's insatiable sexual appetite. Thomas soon gravitated toward sites that featured "Slut Wife" stories. As he delved deeper into the stories of men who were married to slutty women, Thomas realized he wanted Liz to join their ranks. He was surprised, and extremely excited, when he explained his desires to his wife and she not only readily agreed, but began visiting the Slut Wife sites herself.

The first change came when Liz began to talk dirty during their lovemaking sessions. She was a fucking natural. The more Thomas urged her on, the nastier she talked. Liz realized the more she spouted obscenities at her husband, the more turned on he became. Thomas got an immediate hard-on when he pictured his sweet, young and innocent-looking wife asking him to "fuck my face until your red hot cock sprays me with your cum."

And, as Liz became more adept, she would sit across from Thomas in the living room and try to make him cum just by talking dirty.

"Thomas, my stud husband," she would coo gently before revving up her monologue. "I'd love to have your throbbing member buried in my face as you fuck my mouth relentlessly, causing me to gasp and gag on your stiff cock. When you pull out and rub your meat over my face I'll beg you to continue. Please baby, I want you so bad. I want to be your oral slut. I need you to fuck my face and feel your cock slide down my throat. I'll gaze hungrily at you as you watch me use my mouth to make you rock hard. I want you to fuck my mouth. I'll be your own personal cocksucker. And when your finished using my mouth I want you to grab my hair, hold my head still and spray me with your seed. I'll proudly wear your hot cum, baby! Fuck your slut's mouth! Humiliate your whore. Use me!"

Thomas actually jacked himself off several times from his wife's nasty description of what she wanted to do to him. Afterwards, she would lick him clean and actually do what she described. Thomas and Liz spent many months in ecstacy as they explored their wild sides.

Things changed when the subject of Liz and another man came up. The idea intrigued them both but they initially kept the idea as a fantasy, acting out their desires in the bedroom. But the sessions where a different cock played a role always seemed to be several degrees hotter than before.

As their sex sessions increased in intensity and the fantasies about Liz being a slut wife became more real, Thomas and Liz took their fantasies public. Thomas still was overwhelmed with his gorgeous wife's beauty and he encouraged her to dress more provocatively when they went on "dates." They scheduled their sexy outings several miles from home to minimize them being seen by their more uptight friends.

It was during these forays into the nightclub life that Liz discovered her penchant for exhibitionism. And, as much as Thomas enjoyed showing off his beautiful wife, she also enjoyed strutting her stuff, teasing the men and watching for the telltale bulge in their pants to prove her sexy displays were working. Thomas beamed with pride at his wife's public exposure and he encouraged her to wear shorter skirts, sexier dresses, sheer outfits and sexy lingerie underneath it all.

Of course the time inevitably came when a man would approach Liz in a club and ask her to dance. She almost always accepted the invitation and took the opportunity to writhe and wriggle on the dance floor, more for the benefit of her husband than for the man she was dancing with. Occasionally Thomas and Liz would enter a club separately and Thomas would find a seat and watch his wife enjoy the attention from several men, often dancing with them and generally flirting shamelessly.

Thomas was proud of his hot and sexy wife as she showed off on the dance floor. He still was amazed that the sexy woman in the skimpy clothes would ultimately be going home with him. He knew the time would come when their games would accelerate to Liz having sex with others. He sensed that Liz would agree to perform with other men for him as she usually submitted to his desires. And he knew he would enjoy watching another man fucking his wife while he watched. He decided to make it a gradual transformation, but he knew Liz would enjoy all of the kinky things he dreamed up as their sex life continue to soar.


It was late afternoon on a Friday night and Liz was starved for sex. She and Thomas hadn't fucked since yesterday morning before work and she was ready to attack him as soon as he came home. She didn't know if he had made any plans for the evening, but she hoped he had. Thomas always found exciting new things for them to do.

On the chance that Thomas HAD set up an evening out, Liz decided to wear, for the first time, one of the new dresses she had ordered from an adult wear catalog. She knew Thomas would love it. And, whether he became so aroused by the sight of Liz in her new dress and threw her on the bed and fucked her, or decided to show her off in one of the new clubs in the next town, it didn't matter. It was all good.

Dialing Thomas' cell number, Liz reached her husband as he drove home from work.

"Hey baby, I've been thinking of you all day and wanted you to know how much I miss your magnificent cock," she said. "I have a surprise for you tonight. I'm wrapped especially for you. I want to show you how much your slut wife appeciates her husband. I'm really up for anything tonight baby, just as long as you use me . . . hard."

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The rest of the drive home was an uncomfortable one for me. I drove with my cock rock hard and throbbing for my beautiful Liz. My left hand wandered off the wheel and kneaded my turgid prick, lost in the lewd fantasies I was now in the habit of constructing. The images dancing through my mind enflamed me beyond reason, driving me to plot and plan their accomplishment. I envisioned Liz’s pouty and full lips protruding sexily and sucking with abandon on another man’s long and sleek cock. Her eyes riveted on and staring deeply into mine. She has a horny little habit of tickling my balls and rolling them lovingly as she sucks my rod like a wanton baby, her cheeks caving in seductively; and, oh God, the circling and probing tricks she performs with her tongue. I want to see her perform all these maneuvers on a strange cock. I want to watch him reel and buck his thick gobs of cum into her luscious mouth. I longed to have her look into my eyes, watching me thrash my cock and smile at me as she devoured someone else.

I want him teased and stroked. I know I will become as wildly passionate as the lucky, lucky, new cock that Liz and I chose to explore and then drive to distraction. I anticipate the jealousy, the sublime fascination, the pounding desire, which I am sure to experience. I envision the punishing, almost raping fuck I will lay on Liz when she is done and we are through with the cock we have exploited for our own dark desires. I want her now. I want to use her and punish her for these images she conjures up in my mind.

I see my Liz with a cock in each hand yanking and edging them as another man bangs away at her glistening cunt. The fucker holds her legs spread at arm's length. He fucks my Liz like a pile driver and she spews sex and lust from her panting lips..”Oh, fuck yes, More fucking cock..Pound it in there you fucking prick. I love it… hurt me with that fuck stick. Fuck me, fuck me… you like this honey? You like to see me split wide open by a big fucking hairy dick like this. Do you like the way his nuts slap on my ass? Look at me stroke these fuck machines. I want them all at once. In my cunt…In my ass…Both in my mouth…They’re all gonna fuck me silly… You wanna see…Look at this. Her finger probes into the ass of one of the dicks she is flogging…Come and fuck my mouth honey…Fuck my mouth and watch it all…”

I can hear my lovely wife and picture her turned, twisted, fucked in every conceivable way and my cock rages; asking for more, filthier, hornier, perversions. I am forced to pay attention to the road yet; my mind creates, dwells, and embellishes my sexual musings. I have to see her get fucked. I will find a way tonight. No more fantasy. I need this. We need this. I need to see a cock slide in and out of her splendid sucking sheath of a pussy.

I take my left hand off my demanding cock and use it rather to steer. With my right I feel in the console for the cell phone.

“Steve, I have to talk to you. I’m serious about everything I’m going to say and it is sexual in nature…Yep, its about Liz and I. I’m passing by your house in about two minutes. Yes, yes, now right now. Now or forget it… Okay, two minutes.” I hung up and soon turned onto Rogers Cres. and into Steve’s driveway. Steve ushered me into the kitchen and poured me the stiff highball I demanded. “Just fucking shut up and listen okay. I fantasize about sex… well, I guess we all do. But I fantasize about watching someone with Liz. Just listen…. We act it out all the time people we know people we don’t know…Yes, yes, you too. Just listen all right this is hard enough. I’m ready to take it further. I’m gonna push Liz into it tonight and I believe she’s ready too. She loves to submit to my dark imaginings. Yeah…yeah…it’s our thing. That’s all. I’m taking her out to a club tonight and watch her flirt and tell her she has to go further. I just think it might be better…well easier if for the first time it was someone we know…. Do you want to come out with us tonight? I want to run the show. You got that?”

Steve was getting dressed as I finished the last question. He was standing dressed and showered in ten minutes and we both uncomfortably made our way out to my car. The drive was quiet both of us living within our own sexual dreams. Five minutes later we were in the front hall of our house and I was calling Liz. She expected only me and sexily strolled almost danced from the front room. She was shocked to see Steve. Steve and I were shocked at the stunning yellow low cut dress she wore. Calling the dress low cut was understatement in triplicate. The front of the dress just covered her nipples and was then cut away, displaying her body and barely covering her pubic mound. Her tight abs and trim, sexy navel accented a gorgeous sloping belly, plunging promisingly towards her suggested cunt. The round orbs of her splendid firm tits showed and cupped her protruding nipples lovingly. I had never seen my own wife in so sexy a dress. It showed off her legs, her throat. It presented my Liz as a little seductive sex goddess. Both Steve and I stared; lost in our own imaginings.

“Come here.” I told her. She eased over to me and she already had her submissive sex kitten approach working perfectly. She stared at Steve as I spoke and she rubbed my chest tantalizingly. “ I have told Steve of our fantasies.” My hand went up the back of her thigh and caressed first her quivering ass then her moist pussy. I have told Steve that I will direct the pair of you tonight and we will finally begin to live out our private cravings. Steve could see me blatantly fondling Liz’s cunt. I worked my hand into the crotch of her panties and pulled down. She felt what I wanted and stepped out of the thong, so that it fell to the floor. Steve gawked at it and nearly sank to the floor himself. I took her hand and first covered then stroked my bulging cock with it.

She seductively traced and fondled it outside of my trousers. All the while she stared at Steve. Using her tempting tongue to lick her lips. “Can you see the effect you are having on Steve’s cock baby?” I urged.

“Mmm, It’s long, thick and hard. I want to taste it. I need to stroke it. I have to fuck it. Oh please let me play with it honey. Tell me to go and jerk him off baby. I’ve wanted his long hot cock for so long. Look how fucking stiff it is. Please let me touch it Tom. Let me look at it.” She purred these words into my chest as she rubbed her thighs together and eyed Steve, lewdly. She ogled his dick shamelessly.

Steve was a mess. His cock was literally bouncing in his pants. His hips were humping involuntarily and he was panting like a man in mid fuck. I wanted to see him bend my lovely Liz over the hall table and fuck her mercilessly. But then, I wanted to tease my own cock, to see him ache for her delicious cunt, to see my Liz writhe in dripping desire before I allowed us all what we longed for. I had waited so long.

“Bring Steve into the family room Liz.” She took his hand and led him to the easy chair. I sat across from him on the couch. Liz brought us all drinks. I pulled her down to kiss her face as she handed me my highball. Her statuesque ass waved tantalizingly in the air. I reached and inched up her dress, so that her naked ass swayed before Steve’s eyes. She shifted her weight from leg to leg such that the lips of her precious cunt peeked out, rubbed together, and danced for our guest. The sight caused Steve to grab his prick and squeeze it viciously.

“Go and sit on his lap Liz.” I gave her a kiss of approval and she waltzed over to him and raised her dress just enough to sit with her bare ass and pussy on Steve’s lap.

“Oh God, Liz, I gotta fuck you now.” Steve croaked. “Let’s fuck Liz.”

“Can you feel his cock honey?” I asked her.

She ground her sumptious ass into Steve but cooed and stared at me as she spoke. I could only imagine the sexual surge in Steve. I was going through every emotion available;but, above all I was burning with lust. It took the greatest effort not to dash over and fuck her moistened lips as she slid over Steve's cock. She read me like a book and played me like a violin. “Mmmm, It’s so big honey, long and big and hot. I want it deep deep in my fucking hot cunt. I want it right up to the hilt. Pumping, pumping his fucking cum deep inside me.” She wriggled on his prick, wetting him with her moisture.

“You will both get everything you want. But first we are going out on our date. We are going to the “Dancing Bear”…some dancing…some snuggling…some groping…Liz I’m sure will keep us both hard.” I was so aroused; I could have cum as I stood up. But, this was going to last. I had waited so long…. So long….

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Liz felt deliciously naughty and sexy as she was escorted into the dance club by her husband Thomas and his friend Steve.

The preliminaries back at the house had been exciting. Liz was bare beneath her sexy dress and she had been teasing Steve unmercifully as she also put on a show for her husband. It was sexy fun, but Liz was determined to turn up the heat at the club.

All eyes were on Liz as she sashayed into the club in her new, hot pink dress, It featured a ridiculously low cowl neckline that draped down past her navel, exposing her to the waist and allowing a large portion of her breasts to be exposed. The dress left Liz's back completely bare. The loose top jiggled provocatively as her breasts swayed and wiggled as she walked. It was as if the top of the dress had a mind of its own as it swung back and forth, slightly exposing, and then covering up, her sweet breasts. The bottom of the dress was tight around Liz's waist and thighs and ended just a few inches below her fleshy ass. The high heels she wore accentuated her legs and made them appear even longer. Liz also had taken great care with her hair and her long blonde tresses hung loosely on her shoulders. Her lips glistened lewdly after a very liberal application of glossy red lipstick.

Liz was a walking wet dream. Her appearance made Thomas very proud and extremely turned on as he knew she would be servicing another before the night was over.

Liz found a seat at a table against a far wall and Thomas and Steve took chairs on either side of her.

"How about some drinks, baby," Liz said. "I'd like a large margarita."

Thomas went to get the drinks, leaving Steve and Liz aloine for a few minutes.

"So you really want to fuck me, Steve?" Liz said. "That's what you said back at the house."

Steve enthusiastically responded that, yes, he'd love the chance to have his way with Liz.

"Well, the night is young, but apparently Steve has set up this little trio, unbeknowst to me," Liz said. "Don't worry, though. I'm all for it. I love Steve dearly and will do anything to please him. But I want to spring a surprise on him tonight, too, and I might need your help. Help me out and I'm sure we can have a hot time later."

Thomas returned with drinks for all as husband, wife and friend engaged in all manner of nasty talk as they downed their drinks. A scantily-clad waitress came by and another round was ordered.

"So, Steve, I guess my darling husband lured you here tonight with the promise of exploring my tits and pussy," Liz said nastily as Thomas sat there and just grinned. "I'll bet you didn't know he was such a kinky husband, the kind of husband that has turned his wife into a slut."

Steve didn't know what to say and Thomas was content to just listen to the obscene conversation.

"It's true, he's trained me well and encourages me to express myself during sex," Liz continued. "I feel like such a wanton whore as I suck his hard cock, licking it all over before shoving it down my mouth. About the only time I'm quiet during sex is when he's aggressively fucking my face. Otherwise I keep him turned on describing how I want him to finger my cunt or shove his massive cock in my hot hole. I love it when he fucks me hard and can't wait for him to spray me with his hot sperm."

Steve was shocked by the nasty sex Liz described. His cock was rock hard beneath his tight pants, uncomfortably so. Finished with their second round of drinks, Liz announced she would get new ones after she returned from restroom. As she walked away from their table, Steve and Thomas admired her sexy ass and bare back as she worked her way through the crowd at the club.

Liz freshened up and then stopped at the bar to order new drinks. She received several admiring glances from those at the bar and she used the opportunity to do some mild flirting. She lifted her arms and frantically waved at the bartender to get his attention. As she did so, the top of her dress moved back and forth suggestively, her breasts swaying suggestively, offering several peeks from the open cleavage of the dress. The black bartender took her order, smiling widely at the sexy wife. When he returned, he handed Liz a tray with her drink order and winked at her. His attentiveness gave Liz an idea.

As she set the drinks down on the table, Liz motioned for Steve to dance with her. Thomas sat back casually and watched his wife make a display of herself on the dance floor with Steve. Liz took many opportunities to wiggle her breasts and move suggestively, all the while gazing seductively at her husband.

While she danced, her short skirt rose slightly, which, if she bent over slightly would show the bottom of her sweet ass to anybody who was watching. And there were plenty of people lusting after Thomas's wife.

Over the course of several more dances with Steve and with her husband, Liz continued to show off on the dance floor. She displayed herself "accidentally" at every opportunity and danced as suggestively as she could. She was in full tease mode, working hard to get a rise out of as many men as possible. She enjoyed the exhibition immensely, and it was clear Thomas was enjoying her wild gyrations and wanton display as much as anyone.

During a slow song with Steve, Liz took the opportunity to climb all over him, wrapping herself around him and pressing her nearly exposed beasts against his chest. Steve was lusting over the sexy Liz, reaching around her to caress her soft ass through the sexy dress. His other hand was on her bare back, caressing her as she continued to push into him, whispering nasty things in his ear.

"I can feel your cock through your pants, Steve," Liz whispered. "I really want to wrap my lips around it, sucking it and licking it until it glistens. I want to feel your hardness in my mouth as you fuck my face and slap me with your hard meat. Is that what you want, too?"

Steve was breathing heavily, too distracted by Liz's foul mouth to respond.

"My pussy is creaming right now for you, Steve, just thinking about what I'll be doing to your cock later," Liz said. "Can you smell me, Steve? Can you smell the juices starting to run down my legs? Why did you get me so excited that I'm about to cum on myself."

The slow song ended and Liz instructed Steve to wait 10 minutes and then tell her husdand to come to the bar and get a new round of drinks. They then returned to the table, Steve taking a seat and Liz standing on the side. Liz lifted her skirt surreptitiously, showing Thomas the wetness on her thighs.

"Look what your friend has made me do, Thomas," Liz said, enjoying displaying herself to her husband. "He has me all hot and bothered. I'm all wet and it's his fault. I need to visit the ladies room again to clean up."

But instead of heading for the restroom, Liz went to the bar again. When the same black bartender came over, Liz made him a proposition he couldn't refuse.

"You want me to do what!?" the bartender asked incredulously. "And you want your husband to catch you!?"

Liz assured him everything was cool, that she was playing a game with her husband and that there wouldn't be any trouble.

"You're on, lady," the bartender said, flipping up a portion of the counter to allow her to get behind the bar. "Let's get it on."

With no preliminaries, Liz immediately went to her knees, unzipped the bartender's pants and fished out his cock. It was ebony black and very large, even though it still was only semi-hard. Liz licked the bartender's cockhead, urging his erection to full-fledged status before surrounding his shaft with her lips.

A few of the patrons noticed and yelled out catcalls at the free show.

"Go ahead on, white bitch, suck that black meat," one man yelled out.

"Hey look at the cocksucker," another yelled. "Maybe she'll suck me off next."

"What a slut," said a third. "I love it!"

Liz's face reddened at the remarks and she gazed upwards to see the bartender grinning and watching her intently.

"Go ahead honey, you're doing just fine," he said. "I could watch you suck my cock all night."

Getting more and more into the public blowjob, Liz began to bob her head back and forth rapidly, moaning and sucking and making all sorts of gurgling and smacking sounds as she worked the bartender's cock for all she was worth. Her fist held his fat shaft and there still was enough cock for her to pump in and out of her mouth.

She pulled out briefly and the black cockhead rubbed across her lips, slightly smearing her lipstick over one cheek. But Liz immediately devoured the bartender's erection, fondling his balls as she mouthed his cock.

Liz pulled her head away again, just long enough to look up at the bartebder and urge him to shot his load all over her face. Then, as she continued to jack him off forcefully, she covered his cock with her mouth, squeezing him with her lips as she sucked urgently.

It was just then that Thomas arrived at the bar for another round of drinks. He was curious about the commotion at the other end of the bar and moved there while he waited for a bartender to take his order. He leaned into the bar and was shocked to see his sweet wife on her knees before a black man, his huge cock buried in her face. Thomas's cock immediately became stiff as the black cock ravaged Liz's mouth.

Suddenly, as Liz vigorously pumped the black cock and fondled the bartender's balls, she jacked him off. He came in large spurts, splattering Liz's face with stream after stream of warm jism. She continued to pump him as the cum flew everywhere, in her hair, on her forehead, running in strings down the side of her face and a large amount dripping from her chin and into her cleavage.

When the bartender finished cumming he wiped his cock in Liz's hair and looked down at the slut wife. What he saw, and what everyone saw, including her husband, was a gorgeous blonde on her knees with her face smeared with cum. There was a large dollop of sperm on her upper lip, punctuating the gooey mess her pretty face had become. Her lipstick was garishly smeared over one cheek. She was a slutty mess.

Liz had enjoyed the scene, still on her knees and mellowing out after her cum bath, when she saw Thomas watching her from the front of the bar. She smiled as she lowered her eyes, knowing how she must look to her husband.

Liz rose from the floor but made no effort to clean herself, wearing the black man's seed with pride, exhibiting herself as a nasty slut who obviously enjoyed performing nastily in front of the man who brought her to the club. The bar patrons cheered and applauded her performance as Liz made her way out from behind the bar and over to her husband.

Thomas's eyes bulged at the vision of his wife lewdly wearing a load of sperm. It was now dripping obscenely everywhere. Her dress was splattered and the insides of her breasts were smeared with the gooey mess.

"Surprise, honey!" Liz said to Thomas as she neared him. "Is that the kind of slut you want me to be? You've taught me well, baby. And you know what? I loved it. I'll be your whore anytime you want."

"Shall we go home now?" she said.

Thomas nodded and Liz slowly made her way over to the table to get Steve. She took her time, enjoying the lusty looks from the men in the club and ignoring the disapproving glances from the women. She stood tall and proud and made sure everyone got a good look at the cum facial she received from the bartender.

Steve was aghast at the sight of Liz, but he too sported an erection soon after taking in the nasty scene.

"C'mon boys," Liz said. "I need more cock tonight."

Liz turned on her heels and walked towards the club's exit, followed by two shocked, but very appreciative men. Thomas and Steve didn't know how they could top the scene that Liz had already provided this evening.
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Waiting to get home was not an option. Like randy teenagers we began in the parking lot. “Thank God we brought the SUV,” I stammered as I slid back the side panel. Liz stepped to get into the back and Steve’s hand was immediately up her dress and grabbing her cunt. She stopped short and began to moan and rock into his hand. I watched my luscious wife’s ass stir and stretch against the skimpy material.

“You know Tom, I think your friend Steve is after your wife’s dripping cunt.” Then she froze with one leg on the ground and one up in the vehicle. “Yes, yes, right there. Oh don’t move. Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum… Oh that fucking big black cock. Mmmmm..”

I pushed both her and Steve into the back of the van. We tore off our clothes as the door was closing; you have never seen three people lower the back seats in such record time. Liz pushed me onto my ass, my back rested against the driver’s seat. She got on all fours facing me and lowered her elbows so that her cunt and ass waved temptingly in the air for Steve. “Did you like that honey?” She teased me. “Did you like my surprise? Did you enjoy watching that big black cock fuck my face?” She kissed and gave seductive licks to my cock as she cooed. “Was it everything you hoped for? Did you like the cum all over my face? Do you want to mix your cum with his in my mouth now baby?”

My only responses were groans and hip thrusts and I think I managed the occasional, “ Oh fuck yeah…Oh fuck, Liz. Suck my cock ..”

Steve was on his knees behind my randy wife by this time and had both thumbs spreading her cunt as wide as he could. As she teased and goaded me with her words, she rolled her spreading ass back and forth wantonly for our friend. “Look at that sweet, sweet cunt.” Steve mumbled to himself.

“You gonna watch him fuck me honey?” Liz kept taunting me and flicking her tongue at my straining cock.

I saw Steve take his extended dick in one hand and hold Liz open with the other. He ran his cock up and down then around Liz’s swollen clit. She began to thrust and buck with more urgency. I had longed to see another cock sink into that hungry cunt and now that it was about to happen, it was like I was seeing Liz for the first time. I was on fire for her. She was grinding and wiggling her cunt in front of Steve like a kitten in heat.

“Come on stud. Fuck that horny cunt. Give it to me now. Right up to your nuts. One fucking thrust. Split me with that cock you fucker. Do it now.” She demanded his cock and he then drove it home. A great “ooof” escaped Liz’s lips and Steve was in up to the hilt. “ Oh fuck yeah,” she cried. I watched Steve pound his prick into her cunt again and again. The squish and slosh the slapping of his balls against her clit was going straight to my balls. I had seen Liz not just suck off but devour an enormous black schlong, now I watched our best friend fucking silly. I could still picture the cum dripping off her face and the lewd black dick and balls fucking her face. I could actually see Steve grab her hips and set her into a frenzied fuck rhythm and then she began to suck my cock. She moaned, groaned, hummed and sucked my cock feverishly. I was quickly ready to explode my pent up load into her warm mouth minutes after she had publicly sucked off the bartender; my beautiful Liz was giving me the blowjob of my life.

I was so fucking hot so ready to erupt that I took the back of Liz’s head in both my hands and began to fuck her face violently. Steve had set up one rhythm at her cunt and I found a counter stroke to match it perfectly. We were both using my gorgeous slut Liz to dump our fucking loads. I had come up to my knee for more leverage and we were both fucking Liz brutally. It became a race to reach orgasm, faster and harder we pumped. Then Steve stiffened his whole body and screamed some inaudible animal yell. Not one moment later I stopped Liz’s head still and shot a hard long wad of cum into her mouth. Then I began to pump spasmodically driving my cock into her mouth and squirting jet after jet of cream down her throat..

Steve’s head was thrown back and he too was spasming and fluttering his cock in and out with complete abandon. The cum spilled and oozed out of Liz’s mouth, out of her cunt, yet she rode and sucked like an animal. Milking both cocks of everything they could give her. The next thing I recall is that we were stretched out in the back seat, exhausted. Liz lay between the two of us and her hands wandered down to two limp cocks. She took one in each hand and fondled the heads tenderly, lovingly.

“Steve,” she murmured. “You are sleeping over. I’m not finished with either of you.. I leaned over and kissed Liz deeply.

“My slut wife. My pretty little horny, gorgeous cock hungry wife.” I said as I kissed her thankfully.

Steve had leaned in and had was kissing and placing love nips on her aroused nipples.

“Let’s go home.” I whispered.
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"As if I wasn't hot and slutty enough, when Steve fingered me outside the car I could think of nothing else but cumming," Liz said to her husband Thomas as she straddled him in the back of their SUV. "I need relief, baby."

"So here I am for you, my darling husband, my cum-covered face hovering over your rock hard erection," Liz said as she rested on her elbows and gazed at Thomas, taunting him. "Did you like watching your slut wife tonight, Thomas? did you get off seeing that large black cock fucking my face behind the bar? I was turned on by the lewd comments from the customers and thought I would cum when I looked up at you and saw you watching when the bartender spilled his seed all over me. I'm glad you could see your dirty little whore being used."

"I can feel Steve fingering me, baby. He's sliding his cock up and down my ass. How do I look with my ass sticking straight up, ready to be fucked?' Liz said, not taking her eyes away from her husband as she described how she was being defiled. "That's it Steve, use my cunt. Fill me up with your hot cock. Thomas has been waiting a long time to watch someone use his slut wife's holes. Fuck me Steve!"

"Are you watching, baby? Are you watching Steve fuck me? What do you think of your sweet wife now, Thomas?" Liz said, her eyes narrowing erotically as she continued to gaze at her husband. "That's it, Steve, you fucker! Shove it into me! Fuck my hole while my husband watches. My cunt is oozing for you."

"Your cock is so big, Thomas. Look at it, all red and shiny and I'll bet it's just waiting for me to suck on it," Liz said, turning up the sexual heat with her lewd remarks. "I want to feel you in my mouth, fucking my face while I taste you. I want to feel your massive erection shove past my lips and down my throat. A good slut will take her man in her mouth whenever he wants. I hope you want to use my slut mouth now."

"Fuck me hard, Steve! My cunt is on fire! I want two holes filled by my two men. Use my cunt!" said Liz, finally devouring her husband's hard cock, feeling it slide in and out of her mouth as Steve continued his assault on her pussy.

"Am I your cocksucking wife, Thomas?" Liz asked when she pulled off momentarily before she resumed sucking her husband's full erection. She leaned back so she could watch Thomas feed her his cock. She was moaning and gurgling as the thick cock sawed in and out of her mouth. Her eyes closed as she felt Thomas's erection get even harder as Steve continued to pound away. She was ready to cum.

"OK wife fuckers, I want it now! Fuck me hard! Fill my holes! Use your slut," said Liz as the two men increased their tempo, roughly pumping their cocks into Cindy's pussy and mouth. Cindy swooned when Thomas reached for her head and kept it still as he fucked her face with abandon. She was powerless to move, her body convulsing in orgasm as Steve and Thomas controlled her movements as they fucked her completely.

Finally, Steve pumped a massive load in Cindy's hot pussy, filling his friend's wife with warm sperm. Liz could not contain the massive amount of cum her husband spurted in her mouth and down her throat. It dribbled from between her lips, ran down her chin and neck and caused long streamers of his seed to cascade down her cleavage. She also could feel Steve's cum pulsing from her pussy, spilling down her open thighs. Liz rolled over and lay on her back in the SUV and mindlessly fondled both limp cocks. She was filled with sperm and felt deliciously slutty as she wore cum from three men already. Liz was in a sexual haze.

“My slut wife. My pretty little horny, gorgeous cock hungry wife.” Thomas said. Let's go home."

Thomas pulled away from Liz in order to drive home while she lay in the back with his best friend. As Thomas pulled away, Liz lazily stroked Steve's sperm-slick cock. She reached her hand up to her mouth and, very deliberately, licked gobs of her husband's sperm from her fingers.
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I had slipped on my shirt and pants only for the most frustrating, erotic, cock-teasing drive ever. I adjusted the rearview mirror in time to watch Liz lovingly fondle our friend’s semi-hard fuck-juicy cock. They lay together in the back of the vehicle and Liz turned on the light in the cab. She stared me in the eyes and gathered a fingerful of my cum off her cheek and licked and sucked her finger wantonly. Her stare was tempting, suggestive, the most arousing thing I had ever seen. She straddled Steve’s stomach as she faced the mirror. Still peering into my eyes. She sat on his middle and scrunched up close to his cock, which was stiffening along with mine. Liz reached both hands down to his cock and balls and pressed the prick along her open and drenched cunt. She pressed it into herself and rocked back and forth, staring into the mirror and watching my eyes. She used Steve's cock as I had often enjoyed watching her use her vibrator.I stared back at her as much as I dare without killing the three of us.

“Are you hard again baby?” Liz leaned even further forward and whispered breathily “ Can you see me riding Steve’s fucking dick. It’s still all wet from the fucking he gave my cunt. It is still covered with the scent of my horny cunt. You can’t see this but right now, he has my ass spread and is wetting his finger. Oh yeah, there it is right in my asshole. Oh fuck it feels so good. God I love this. Are you stoking Liz's big juicy toy while you drive baby?” She took one hand off Steve’s cock in order to play with my hair. “Hmm, are you jerking off as you watch me make out with our best friend? He’s really going at my ass now. God is he worked up. I think he’s gonna blow all over my stomach. I can feel his muscles tightening. I just let go of his fuck pole baby; I want to edge him again and again then he can cum at the house, deep in my ass. That’s the only hole that hasn’t dripped with hot cum tonight. I want you to watch him bend me over the kitchen table and fill my ass with his cum. I want him to fill me up to my fucking bowels then feel his sperm drip down my legs. You are going to sit in front of me so I can watch you strop that horny cock of yours. Are you yanking on it now?”

“Tom, I loved sucking that black man’s thick and splendid cock. I loved being down on my knees with a crowd of horny onlookers egging me on to suck all the cream out of those heavy balls. Did you see how he slammed that thing down my throat? Did you see how horny he was? He was fucking my face like there was no tomorrow. I tried to look at you to see your eyes but he was grabbing my face to fuck it and it was buried deep in his cock hairs most of hte time. His nuts were spectacular. Did you see the number of dicks I raised? God I want to go back and do him all over again. Can he and some friends come to our house? Can you go and ask him honey, for me? Did you see all the women in disgust with the hot cum that dripped off my face and over my clothes? They are just jealous cunts Tom. They don’t have a husband like you. They were all squirming in their wet panties. They are all gonna go home and rape their husbands, the fucking sluts. God Tom I was so proud of myself. Were you proud of me baby?”

The road was a blur before me and my cock slid through my fist. It was her eyes in the mirror as well as her words which enflamed me. By now she was alternating between fondling and yanking on Steve’s cock with her two gorgeous hands. I loved the way her breasts heaved with desire and she would squeeze and yank violently on his cock when a sudden wave of lust shot through her. Or when seh described something that sent electricity through her cunt.She was relentless in her goading of me and continued all the way home.

“Steve has got at least two fingers up my ass now honey. And he’s fucking it like a jackhammer. He wants me to bring off his cock; I can feel his hips pumping like mad. I can’t wait till he sticks this beautiful thing up my ass. It is so ready… Did you like seeing his cock disappear up my cunt baby? Do you want to see that again? We’ll go to bed after he fucks my little ring. Then I want to try a double penetration. You can decide whether you want my cunt or my ass. Whatever you want honey. I want you to listen carefully baby. I’m gonna drive Steve crazy with some fucking filthy talk and with some love talk. He’s gonna be so ready to ass fuck me when we get home. I want you to hear every word and hear the sloshing and squishing of my cunt and his cock as we play with each other. I want you to be able to see us lovers in the mirror. I want to look into your eyes as I talk love to Steve. Okay baby?”

I was almost incapable of speech throughout her monologue and would grunt or croak out, “Oh yeah… fuck me baby…. I fucking loved it… you are a fucking slut… Mmmm, you cock sucking whore.”

She got off Steve’s stomach and snuggled up beside him. His hand shot in between her parted legs and he was finger fucking her immediately. Her one hand went up to his face and the other to his cock. “Are you enjoying his Stevie honey? I know I have waited for your long sweet cock for so, so long now, ever since high school sweety... ever since high school. Mmmmm. Why didn't you ask me out Stevie? Hmmm?” She leaned in and buried her tongue down Steve’s throat. This is how she began her love making session with Steve. Surprisingly, I was truly jealous for the first time that night. She sensed that and continued with even more enthusiasm. She loved what this was doing to me and continuously sought out my eyes.

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Liz kneeled sideways on the bed, her ass sticking up lewdly, her shoulders pushed against the mattress. She was in the classsic "fuck me" position, offering herself to the two men who stood nearby.

Liz, her husband Thomas and his best friend Steve were transfixed by Liz's slutty display. Her body bore several smears of cum from their hot action at the bar and in the car. Liz's hair was matted and streaked with dried sperm. The slut wife never looked more beautiful to her husband.

"I'm spread wide open for you Steve," Liz said, then directing her comments to her husband. "Wouldn't you like to watch Steve fuck me Thomas? Don't you want to see Steve take me from behind, ravage me and fill me with cum? I've wanted him for so long. I can't wait to feel his hard cock."

Liz writhed on the bed, swaying her ass in a rhythmic motion as she urged Steve on.

"Have a seat Thomas," Liz said to her husband. "I want Steve now. I want you to see him use me. I want his cock buried in me while you watch me in action. You know you want to see your sweet wife treated like a slut. I'll be your slut Thomas. And right now, I want to be Steve's wicked little whore. First the bartender, and now you best friend. I love it!"

Thomas settled into an easy chair while Liz continued to pose lewdly on the bed. He was proud of Liz and turned on by her slutty behavior, but he also had pangs of jealousy.

"Slap my ass Steve," Liz suddenly said. "Warm me up baby. Spank your slutty little whore. Use your friend's wife baby. Do it now!"

Steve was shocked into action, stepping up to Liz's upturned ass and smacking her lightly a few times.

"Harder Steve!" she said. "Smack my ass good! I want to feel it!"

Steve looked at Thomas, who sat stunned and open-mouthed while his friend toyed with Liz. Thomas cringed inside every time Liz called Steve "baby," but he also felt a stirring between his legs.

This time Steve reared back and slapped Liz's ass firmly, the resounding sound of the loud smack lingering in the bedroom.

"Oooohh! Oooooh!," Liz squealed as Steve continued to spank her. "It feels so good baby! Spank your slut!"

The spanking continued until Liz's white ass reddened slightly, eventually turning it into a bright crimson mass of flesh.

"I want to be your whore Steve," Liz said. "I love it when you use me. Keep spanking me baby!"

And he did, levelling several more blows on Liz's hot and red asscheeks.

"Mmmmmmmmmm! I love this," Liz said. "I feel so hot. So nasty. So slutty."

"Fuck me now," she said. "I told Thomas I wanted to feel you deep inside me, didn't I Thomas? Didn't I tell you I wanted Steve to fuck my ass? What do you think about your sweet wife now?"

Thomas was speechless, but his hardon was stiffer than ever as he watched his wife perform for another man.

"Fuck my ass, Steve," Liz said. "I want to feel your hot cock buried in my hole. I want to know what it feels like to stuff your big dick deep."

Steve spit in his hand to lubricate his cock and stepped toward the hot woman on the bed before him. He pressed his cockhead to her asshole and nudged it forward. Liz reached back with both hands and pulled her asscheeks apart and the head of Steve's cock popped into her ass.

"He's doing it Thomas!" Liz squealed. "He's in me. He's going to fuck your sweet wife's ass Thomas. Can you see?"

Steve pushed forward, slowly pushing himself into Liz's ass, burying his cock deep. Liz moaned and grunted erotically as Steve's dick invaded her hole.

"Oh god yes," Liz said, ignoring her husband and focusing on the man behind her. "That feels so bad. And so good! My asshole is on fire. Fuck me with that hot cock, baby."

Steve stepped up the tempo and forcefully pumped Liz's ass. Once he built up a rythmn, Steve reached for Liz's wrists and pulled them straight back, gaining leverage for his thrusts into the slut's ass.

"Steve, you're so big, baby!" Liz said. "I feel so helpless when you use me and fill my ass with your hard cock. I've waited so long."

As Steve neared a climax, he pulled Liz's arms back farther, raising her shoulders off the bed, lifting her head up and causing her breasts to jiggle beneath her.

"This feels so good Thomas," Liz said, turning to look at her husband as Steve continued to pound her ass. "Steve's cock feels wonderful in my ass, Thomas. Do you like what you see? Your wife is turning into quite the nasty slut. My cunt is starting to cream, Thomas. I hope you're happy."

Liz continued to gaze lewdly at Thomas as she was being royally fucked by his best friend. She was mewling and moaning like an animal in heat, her body writhing under Steve's forceful thrusts. Liz looked like a dirty whore as her ass was being used, her fleshy asscheeks jiggling actively every time Steve's cock pounded home.

"Fuck me, baby," Liz shouted out to Steve, feeling his cock grow even larger. "Fuck my ass! Use me! Give your slut a pounding! I want to feel you sliding over my asshole. Fill my nasty hole!"

Liz's head lolled back and she closed her eyes, drinking in the wonderful feeling as she bucked against Steve's thrusting cock. Her ass was stuffed and her pussy was hot and wet. Liz was out of control, revelling in the nastiness of the rough assfuck, feeling her sore asscheeks with each thrust. She milked Steve's cock as her husband continued to watch intently.

Liz lowered her head and looked over at Thomas, peering lewdly at her husband through a mass of blonde hair that hung down over her face.

"Do you like what you see, Thomas? Do you like watching as another man's cock is buried in my pussy?" Liz said between intermittent grunts and squeals caused by the cock that continued to violate her ass. "What do you think of your slut wife now?"

"Is this what you wanted?"
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"Is this what you wanted?" Liz teased me and stared tauntingly into my eyes. I had watched Steve’s shaft appear and disappear into her wanton rolling ass. Steve was pulling out of her spasming ass until the tip of his prick nearly popped out then he was thrusting deep inside her burying his cock up to the hilt. Liz rocked back to meet his every thrust as if she was cock crazed and sperm starved.

I rose off the chair and sat on the bed resting my back on the headboard. I took Liz’s face in both my hands and stared into her eyes. They were lidded with passion and she rocked back and forth from the ass fucking she was receiving. She let out little grunts of air with each ramming of his cock. She was glowing and sweating with animal lust and I kissed her mouth and stuck my tongue down her throat. We looked again into each other’s eyes.

“You are a fucking slut whore… A cock sucking cunt…” I breathed at her.

“And you fucking love it don’t you. You sick fuck. Did you like watching me suck cock?”

“Yes, I loved it.”

“Do you like watching me get ass fucked?

“Yes, I fucking love it.”

I slid my legs straight under Liz as we spoke. Steve rose off his knees and continued fucking her ass but with thrusting bent knees. “Let’s both fuck her Steve. Let’s fucking fill her so full of cock that she screams. Do you want that Liz? Do you want a cock up your ass and one in your cunt? Do you baby?”

“Fuck me, Tommy, fuck me now.” Liz begged.

I slid further underneath her until my cock pressed into her pumping mound. I took my swollen dick in my fist and felt her cunt brush against it then rock away from me as they fucked furiously. I searched for the rhythm of their fuck and when I found it I drove my cock deep into my grinding wife’s pussy.

“AHHHH!” Liz screamed as I went in up to the hilt. Their fuck was interrupted momentarily. Steve never fell out but their rhythm was broken. It was Liz who found a rocking slamming motion that had us both penetrating alternatively. We seemed to find her tempo at the same time and were fucking together all three of us. We fucked frenetically.

Liz’s tits brushed then pressed into my chest. Her cunt seemed to suck hungrily on my cock. The cock in each passage tightened her cunt and it worked like a hand grasping and releasing my plunging prick. Steve was grunting and pounding furiously into her ass.

Liz started to pant and breath out phrases coupled with moans… “You fucking bastard, I love it… I want more cock… fuck me… fill me… I need more juicy cock… god I love it…”

Then Liz started to cum like she had never cum. Shattering, explosive, spasms. She closed her legs and contracted her muscles. Her cunt squeezed my cock. Her ass squeezed Steve’s cock. We both started to cum with her. Animal noises and squishing sloshing noises filled the room. We must have cum for minutes then the three of us collapsed on the bed.

We awoke in the morning and I wanted nothing more than to be alone with Liz. I wanted to tell her how I felt. How I felt as she sucked, fucked, stroked and caressed other men. I wanted to hear how she felt. What passed through her head? And, I wanted to fuck her, again and again. We fed Steve breakfast and nobody mentioned the events of the night before. I did however work my bare foot up and in between Liz’s thighs as she sat across from me, eating bacon and eggs. She let one of her hands slip under the table and pressed my foot against her cunt and gave my foot almost imperceptible squeezes.

I had to drive Steve home and he went into the bathroom before he left and Liz said to me. “I want to suck your juicy cock, baby. Are you still as hot as I am?”

“I’m gonna fuck you into oblivion when I get home.” I told her.

Neither Steve nor I spoke much on the way to his house. We were very polite when he got out. As soon as I was alone, I phoned Liz and asked if her cunt was wet for me. I edged myself all the way home. When I arrived we screwed and relived the evening, sharing our perceptions, our emotions. For two weeks we fucked like rabbits. We went to visit our parents. We went to work. All returned to normal.

Then two Fridays later I called Liz from the office. My cock had been raging all day. My mind had been up to its old tricks and I asked Liz.

“Does my fucking slut wife, feel like another date?”
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"Do I feel like another date!? You bet I do Tommy," said Liz when her husband Thomas called her from work and asked her out for the evening. "It's been great these last couple of weeks. I'm really into you, you know? But after our last kinky adventure with Steve, I can't wait for you to use me again."

"In fact, I want you to surprise me," Liz said. "Because I have some surprises for you, too. Bye, bye Thomas, your sweet slutty wife will be spending the day whoring herself up for you."

Liz HAD enjoyed sex with her husband for the last two weeks. They had conjured up plenty of kinky scenes and thoroughly enjoyed one another. But both realized they needed more. Thomas couldn't believe how incredibly turned on he was when he watched Liz service other men. She had been thoroughly used and humiliated by a black bartender at a dance club, and was aggressively mauled and fucked by her husband's best friend, Steve. Thomas enjoyed every minute as he watched his wife being manhandled like a common slut.

Liz also realized she came alive as Thomas's submissive wife. She knew it turned him on and she would become hot and wet just thinking about performing for him again. She had been a cheap slut alright, but Liz was at her horniest when Thomas watched. It was deliciously wicked to be roughly fucked and used for her husband's pleasure. She actually had a small climax when she walked through the dance club while she wore the bartender's sperm on her face and in her hair. Liz was learning to love being nasty and kinky and dirty. And, wanton and wet.

For the past several days, Liz had avoided her husband's advances, pleading the monthly curse as the reason. The truth was, she was preparing for their next kinky adventure. A few days ago Liz visited a tattoo parlor, not for a tattoo, but for some piercings. She now wore a gold ring through each nipple, and another, more elaborate ring in her belly butoon. She decided against a permanent tattoo -- just yet -- but picked up an assortment of temporary tattoos.

With a few days for the soreness from the piercings to wear off, Liz did some shopping, purchasing an assortment of sexy lingerie and some outfits that were designed to amplify her new, slutty persona. The clothing usually favored the skimpy side. Some were see-through. Other items had a decidedly kinky flair. She also bought several extremely skimpy swimsuits, the kind strippers or bikini contestants often favored.

All of Liz's outfits were just short of the type of clothing that would get her arrested, but she was becoming more boldly exhibitionistic. Liz's new wardrobe allowed her to conform to whatever slutty image Thomas preferred. She hoped they would be dreaming up many kinky scenes in the future and Liz loved dressing up at her husband's request, She knew how he enjoyed dressing his slut for evenings out. After her extensive shopping trip, Thomas would have plenty of choices.

For Friday night, Liz took extra care in getting ready. She took a long, luxurious bath, shaved herself completely, took extra time doing her hair and made sure she was overly made up for her "date." Expecting Thomas soon, Liz selected a pair of shiny red thong panties and a pair of red heels. She checked herself out in a mirror and was satisfied she was the perfect slut for her husband. Reaching into her jewelry drawer, Liz brought out a gold chain that she attached to the ring in each nipple. It was dazzling, the chain dangling between her breasts and drawing attention to them as she walked.

Liz heard the front door shut and she knew Thomas was home.

"Hello baby!" said Liz as she walked into the room in (almost) all her naked glory. "How does your slut wife look?"

Thomas was floored. His knew his wife could be a walking wet dream and he couldn't believe she was all his. He stared open-mouthed at Liz.

"You don't look quite ready to go out," Thomas said. "You DO look beautiful though. Ravishing in fact. I like your outfit."

"I can't quite go our in public like this," Liz said. "At least not to start. And I'm not ready, anyway. There's something I need to do first."

Liz walked over to her husband and kneeled at his feet. She unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and started pumping it furiously.

"Sorry, Tommy, no blowjob yet, I don't want to smear my lipstick before we leave," Liz said. "But I thought you might like it if I jacked you off now, you know, to take the pressure off until later. Are you enjoying yourself?"

Thomas had to admit Liz's hands on his cock felt wonderful, and he was growing harder as he listened to his wife's nasty talk.

"Don't worry, though, baby," Liz said, looking up at Thomas as she stroked his cock. "I'll be wrapping my slutty lips around your cock several times before I'm done with you tonight. In fact I want to suck more than just you. I hope we're going somewhere where I can have all my holes filled so you can watch your whore of a wife being fucked by as many cocks as you desire. My cunt and my ass and my mouth are yours Tommy. A good slut obeys her husband and I'll do anything you want. As long as you watch me, I can be as nasty as you want me to be."

Thomas couldn't believe Liz's hot mouth. Her vulgar obscenities never failed to turn him on. In only a short time, Liz had coerced a handful of sperm from Thomas's spurting erection. She literally had his essence in the palm of her hand.

"There now, that's better," Liz said. "Just what I needed to finish preparing for the evening."

Liz reached for the baby oil she left on the table and added a small amount to the cum in her hand. She fingered the mixture of oil and sperm and began to apply small amounts along her neck, behind her ears and down her chest between her breasts. she used up the cum concoction by smearing it on her arms stomach and along her shoulders. After Thomas helped her "oil up" her back, Liz stood before him and posed. Her body glistened from the oil and her scent had a "just fucked" aroma.

"Mmmmmmm. Smell me Tommy. Don't you love it!," Liz said. "Now it's your turn. I want you to dress your slut wife for the evening. Since you know just where we're going, you'll be better at selecting what skimpy outfit is most appropriate. Pick out something you want your kinky wife to wear, baby, and go get ready."

"I can't wait to be your little whore."
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I got off the phone with Liz and I was insanely horny. I can’t think of anything filthy enough when I get like that I pulled the yellow pages down from my office shelving and just turned to sex. I had no idea what I was looking for. I knew I wanted to see Liz riding a strange cock as she looked at me and we taunted each other. I really felt the need to have her submit to my lewd and obscene, sexual whimsy. I wanted her to take more than one partner, her every hole filled and oozing cum. I wanted to watch my gorgeous, precious wife used and abused sexually by a number of men. I wanted to direct her through all of this. The blood pounded through my demanding cock and the slutty images flashed non-stop through my mind.

Almost without consideration I dialed an 800 number which advertised live sex shows for bachelor parties, for soirees, etc. I was glad to hear a gruff impolite sounding fellow answer the phone. I was looking for seedy and he fit the bill.


“Is this Passion Productions?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. Yeah. Passion Productions.” He was bored and ready to tell me to fuck off unless there was cash for him.

I jumped right in, and spewed my line to him before he hung could hang up. “My wife is gorgeous and a great fuck. She will do anything. I like to watch her get fucked and used by strange men, any number of men. It fucking turns my crank. We want to put on a sex show and then offer blowjobs, gang bangs, you name it… To any and all takers.”

“Are you fucking with me? Is this Ted?”

“Look, I don’t know who Ted is and I’m for real. Are you interested?”

“I gotta see you and her and talk to you. I can’t just book you. You could both be fucking dogs.”

“I want to surprise my wife. But, I’ll come over with pictures and we’ll talk.”

“All money comes to me. Then at the end of the night I pay you a percent plus the payment for the show. That’s the way it is or I don’t even talk to you.”

The money was of little interest to me but I ached to see Liz perform under my direction and then see her fuck, suck, and be used by the rowdy audience. Marty could not believe the shots of Liz when I showed him. He was in a basement office filled with yellowing posters of porn and strip queens. He spread the five shots I had of Liz out on his desk and gave a long low whistle. He then showed me a catalog of the girls and guys who worked for him. He had a definite turn in manner after seeing Liz’s pics.

“Listen, There’s a huge fucking stag tonight I’m bringing two strippers who will take rooms in the adjoining hotel. I’ll get you a room next to them and I’ll set up a desk outside and direct the traffic and take the dough. We’ll divvy up after they’ve fucked themselves out. How’s that sound?”

“I haven’t told you. Well, I haven’t even decided what our show will be like.” I confessed.

“I don’t give a fuck if she reads them “Mother Goose”. Look at her. They will eat her up. Are you ready for the crowd that will gather? You won’t fucking wimp out on me will ya? ”

The deal was arranged and I was lost in lewd images for the drive home. We were to meet Marty and the girls at 8 o’clock in the “Zazu Lounge”. We’d have a few drinks then enter the bachelor party as a troupe. Marty would arrange for rooms and a sound system for the girls. I told him we would not need any music. During the trip home I began planning the show. I would tell Liz nothing. She was to be my cock slut tonight, who just followed my perverted instructions.

When I arrived home Liz had some sexual surprises of her own. She was dressed in only a red thong and matching high heels. Her chiseled ass and shaved pouting cunt screamed out to me from her tantalizing thong. God, I love her ass. Her pretty little pussy looked vacuum-packed inside its wrapping. It left little to the imagination. I could imagine the effect it would have on our audience that night. From Liz splendid nipples she had attached a gold chain to nipple rings which she had somehow acquired without my knowledge. She was in fact the definition of cock teasing slut as she approached me in the hallway.

"Hello baby! How does your slut wife look?" her sultry voice nearly floored me.

I was at a complete loss as she unzipped my fly and began giving me the handjob of my life. She told me she couldn’t blow me because of her makeup but promised lots to come this evening. I could barely hear her as her skillful hand milked my willing cock. It was the intense pounding and the obvious lust in her eyes and words that drove me to buck and roll into her clenching hand.

Then Liz blew me away by catching my cum in her hand and applying it to her luscious body. Rubbing it into her tits and belly and having me massage it into her back, neck, face. My fucking whore of a wife was driving me wild with her passion. She seemed to read my mind. She constantly urged me on to further depths of lust. She told me she wanted that just fucked smell. She asked me to dress her for the surprise evening. She wanted me to take charge for the evening. She would do anything that my depravity commanded. She knows me so, so well.

"I can't wait to be your little whore." She said and I nearly came again at the suggestion.

Up in our room Liz modeled five outfits for me. I had seen none of them before and after having her turn and traipse about in each. I chose a pink frilly see-through outfit with a micro skirt that accented her legs to perfection. Her spectacular tits were plainly visible through the sheer fabric and the matching thong framed her hypnotic ass and cunt in its full splendor.

I told Liz that she was to wear her spring coat over the outfit because I had a special unveiling planned for her. We drove to the Ramada and Liz asked no questions about where we were going. She just teased me all the while, keeping me ramrod stiff. “You gonna get me fucked baby? You gonna watch some hot cock slide up into my dripping cunt? You gonna tell your cock hungry little girl what to do, sweety? Are you hot to watch me Tommy? Can you picture a big thick cock down my throat? I’m gonna do everything my pimp wants. Are you gonna look in my eyes and tell me what a fucking whore I am?” She kept up the patter till we pulled into the parking lot. She leaned in under my arm and I escorted her into the “Zazu Lounge”

Marty waved us over as we entered. “Christ, you’re even better than your pictures. Are you two ready for this?” The two girls eyed Liz suspiciously. Liz stood with all the confidence in the world. She had no idea what the situation was but she answered.

“Yes we are ready.” We slid into the booth and Marty ordered another round.

“I’ve got everything arranged with the rooms. The girls will go on first. Then it’s you two and up to the rooms we go.” Liz asked nothing of me or the others, she just smiled and worked her hand into my pocket. She was groping my enlarged prick as we all spoke of nothing. Soon, Marty checked his watch and announced that we were on. We marched down the hall of the hotel towards the raucous sound of men hollering and laughing.

Marty introduced Tina who stripped to a Bob Seeger tune and ended by fucking herself with a dildo and inviting the boys to come and join her for a little fun in room 121. Next, it was Jenna who gave the groom a lap dance to a Springsteen number and fondled his cock throughout. She ended by having him hold a vibrator between his legs and she sucked it ravenously. She also invited any and all to room 123. Finally, Marty announced a new and special act. A husband and wife team. Tom and Liz.

The crowd was in a frenzy by this time and the site of Liz and I got the crowd even more agitated. We walked on and I began.

“My name is Tom. I am a pervert and love to see my wife get fucked. I enjoy having her suck cock in front of me. I want to watch a group of men fuck every hole in her body. I want her filled with strange cum and I want to stare into her face as she does these things. Liz, tell them how much you love cock.” I turned to Liz and she said.

“I love big juicy dicks, I love the feel of their velvety hardness. I want to suck and fuck them till I pass out. I love a pair of heavy balls slapping against my ass, my chin, my cunt as a prick works in and out of me.”

“Take off that coat, baby.” Liz removed her coat and the room erupted with whistles and obscenities. I went over to her and eased my hand down her belly under her skirt and into the front of her panties. The shape of my hand revealed that I was fingering her glorious pussy. “ I want to see some strange fucking cock, slamming away in here.” I placed my thumb in her mouth. “And, another cock working her mouth. I have no more hands to show you what else I want her doing with your cocks. But, I think you get the picture."

I turned Liz around and bent her over. Her legs and ass stretched tantalizingly. “Would any of you boys like to come to this room?” I asked moving the thong aside and revealing Liz’s mouthwatering cunt and her asshole. I hope some of you are brave enough to come as a group. Marty will tell you where to find us. Liz wiggled her bottom provocatively and spoke from under and between her legs.

“You boys want some of this?”….

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Tommy was excited to show off his wife, Liz. The dozen or so men who filled the hotel room were primed for action and Tommy fueled their desire by feeling up his wife and showing her off. He generously offered her charms to the men and urged Liz to tell them what she liked.

“I love big juicy dicks, I love the feel of their velvety hardness. I want to suck and fuck them till I pass out. I love a pair of heavy balls slapping against my ass, my chin, my cunt as a prick works in and out of me," Liz offered obscenely.

With their passions ignited, the men were quick to follow Liz and Thomas to a room in the hotel that had been set up just for the evening. Liz entered the room, turned on some music and began to dance for the horny bunch of guys. Her outfit covered very little. She wore a see-through micro skirt that covered a white G-string panty. And around her breasts was a tube top of the same material, Liz's tits straining at the material and her nipples protruding lewdly. the gold chain that was attached to her nipple rings dangled from under the top.

Liz swayed to the music and moved moved slowly atop the four-inch platform heels she. The added height caused her to be taller than all but the tallest of the men. She was the picture of wanton sex slut. She was a real-life wet dream and as she glided to the music, her eyes closed as she savored the sensations that were building inside.

"I love showing off for you boys, but it's getting lonely up here," Liz said provocatively. "Does anybody want to party?"

That's all it took for a couple of men to stand and begin dancing with Liz, pawing at her body as they glided to the music. Before long, one of the men stood behind her and reached around her waist with both arms, feeling her stomach and breasts as he caressed the slut wife in front of her husband. As he pressed against Liz, the man reached for her skimpy top and pulled it up, uncovering her breasts and displaying her new gold chain.

As the man continued to pull the top up and over Liz's head, her arms stretched upwards, leaving her blatantly exposed. Her arms were pulled down behind her back and the man used the thin top to bind her wrists. He reached around her again and Liz's head fell back on his shoulder. She was open and vulnerable to the stranger who was mauling her -- and she loved it.

"This whore is ready for anything," the man said as he hugged Liz close and fondled her floppy tits. Liz just continued to sway to the music, enjoying the sensation of being used.

Another man stepped toward Liz and tugged at her impossibly tiny skirt, leaving her wearing only the G-string and the platform heels. He ran his hands up and down Liz's legs, paying particular attention to her fleshy thighs. He spread her legs apart and then reached around to knead her ass. He pulled her G-string down to where it was stretched tightly between her thighs. He could see a bit of wetness at her pussy and pinched her lips apart, revealing the moist pinkness underneath. Liz's cunt was juicy. He pressed two fingers in her soaking pussy.

As Liz stood in her exposed state, she lifted her head up and searched the room for her husband Thomas. He was there front and center, grinning widely and taking in the lewd scene of his wife being manhandled. Liz decided to play coyly with Thomas and the other men."

"I'm sorry Tommy," she said. "I can't help what they're doing to me. These men are taking your sweet wife and there's nothing I can do about it. I feel so ashamed to be standing here before you, exposed like a wanton slut. I feel so humiliated."

But Liz's body said otherwise as her creamy pussy started to drip juices down her open thighs.

"You're a lying slut, Liz. I can see your wet pussy, you know. A sweet wife wouldn't be so turned on at being the center of attention in a room full of horny men," Thomas said. "Fuck the bitch, boys."

Liz's eyes widened and her lips widened into a broad smile as the two men holding Liz forced her to a large ottoman in the room. She was laid on her stomach as her ass was thrust high in the air. her arms still were bound behind her back.

Liz was double-teamed by the men as one knelt behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit. The other knelt at Liz's face. He grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her head to his stiff cock.

"Suck me slut," he ordered. "My cock needs your hot mouth."

He thrust forward and Liz opened her mouth, allowing the man's erection to slide over her lips and deep into her mouth. She tongued his cock as he began slow thrusts, violating Liz's mouth. As she tried to hold onto the man's cock, Liz made a variety of loud sucking noises, gripping his shaft with her lips and slurping against its hardness. A few times his cock slipped from her mouth and she desperately tried to suck it back it, the shaft swiping over her face as she struggled to continue the blow job.

Meanwhile Liz was being entered from behind, as the other man buried his hot cock in her pussy. He slapped her ass playfully as he reached for her bound wrists and used them as reins while he plowed her cunt.

"Man this is one hot pussy," he said as he looked over at Tommy. "You're one lucky bastard to have this whore all the time."

The rest of the men in the room stood around and watched, fascinated by the slut being fucked in two holes as she was pinned to the ottoman. Liz was oblivious to the spectacle she was presenting as she was focused only on the cocks in her pussy and mouth. There was little she could do but enjoy being used since she was unable to orchestrate any of the action herself.

Tommy was in awe of the hot scene to which he had a front and center view. Liz was being pummeled by two strangers and he couldn't have been more turned on. His cock was hard as he watched two men roughly fuck his wife.

"What a slut you are, Liz," Tommy said. "Fuck her harder, boys. She loves it when she's used like a cheap whore."

Liz was loving the harsh treatment, her body sliding back and forth as the man behind her pushed her roughly when he thrust his cock deep inside her. The aggressive fucking caused her to be shoved even more fully on the cock that was impaled in her mouth, causing several grunts and groans as her lips, dripping and drooling with saliva and pre-cum, was gripped around the man's erection.

The man in Liz's creamy cunt was the first to cum, burying himself deeply before ejecting his sperm in her. Liz moaned at the feeling of hot cum and felt the man in her mouth begin to spurt his load, which she held in her mouth, feeling it with her tongue and sliding it around her mouth.

Liz's wrists were unbound and she struggled to her feet, having disposed quickly of two of the strangers in the room. Strings of cum streamed down her thighs and sperm also leaked from the corners of her mouth. Performing for the men, Liz opened her mouth wide, bowed her head slightly and allowed the cum in her mouth to gently roll down her chin and onto her body. Her chest and tits soon were covered and a long string of cum clung stubbornly to her chin.

"Not bad for starters, wouldn't you say, Tommy?" Liz said. "Look at me baby. Is this what you like? You want me to be your cum-covered slut? Your wife has turned into your whore, Tommy. But I want more, baby. I want more cock."

The strand of cum dangled from Liz's chin as she looked deeply into her husband's eyes and taunted him with nasty images.

"Those two cocks were just for appetizers Tommy," Liz said. "I intend to use them all tonight while you watch. Will you watch your slut wife? Do you like to see me used and degraded? I know you do, you bastard. Well, keep your eyes open baby because your whore is just getting started. And I know it will get even more kinky as the night wears on. You like kinky, right? Well get ready Tommy. Watch me. Watch these fuckers gangbang me."

"Any requests?" Liz asked as she fingered the cum on her tits.
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I looked at my lovely Liz rubbing the strangers cum into her tits. We stared at each other in a room full of excited, drunken men and both wanted to push each other even further. I loved watching her orgasm on a new cock, sucking it into her hungry pussy. Her cunt lips formed a grasping sheath around the thrusting prick and her mouth devoured the sliding fuck meat like it was a lollipop. Watching the strangers lose control and pump her full of their spunk drove me mad with passion. I took out my ram rod and stroked it furiously as I looked at Liz: cum dripping down her inner thighs and covering her chest and chin. She wanted more. I wanted more. She watched me wacking off and began fingering her sopping cunt.

“You love all this cock don’t you my little fuck slut? I want to see you fuck the kid. Fuck the groom. Show him what a real fuck is all about. Give him the hottest fuck he will ever get.” I felt as if it were just Liz and I in a fantasy I was so turned on. We were locked onto each other.

A few of the men started to chant. “Fuck the groom! Fuck the groom!” The groom was not in the room. He was a shy kid and had promised his bride-to-be that he would not be enticed into doing anything “Silly” by his rowdy friends. Soon all the men in the room were shouting “Fuck the groom!” They opened the door and continued their chorus. Soon I could hear the whole party chanting as one, “Fuck the groom!” Liz looked at me and gave me a wanton pout then blew me a kiss. A gang of men ushered the timid groom into the room. The room was brimming and a crowd gathered and peered over and through each other at the door. Still they were calling out, “Fuck the groom.”

Half in play and half in earnest four or five of the men held onto the groom and Liz stared at him with a lewd and sultry expression. “Come on Liz.” I encouraged her. “Fuck the groom.”

She approached him and ran her hand over his cock , tracing its dimensions through his trousers. “Are you shy, honey. Too shy to fuck Liz in front of all your friends. Hmm?” She worked her cunt against his thigh and her hand slid slowly down the front of his pants. Howls, yeahs and wolf whistles came from the audience. “Oh, look what I found, baby. Oh yes, you shouldn’t be shy with this sweety.” Liz began working his cock in her hand. With her free hand she took him by the wrist and pressed his palm over her pumping cunt. “Oh baby, I want you in here. Deep in here right now. Fuck me baby. Come on fuck me.”

His hand started to work Liz’s cunt grabbing squeezing fingering. She encouraged him. “Uh hu, that’s it sweety. I’m so fucking hot for you. I love your fucking cock baby. Do me with that cock. Stick me baby.”
Liz was licking his neck and ear. The whole room had gone quiet. Everyone wanted to hear what Liz was saying to him. Her filthy talk had stiffened every prick in the room. There was the sound of her voice. The sound of heavy breathing and the squish and slosh of her cunt and his cock. She continued to writhe against him. “I want you sweety. I want that big fuck pole right here. Right here baby. Do me now.” The groom was now pumping his ass in a fucking motion and Liz extracted his cock. Then, his pants fell to the floor and she slid over so that they were belly to belly. Her hands reached back and spread his ass cheeks and she pushed him in rhythm to his pumping. “Gonna stick it in? Gonna fuck me sweet cheeks?”

He was now hopelessly empassioned. He threw her to the rug and Liz spread herself wide and called to him. “Yes, honey, do me. Fuck me now. Hurt me baby. Right here.” She slapped her own cunt repeatedly. “Right here baby.”

He almost dove into her. He was full speed fucking as soon as he rammed in. “That’s it that’s it fast, hard, up to the hilt baby. Yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck. Fuck my hungry cunt. Oh God.” Liz was thrashing about and screaming at this stage. She was there.

“Tom, Tom, cum on me. Fucking jerk off all over me. Cum.” I was so turned on that I knelt at her head and began to pump my cock as I watched her begin to orgasm. Before I knew it some stranger was opposite me. He had his cock out and was wanking as well.

“I fucking love it.” Liz panted. “More. More.”

Soon one more then two more men knelt over her. The groom knelt up on his knees and was still thrusting his dick in and out. A tight circle of at least eight men were stroking off around her. She reached from one cock to another, moaning and groaning. Fuck yes, cum, cum all over me. She was nearly delirious with desire. Then I started to shoot my load all over her. I heard others gasping out their relief but all I could see was Liz rolling her head around in lust, crying out and spasming out of all control.
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Liz had shamelessly teased the reluctant groom until she worked him up to a fever pitch.

The groom succumbed to her slutty ways as Liz kissed and licked him, feeling his body and rubbing herself all over him. No one could resist the raw sex that Liz was offering, the least of which an inexperienced and horny husband-to-be. Liz knew she could turn him into a sexual animal as long as she kept up her obscene performance.

As her husband, Tommy, and several members of the bachelor party watched in awe at Liz's lewd seduction of the groom, her slut instincts took over and she urged the young man on. She jumped off the groom's lap and lay on her back in the middle of the room, surrounded by drunk and horny men. But her attention was solely on the groom.

“Yes, honey, do me. Fuck me now. Hurt me baby. Right here. Right here baby," said Liz as she spread her legs, slapped her pussy and motioned for the groom. He sprung into action. "That’s it! That’s it! Fast! Hard! Up to the hilt baby. Yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck! Fuck my hungry cunt!"

As the groom continued to thrust frantically in Liz's wide open pussy, she felt her desires rising again, the deep trembling of her pussy sending her into a sexual frenzy. She writhed and moaned as the groom continued to fuck her and she looked up at the visual delights of several cocks above her. She reached into the cluster of erections as Tommy knelt near her head, stroking himself as he watced his wife decsend into her role as a dirty whore.

"Oh Tommy, look at me baby!" she said as her body was bounced back and forth at the pounding by the groom. "The husband-to-me is really fucking me, Tommy. My pussy is so wet for him I want to feel him grow and explode in my cunt.

"I can't believe all of the meat here. You boys are carrying some massive hard-ons and you're keeping them to yourselves. I want to feel your cum spray all over me," Liz said with a cock in each hand and staring down two others who perched near her head. "Did you hear me Tommy? I want all of these fuckers to defile your whore of a wife. I want them all to use me. I want to be their slut, too."

Liz was descending deeper and deeper into pure lust, her body uncontrollable and at the mercy of the men who were waiting to get a piece of her. They pawed at her hungrily as she writhed on the floor, her movements slow as she entered a sort of trance-like state. She was a mere fuck toy.

Tommy slid his cock in his wife's mouth as the other men mauled her tits, pushed her arms over her head, spread her legs wider and pulled her feet up. Liz put up no resistance to the way her body was being used. She was enjoying the gang action She lay back and let the men do whatever they wanted.

"I'm on fire for you fuckers," Liz said as Tommy pulled out of her mouth briefly. "Use me. Make me your whore, your plaything. All I want is to feel your hard cocks and feel your hot cum. Tommy knows. Tommy knows how much I want it. He even likes to see me humiliated. Don't you Tommy? You like it when your slut wife is degraded and used like a cheap slut. Don't you?"

The groom was working himself into a frenzy and was nearing a climax as the group of men hovered over Liz, stroking their dicks and rubbing and pinching her body. One man spanked her thighs smartly, but Liz didn't jump or try to avoid the blows. As she resumed sucking her husband, another man reached for the gold chain fastened to her nipples and pulled it taut, stretching the extended buds as another man kneaded Liz's breasts. Everyone wanted a piece of the whore and Liz revelled in the over-the-top sensations.

"Tom, cum on me baby," said Liz as she slurred her words, her body reacting involuntarily to the actions of the men who were fucking her and using her. She reached aimlessly for a cock with each hand, grabbing a pair and jacking them slowly. "Cum on me, Tom. Show these fuckers how to use a wife."

Tom pulled out of his wife's mouth and pumped himself furiously until he emitted a strong stream of cum, arcing over Liz's forehead and landing across her face and neck. Liz was delirious at the feel of the warm sperm and could only moan and whimper as she languidly rocked her head back and forth. Tom fired several more blasts that striped Liz's face and chest, finally finishing as his cock softened, dripping the last bits of cum in Liz's hair.

One of the cocks Liz held started to spurt and she aimed it at her face, taking another load head-on. She closed her eyes and lay her head back, still holding the man's partial erection which was spilling cum over her fist.

The groom was next and he raised to his knees, allowing his unrestrained cock to spurt wildly over his conquest. His forceful spasms left trails of cum from Liz's neck to her wide open pussy. He wiped his cock on her thighs as he sat back and watched the rest of Liz's obscene show.

One by one the bachelor party erupted on Liz's body, covering her in cum. They took great delight in firing their sperm into her face. Their loads were in large globs and dripped in trails down her cheeks, into her ears and in her hair. Liz was in ecstacy as she felt the cum shots land on her skin.

After the men all had climaxed, Liz remained on the floor. She scooped up some sperm and began massaging her clit. She fingered herself vigorously as the men stared in awe at her continued search for sexual release.

"What a whore!" one men said. "She's still horny after all that?"

"I can't believe she's such a slut," said another. "Tom, your wife is a great piece of ass."

"She's nasty alright," said yet another man. "The bitch has been fucked and used and she still can't get enough."

"And look at her, she covered in cum. She's a, what do you call it, a cum dump, a cum lover, a cum slut? All I know she's a nasty bitch."

Liz heard the rude comments and the lewd descriptions hastened her orgasm. Frantically fingering her well-used pussy, Liz began to grunt and growl and moan obscenely as her climax washed over her. She screamed and yelped and writhed on the floor, her body convulsing at the intensity of her orgasm.

As she came down from the heights of her desire, Liz was overcome with pleasure, eventually passing out. She lay spread-eagled on the floor, wearing about eight or nine loads of cum, including her husband's seed. Her body shone from the wet loads and from a sheen of perspiration. The gold nipple chain was plastered to her heaving breasts. Her face and hair were covered in cum, some of it dripping down her face to the floor. Laying motionless, Liz had passed out with her hand still in her pussy.

The bachelor party participants were in awe.

"You're wife is unbelieveable," said one man to Tom, who stood next to his wife and waited as the men got dressed to leave. "I can't believe you let us use her. But we'll be happy to have a return engagaement anytime you want."

As the men finally finished getting dressed, they lingered over Liz's obscenely displayed body, getting one last look at the woman. Tom joined the group, impressed with his wife's lewd performance and turned on that she was still spread open on the floor and laying there like a used up piece of meat.

"Say, mister," one man asked. "Do you want us to help you get her to bed?"

"Nah," Tom said. "We don't need to move her. She's just a filthy whore."
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Two hours later we were back in the “Zazu Lounge” sitting in a booth towards the back of the bar. Marty was chatty and expansive. “Drinks for everyone. It’s on me tonight. We made a fucking killing.”

“You mean she made a fucking killing.” Tina quipped.

“God, I’ve never seen anyone get a crowd that worked up.” Jenna added.

“Well,” Marty interrupted. “We are a team and we split everything four ways. Liz you are going to make us all wealthy.” He pulled a wad of cash from his pocket and flopped it on the table. “Have you any idea how many guys asked for the company card.” He rubbed his hands together. “You even gave me a hard on Liz watching you go. Fuck me. I was scrambling like crazy to get cash from everyone. A fucking dream night.”

“You sure made my night easy.” Laughed Tina who was delighted to hear that the take was to be split. She and Jenna were expecting Liz and Tom to demand a higher cut.

“I’ll work with you anytime, baby.” Jenna chimed in. The table was in high spirits and we joked and laughed a few hours away. I kept staring at my Liz. She was still dressed in her “come-get-me” outfit and I pictured her with that grooms big cock plowing into her sucking cunt over and over again. I remembered the lust and the passion she displayed, yanking on strange dicks, writhing on the floor, covered in cum, sucking me off, begging for more, finger fucking herself for the crowd. I was getting horny all over again. I took Liz hand and placed it on my cock as we drank and chatted with the others. I didn’t try to hide this from them and Liz’s hand blatantly caressed and squeezed my cock as we sat there.

I had thought, when I was in the room and Liz lay there, comatose, thickly coated in sperm, her hand inside her abused cunt, that I would be satisfied for a week. But, I was to find that the deeper you pursue your lust the more often it makes demands on you. I… no we, were becoming sex addicts. The more lewd and depraved Liz became the more I wanted to see her used. The more of a slut Liz became, the more she wanted to play the whore. After our first night of abandon with Steve and the bartender we had waited a couple of weeks before we ventured out again. But here I was hours after Liz’s performance and I was imagining her next session. I needed more.

Marty started pestering us about when we wanted to work again. I had not thought of it as work nor had Liz. But our take came to over three thousand dollars and he promised lots more where that came from. As we left the lounge I kept fondling Liz ass as we passed through the other patrons.

“You are a fucking pig.” I told Liz as we got into the parking lot.

“Am I,” she snuggled into me. “Tell me more. Tell me what you thought.” Her hand slipped into my pants.

When we got into the car she slid over and I continued. “You loved all those big fat cocks, in your face, up your snatch, in your ass. Didn’t you? You should have seen your fucking eyes flashing around the room looking for more dick. Get on my cock you fucking whore and suck it while we drive home.” Liz buried her face in my crotch as I took us home.

All the while I talked about her teasing the groom, taunting me, and how I loved it. After I came in her mouth she began whispering in my ear, asking me how I felt about different scenes from the evening. She described how various cocks felt, reacted, spewed. In bed that night we barely slept, rather we replayed the show for each other and fucked. I fucked her and she closed her eyes and relived the moments that flashed through her mind.

The next day I was still enflamed as was Liz. I told her of an adult video and porn store in the city where there were “Glory holes” and that I’d like to see her work over some absolutely anonymous cocks. Just for the sheer joy of playing, sucking, and fucking them. “We can go there next weekend,” I suggested.

“Let’s go now.” She pleaded. I kissed her passionately.

“My little cum slut wants to be fed. Put on something casual and sexy so that we can parade around the store then we’ll make a show of going into a booth.” I got more and more excited as she got dressed.

“I love the idea of you examining and fondling a dick without even putting a face to it. I want you to pull back the skin. Open the eye. Fondle the nuts. Admire it.” As we drove, I thought out loud. “You can sit on my lap and I’ll watch you. You can lick, kiss, make love to the strange cocks and tell me what you like about them. I want to watch you milk one with your hand. I want to watch you suck one dry. I want you to bend over and take another deep into your fuck hole. I want you to do as many as you can. I want to have a dick through each side of the booth and I want to fuck you while you wank off some cock.” I went on and on with all possible scenarios. What she would do. What I would do. We were both horny as rabbits when we got to the store.

It was late on a Saturday afternoon, when we arrived at the store. Liz looked spectacular as usual. Her ass rolled and beckoned any and all as we strolled the aisles. I was intentionally loud as we spoke.

“There are the booths for the Glory Holes Liz. The guy’s stick their stiff pricks through the holes and you get to do whatever you want to them. How does that sound?”

You asked when could we go in there and that you would love it. We repeated the comments in various aisles and soon we had a pack of horny sniffing perverts following us about. They hovered over us like vultures I molested Liz for their entertainment and we looked at a number of lewd magazines and video covers. I wanted them salivating before we entered the booth. When I could not restrain my own desires, I lead us into a middle booth. I slid the latch over and heard fumbling coming from the stall beside us….
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The night of the gangbang-for-hire had flipped a sexual switch in Thomas and Liz as the married couple began to think obsessively about sex and kinky adventures that could fulfill their desires for raunchy scenes.

The heat still hadn't cooled the next day when Tommy suggested a nasty scenario in the video booths at a local adult store. It turned out neither he nor Liz were willing to wait too long for another hedonistic fix.

"Let's go now," Liz pleaded with Thomas after he described what sexual adventures they could have with her in the starring role of glory hole slut. "It's the best of both worlds baby. I can fuck you while I'm toying with all of the strange cocks that poke through the glory holes.

Thomas agreed and the two of them went off to get ready for another hot date.

Liz sorted through her new slutty wardrobe and decided she would be especially daring and wear a new blue outfit that screamed "slut." After all, she wouldn't be going to anywhere respectable, merely a seedy adult video store. She slipped on a blue satiny bikini top that barely held her tits and allowed fast access to them should it be necessary. And she KNEW it would be necessary. Likewise, the impossibly short stretchy skirt barely covered her ass. The indecent outfit was just right for the emerging slut about town.

Liz felt wicked when she and Thomas left their house and hoped the neighbors weren't paying attention to her as she left. She wasn't quite ready to be "discovered" by her friends and neighbors, preferring the anonymity of strangers. And what better way to have anonymous sex than with the detatched cocks she expected to find in the movie booths.

When Liz and Thomas arrived at the video store it was even seedier than she expected, a situation that heightened her excitement as she felt even more trashy baring herself in such a low class public place.

Liz was a major tease as she rose to the occasion and provided ample opportunities for the patrons of the store to "catch" her baring herself. Her ass and breasts were nearly always on display as she reached and stretched and looked over several of the adult novelties on display.

Liz was especially enamored with the black leather cuffs and restraints that were featured in the BDSM section. The equipment featured all sorts of spikes and chains and other odd implements of the lifestyle. Liz had always been curious about D/s relationships. She knew many couples enjoyed it immensely. One piece of equipment was of particular interest to Liz. She had never seen anything like it. It looked like a long hairy whip with an overly large handle. But she quickly discovered it actually was a large butt plug with a long horse's tail. She visualized a woman forced to wear such a device and began to feel stirrings between her legs.

Thomas brought Liz out of her reverie by calling out to her in a too-loud voice.

"Hey Liz, look, it's the video booth room," he said.

Liz responded in a similar loud manner.

"Are those what you were telling me about, baby?" she said. "Let's go, I can't wait."

Now that all the men in the store were focused on the married couple, Liz and Thomas made their way into the video room, entered a booth and latched the door behind them. As Thomas stripped off his pants, they could hear the rustling in the booths on each side. Liz didn't even undress. She merely pulled up her short skirt and settled her moist pussy on Thomas's already-hard cock. As she enjoyed the sensation of her husband's thick cock entering her cunt, Liz spotted two cocks emerging through the glory holes on each side of her.

"Look Tommy," she said. "It looks like we have some horny visitors."

Liz reached out to fondle each of the stiff pricks that poked through the walls. She gripped the one on the left firmly, squeezing it gently as it grew to full length. The right-hand cock was semi-hard only, so Liz softly swatted it with her hand, enjoying watching it swing back and forth. Left cock was very hard now and Liz began to stroke it's length, letting it slip through her hand easily and she caressed its length.

Liz latched on to Mr. Right's cock, which was full-length now. She grabbed his cockhead with her fingertips and squeezed just below the mushroom head. Mr. Left was bobbing furiously and Liz fisted him tightly, briskly jacking the hard shaft when, suddenly, she was rewarded with a stream of cum that covered her hand and splashed halfway up her arm. One errant jet landed on her thigh.

"My God, Thomas, he was primed," said Liz as she wriggled on her husband's prick as another man's cock emptied his seed on her. "I know you like to see cum on me baby. I don't intend to waste any tonight."

Liz released Mr. Right and used her hand to sccop the cum from her arm. She took the gooey mess and rubbed it all over her thighs and stomach as if it was lotion. Her body shone with the cum bath. All the while Liz kept a steady rhythm on her husband's cock, slowly gringing on him.

After fingering the cock on her right for awhile, Liz could feel it tense and she knew he also was ready to empty his seed through the gloryhole. She pulled off her bikini top and pumped the anonymous cock roughly and watched closely as it spurted hot cum all over her chest. She again massaged the sperm into her body, this time mostly on her tits as they now held a thin film of cum.

"This is great, baby," Liz said to Thomas. "Nothing but cocks for me to do with as I please. "Plus not only do I get to fuck you while I do it, you have the pleasure of watching your wife perform like a true slut.

And so it continued. Liz got off of her husband's lap and, while still holding him tightly with one hand or another, explored the various cocks that poked through the video booth's walls. She got down on her knees to suck a couple of the strange pricks, mouthing the bulbous heads, licking hard shafts and toying with cum-laden balls.

It usually didn't take long for the men to cum. It was a game to Liz to see how quickly she could make the strange cocks spurt their loads. Each time she would aim the streams of sperm towards her, covering herself wth the wetness. And before it could drip from her body to the floor, she would spread the cream over her body, from neck to toe. She smoothed it down her legs, kneaded her ass with it, and massaged her shoulders and arms until she was completely covered. She was wanton and wet with the kinkiness of the scene.

The next two cocks Liz aimed for her head, caressing the spurting cockheads with her hair until they emptied their full loads. She used her fingertips to rustle her hair spreading the accumulated cum throughout.

"This feels so good Tommy," she said. "I think you can finally call me your cum slut wife. But now I want to feel my husband in my mouth."

Liz knelt between Thomas's legs and lowered her mouth over his hardness, enveloping him in a warm oral embrace. She pushed downwards until the head of his cock was buried at her throat, and then looked up at him, gazing into his eyes. She could see he was turned-on, enjoying the sensations of her wifely blowjob.

Thomas stared down at his wife, excited to watch her perform for him. Her hair was a wet mess and he grabbed a few loose strands of her hair and plastered them across her forehead. Her disheveled appearance was apprpriate for the trashy slut she had become.

Liz continued the blowjob, sucking at her husband's prick, pumping the shaft and tonguing the cockhead as it bobbed in her mouth. She raised up, looked intently at her husband and said, "Fuck my mouth, baby! Fuck your slut wife's face!"

Liz opened wide as Thomas bucked his hips furiously, pumping into Liz's face, using her mouth obscenely. Soon, Liz could feel the stirrings in Thomas's cock as it became rock hard in her hand. She squeezed the base tightly just as she knew Thomas was ready to release his load.

"Are you ready, fucker?" said Liz to her husband who was now desperate to spill his sperm. "You cock is rock hard baby. All I need to do is release it and I know you'll cum in buckets. Will you spray me, baby? Will your cover your slut's face with hot cum? I want it, Tommy. I want you to hose my face with your seed."

Liz released her husband's cock as it literally burst forth with jets of cum, splashing over her, covering her face, running down her foreehead and into her eyes, dripping down her cheeks and neck. Liz took the final few streams in her mouth and held the cum in her mouth. She raised up on her knees, looked directly at Tommy and allowed the accumulated sperm to gush from her mouth. she licked her lips as the cum dripped from the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

Liz then stood before her husband as she spread the sperm around her body, rubbing it in as before. She took a finger and cleared away the mess in her eyes and wiped in on her neck. But she left the strings of sperm that settled on her face and got dressed.

"Let's go, baby," she said. "We've had our fun."

Liz had enjoyed her whorish performance so much she hadn't even realized that she hadn't cum once.
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As we walked out of the store, my mind was reeling. I was in such a state of lust and depravity that I knew I had to take our sexual journey deeper into the realms of fetish, deeper into the exploration of control and power. I had expressed all along, the need to direct Liz in her fucking and in her exploits with strangers. So far, she had acquiesced to my every demand. But, something was chewing at the back of my mind through all our encounters; something was calling me.

As Liz was teasing the men in the shop, bending, stretching, exposing her lithe body, she had stopped at the BDSM section of the store and my cock reacted as if it was electrically charged. She handled and fondled leather cuffs, ropes, whips, and all my visiting of web sites crystallized. It was a Eureka experience for me. This is where I wanted to go. I wanted to walk the dark halls of pain and pleasure, dominance and submission. I wanted us to try all the doors of this world.

Then Liz picked up a ponygirl tail and butt plug. Why not start there? Why not open that door first. Liz had swished the tail around provocatively and her eyes had widened when she saw the girth of the butt plug, but I saw that she was fascinated even intrigued with the theatricality of it. I sensed the power and dominance within the role of master and trainer and my cock surged with testosterone. I had visited enough web sites to know something about ponyplay. I knew that I wanted Liz to be a show pony and not a riding pony or a cart pony. She would be on her hands and knees only for fucking and cock sucking. I was also aware of a club for horsemen and women in the city. It was called “The Coach and Stable”. I would be able to purchase the required paraphernalia there. I could also receive advice and insight from the more experienced masters and mistresses within the club. I wanted to watch other trainers go over her and judge her flesh and her training. I could envision her prancing, then setting up as her body was stroked and evaluated. I imagined her in the full regalia. I loved the idea. I was committed to starting this very day.

As Liz performed for me in the video booth I grew stiff as a poker and my nuts nearly exploded shooting jet after jet of hot cum all over. I noted with pleasure that Liz herself had not cum. It pleased me since I wanted to use edging as one of my training techniques and after her slutty session with the anonymous cocks, I knew she would be insanely horny. Her cunt was a sopping sponge and her clit was swollen erotically Liz would want to cum in the car. She was on fire. Liz absolutely adored climaxing in front of me.

We had mildly toyed with dominant and submissive games and both of us loved them. But now I was ready to go for it. The master had been awakened within me and I was possessed with the need to dominate. The car was parked behind the store and there were two other cars in the lot. As Liz closed the door she leaned into me and licked my neck. She needed to cum and was about to bring herself off right here and right now.

“Take everything off.” I demanded. I held out my hand. “I want all those clothes, everything right now.” Liz immediately began to peel off her panties. She had a wicked smile and was sure we were going to fuck here in the public parking lot.

“Oh Tommy, baby…” I covered her mouth and stifled her words.

“Shut up. You will not talk.” I commanded and glared at her. “Hurry up everything off.”

She was a little miffed but still believed we were about to fuck in the car. She quickly removed everything and what little material there was, she placed in my hand.

“Turn around and cross your hands behind your back.” I took her panties and bound her hands in that position. “I am going back into the store. I have some phone calls to make. I do not want you cumming so I am tying your hands.

“Tommy, I won’t cum if you don’t……” I stopped her by slapping her thigh as hard as I could.

“I told you not to speak. You are to be trained.” I pushed her back into the bucket seat her bound hands were behind her. I cinched and latched the seat belt. She was securely fastened into the seat. Then, I took her halter-top and tied it around her right knee and attached it to the armrest of the door. “ I don’t want you cumming by pumping your thighs together.” I took the skirt of her outfit and tied it around her left knee and tied that to the shifter. I looked at her. She was bound and exposed so beautifully. “You may nod or shake your head,” I commanded.

I reached in between her legs. Liz’s cunt was oozing still. “Do you want to cum?” She nodded.

“Are you still horny from working those strange dicks?” a furious nod.

I rapidly flicked her clit just barely touching it. “Do you want me to keep doing this?” She made a deep guttural sound and nodded repeatedly. Then I left her and returned to the store. I clicked the automatic lock and entered by the back door. The proprietor remembered me of course. I purchased the tail and plug. I bought a number of cuffs and ropes. They had very little by way of bridles and the special boots and corsets. There was a dvd on pony training. There was also a porn video on the ponylife. I found a magazine for horse lovers. There was a public phone within the place and I called “The Coach and Stable”. I received a warm reception from a club member who manned the specialty store. He told me to buy the plug and tail but that I should soon come into the shop and find a tail that matched my pony’s hair exactly. If she was to be a show pony, that was extremely important. I should bring the pony in for consultation and matching. I made an appointment with the fellow for the next afternoon. He was very supportive and listened to my thoughts on training. He said that it all sounded like a fine beginning and that the club offered workshops and training sessions. He told me there was so much latitude and each situation is so personal that I should trust my instincts and follow them until I could talk to a professional handler.

“She is your pony. Always remember that. Don’t let anyone take the reins out of your hands. Train her for you.” He urged.

When I returned to the car at least a half-hour had passed and there were two men standing beside the car and staring into the window. They were masturbating openly so that Liz could see their engorged cocks. I got into the driver’s seat and lowered the passenger window. One of the men forced his dick into Liz face and continued to thrash it wildly.

“Go on suck him off.” I ordered. Liz lurched at the man’s dick and began sucking frantically. He came in minutes and the other man came in his hand from watching the show. “Do not speak. I warned Liz again.” I drove out of the lot and found a quiet street on the way home. It was now getting dark outside and I untied Liz’s legs, I unbuckled the seat belt and loosened her hands.

“Kneel down in the well” I told her. Liz completely naked knelt in the foot space facing the front seat. I spread out the purchases, placing them one by one on the seat in front of her. “You are now my ponygirl. We are walking together into the BDSM world. I will train you. You will not speak when you are my pony. You may nod or shake your head. One of the items was a riding crop. I took it in my hand and used it to raise her head to look at me. Do you understand?” Liz nodded her head.

“You will not be allowed to cum until I decide that you have been a deserving little pony. I am your master and you are my filly. My little pony. You will learn to prance and to satisfy. Do you understand?” I stroked her mane and chucked her under the chin. I took the tube of lubricant and the tail and began to cover the plug with gel. I reached for the back of her neck and pulled her forward her chest resting on the seat. “Easy girl, easy. There you go.” I stroked her side and her flank to settle her down. I covered my index finger with lubricant. And then slid my finger gently into her asshole. “It’s okay, girl. There you go. I put load after load of gel into her rectum and she started to relax. Soon I had two fingers up inside her and began to finger fuck her ass. She began to pump with the rhythm. SMACK! I hit her with the crop on the back of her thighs. “I did not tell you to pump. You will cum in no time. You cum when I tell you. Do you understand?”

Then I took the butt plug with the tail and inserted it up her ass. “Easy girl, that a girl, almost there. Done.” I swished the tail about and told her to sit back. “Your name, girl, is Wicked. You are so evil, so pretty, so randy. It is a perfect name for my little pony. A little slut filly who wants to fuck all the time. I will make you a fine little show pony. Sit back girl and look at me. You have already begun. You are a fine piece of flesh. I ran my hands over her tits and reached down her belly stroking her moist cunt. Everyone will want to fuck my randy little Wicked . I can’t wait to show you off. Now for the rest of the ride home you will stay down there. It is your traveling spot. You may rest your cheek on my hand as I drive. You may even lick my hand. I will still have others fuck you and use you but first you need to be completely trained……"

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It had been two weeks since her husband had turn Liz into a ponygirl, and each day she realized how much she had sunk into a life of deparavity.

Tommy had started the process with the insertion of a butt plug into his wife's ass in the parking lot of the adult store where Liz had allowed several men to spray her with cum. The plug penetrated her deeply and jutted out at an obscene angle. On the other end was a flowing horse's tail that arched lewdly upwards and swished, caressing her stuffed ass.

Since that first evening in the car, Liz had carried the "ponytail" with her ass almost continuously. It had become part of her. The pressure Liz felt from the plug kept the slut wife on edge, mostly from the lewdness of the display. While she learned to enjoy the arousal she felt, Liz still was unable to get over her squeamishness and humiliation at being used as a show pony. Still, the degradation never failed to cause reverberations deep inside her. Liz was unable to resist the sexual heat she felt as she performed for her husband, both in the horse ring and later, as a convenient sexual toy for him and others to use.

Liz had become obsessed with sex, and more specifically, the kind of kinky sex Tommy had dreamed up. At first Liz's participation was merely to please her husband, but as he placed her in more and more lewd scenarios, she knew she was addicted. His newest suggestion, no, it was more like a command, had secretly thrilled her. Liz could revel in her exhibitionism as her husband put her through her paces.

It was almost time for Liz's first performance, a show that was to mark the debut of Wicked, a show pony that had been specially trained and diligently decorated for her coming out party. Her training had been rigorous. Forced to get around on her hands and knees, Liz was getting better at the maneuvers Tommy had been putting her through.

When she was allowed to stand, Liz was expected to keep her knees high as she pranced for her husband. Whenever she missed the mark, Tommy used a riding crop to reinforce her training. Liz was getting used to the restraints. Ankle and wrist cuffs allowed her to wear a wide variety of devices to keep her restrained at Tommy's whim.

Her elaborate bridle held a gag that kept her mouth wide open. There was no pain from the bridle but she was unable to swallow, causing her own saliva to drop down her chin to her breasts. The gold nipple chain she was so proud to wear at the bachelor gangbang party, had been replaced with a more servicable chain.

Tommy didn't mistreat his wife during her training, but she was unable to live her own life. Everything was as Tommy wanted it. Liz was not allowed to speak, but she was expected to keep her mouth at the ready in case Tommy wanted her to surround his cock with it. Occasionally the ponytail was removed so Tommy could fuck her ass while she was tethered to an eyebolt in the floor. Liz could only shake her head to communicate.

Each night, after a long day of training, Tommy groomed his show pony. She held her position in a dry bathtub while he used a soapy sponge to wash his filly wife, paying particular attention to her fleshy ass and unusually wide open asshole. Tommy's goal was to feature his wife's sexy ass in her show pony performance and he wanted it smooth and soft for the show. When he finished scubbing his wife, Tommy sprayed off the suds with the shower attachment.

Then came the grooming. Tommy brushed Liz's long hair over and over again, leaving her red mane soft and smooth. Sometimes he brushed while Liz's head was in his lap, his cock buried in her mouth. He would spray his seed all over liz's back, massaging it in along with some moisturrizing creams. The constant attention to Liz's skin soon left it blemish free and eminently touchable.

As he cared for his newly subservient show pony wife, Tommy daydreamed about how he would decorate her for the show. He knew he wanted her to attract attention from the audience she would be displaying herself for, and he came up with all sorts of extravagant and dramatic designs. He considered what leather straps and devices he would use, how to mark her and which of her assets he would prominently display. She had been his slut before and was used to dressing in slutty and whorish ways. As his star performer, Tommy knew he had to recapture some the inate sluttiness that excited him and, he knew, secretly turned her on as well.

Today was to be a dress rehearsal for Liz, a final run-through before tomorrow's opening performance. Liz was ready. She had endured the training and had become accustomed to her new role. She was definitely ready for some excitement. In fact, she has yet have a climax as a show pony, being allowed only to service her husband or serve only as a convenient hole for him to use.

Liz was on her hands and knees in a corner, her ass swaying mindlessly back and forth causing the horse tail to swing idly against her ass. She heard Tommy come into the room and wondered what was in store for her today.
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Today was the big day. Wicked was to be presented to the club and guests. The show had been promoted and hyped up by both Master Gerald and Mistress Parkins. I was nervous and excited. Wicked sensed that something big was on the horizon and was skittish and frisky the entire morning. I ran my hands over her smooth flickering flesh applying lotion to her skin. She was tethered to the floor ring and writhed with sexual tension, tossing her head proffering her hindquarters to me. “Steady girl, not long now,” I soothed her. It had been an eventful and intense two weeks, I mused.

I had phoned Marty the day after my momentous decision to explore the dark passages of the BDSM life style. I informed him that Liz would no longer be going into work and that we would be performing for him in order to make ends meet. He was delighted and I gained time to train my little filly. When he heard what I was planning, he begged me to make a special show based on the pony play. He got calls for “Kinky stuff” all the time and this would be a killer sex show. “You two perverts are gonna make us all rich with this,” he gloated. He then offered to float me a $10,000 retainer and suggested I quit work too and said that he had contacts for web sites and flicks that would pay handsomely for our special talents. “That slut is worth her weight in gold. You train her. You stay with her leave the agent stuff up to me. She’s gonna get more fucking than even she can handle.” He chuckled and hung up the phone.

We then had an appointment at the “Coach and Stable” to keep. Wicked was upstairs spread-eagled and bound face down on the bed. I did not want her finger fucking herself to orgasm. Her beautiful horny tail draped over her thigh and she was asleep. I ran my hands over her delicious ass. “You have a lot to do today girl. You are to be fully outfitted at the tack shop. Are you still in heat, Wicked? I fingered her cunt to test. You are the sluttiest little pony, ready for any cock Huh girl? You will not cum till we put you up for a grand showing and then my randy little mare will buck and cum in an explosion that they will talk about for years. I’ll think of some worthy spectacle my pet.”

I began to work her clit. I wanted her edged. She had been kept horny since the video booth and immediately began pumping her ass and tail. I reached for the crop and smacked her thighs smartly. “You will not pump until I give you your head in a free fuck. I will let you know when.” She lay still and I loved the red marks on her ass and inner thighs. I felt her body quivering under my finger fucking but she lay still. “Does my randy little filly want to cum? Yes, yes girl.” I watched her carefully. When she is ready to cum I know that she takes two or three intakes of breath then holds it in and her belly tightens. I had always used these signs in order to time my cumming but now I used them as training. I worked her dripping cunt and then began pumping her tail in and out at the same time. Soon she produced the telltale-breathing pattern and I stopped immediately. She lay there panting and I could see her tightening and releasing her cunt muscles but she again was frustrated. “ Poor little Wicked. Her cunt is so, so ready. Don’t worry girl. When I allow it. It will all be worth it. But I’m afraid I’ve got myself so horny that I’ll have to feed you our special snack.”

I unbound her and set her up on all fours on the floor. We had yet to acquire her tack so I just held onto her hair as I knelt before her and fucked her face. Looking at her tail wave in the air and feeling her voracious devouring of my cock had me ready to climax in minutes. I think Wicked believed that if she got me horny enough, that I would grant her relief. “Oh yes, girl, suck, eat, drain my cock.” I exploded so violently that sperm poured out of the sides of her mouth as well as down her throat.

I slipped a trench coat over my mare and placed her in the leg well of the front seat of the car. She was safely in travelling position and we set off to the “Coach and Stable.” I did not tell Wicked that we no longer worked at our old jobs. She need not know those sorts of things. I stroked her neck and forequarters as we drove.

The club bespoke money, oak, and red leather, valuable and tasteful artwork, all with the horse and stable theme naturally. The foyer was spacious and impressive. I took the trench coat off Wicked and walked through a set of leaded glass doors with the sign saying “Tack Room”. Master Gerald was drinking tea at an expansive oaken table and stood to greet us.

“My god, what a spectacular looking animal.” He enthused. “May I.” He asked and I nodded my consent.

He ran his hands over her sides and her hindquarters. “Great musculature. Have you named her?”

“Wicked,” I replied. “She is extremely randy. She is in heat constantly and I am denying her an orgasm till I can think of an appropriate occasion. She’ll be all wet now from you just touching her. See for yourself.” He ran his hand over Wicked’s cunt. “Oh my god, a real fuck filly. I’d love to ride her. Are you going to allow others to ride her?”

“I would love to see her ridden and fed by as many as possible. Be careful. She is sly and as you are fingering her now she is about to cum. Just stop for a moment.” Master Gerald was so taken with Wicked that he couldn’t keep his hands off her. His cock stained mightily against his riding jodhpurs.

“You know we haven’t had a grand cumming-out in the club for four years. I’d love to tell you about it. You of course as owner and trainer would have the final word on everything. She would be spectacular. He was in a high state of agitation. God what a piece of horseflesh. Look at the state of my cock.” He called over the intercom for Mistress Parkins. She appeared quickly and was also in jodhpurs, boots, and riding jacket with tails.

“Is this the new mare?” she asked incredulously. And walked around Wicked assessing her every asset. “She is breathtaking.” That tail has to go. We will make one which absolutely matches her main, highlights and all. Can you take it out please sir and I’ll have one of the grooms begin work immediately. “She called for Angelo on the PA. And when he arrived the pair of them began discussing the variations of color in Wicked’s mane. Angelo ran his hands all over Wicked’s body as they talked. “She’ll have to be waxed all over and rubbed down constantly. Nice muscles. Beautiful coat. She is a wonder. I’ll prepare a list for her trainer.” As they went over every inch of Wicked. I warned them not to fall for her tricks and allow her to cum. Angelo smiled and slapped her cunt playfully.

“In heat are we my little beauty?” he chuckled and continued to inspect her intimately.

Master Gerald announced to the groom and the Mistress. “I am thinking of a grand cumming-out. If the owner and trainer here will agree to it.”

Angelo and Mistress Parkins rushed over to me. The Mistress fired a string of questions at me. “How much stamina does she have? How much fucking can she take? Can she handle a real stallion? Will she be frightened and cower away? How big a cock can she handle? Will she stay randy throughout a whole show?”

“Take it easy Mistress Parkins. I have yet to describe the procedure to Tom. First,” he elaborated. “There is a show ring. You will circle her on a lead. Then we bring out the jumps and ramps. She will prance and show her athleticism and her grace on all the equipment. Then there will be a riding exhibition. Three members of the club, myself included will ride her before the audience. You as trainer will be there of course to keep her in line. We all have our own reigning techniques. I for example like to keep a tight rain as I fuck. I will give her her head occasionally then reign her back in. Finally, I like to ride her with hardly no reigns and free fuck her till I cum. Hopefully she will cum for her first time in show at that time. Then we will have a cowboy ride her. I will tell you who and he will inform you of his reigning techniques. Then there will be a guest rider. You will have no idea of his technique and Wicked will have to adapt. Next there will be a feeding exhibition. Three more participants will set her up to their liking, examine her and adjudicate her then they will each ride her face. They may bring their own tack for this or use what Wicked is wearing.

Next comes the grooming. One of our grooms will publicly rub down, groom, and display Wicked to the assembly. He will lead her into the audience so that they may feel stroke, caress her. He will then use Wicked to relieve himself in anyway he chooses.

“I would like to be the groom.” Angelo spoke up.

“Angelo that is tremendous, you have never done a public grooming. That will add to the excitement.” Master Gerald was over the moon.

Then, there is the grand finale. Three of the stallions are brought up from the stables and they will mount her before the crowd. They are wild and relentless, very aggressive. They would fight each other to the death if they were brought in together. That is why Mistress Parkins is so concerned. Can Wicked take the stallions?”

Wicked, in her frustrated and aroused state trotted over to the four of us and nudged me in the back with her nose. She then nodded her head vigorously and pawed the ground. “What a randy little slut pony you are my pretty.” I slapped her withers affectionately. “Let’s go for it I said.”

The three of them danced about joyfully. Mistress Parkins got serious for a moment and announced. “I was thinking of my ‘Diablo’”. Angelo and Gerald looked at her with concern. “Do you think so. He ruined my ‘Jewel’ she has been afraid of the stallions ever since. She doesn’t even ride strangers well anymore.”

Angelo spoke up. “Let’s take them down to the stables and they can see the stallions themselves. Tom should know what to expect. Angelo fashioned a collar on Wicked and a lead. He handed the long looped lead to Tom. Keep a tight hold on her down there.

Beneath the shop there was a perfect replica of a barn. Ponygirls were tethered in comfortable rooms decorated as stable stalls. They all peeked over their gates as the four walked past. There was animosity and jealousy oozing out of the stalls as they caught sight of Wicked. Many turned away and some winnied threateningly.

“Now, now ladies,” Angelo warned. “Be nice to the new filly.” He whispered to me. They are such jealous and competitive cunts. They hate her on sight. They walked through training and grooming area and there was a set of stalls on the other side. They heard kicking and violent braying as they neared the barred up stalls.

“They can smell her cunt from here.” Mistress Parkins informed them. “That is Diablo’s cell.” The first and largest enclosure was for Diablo. He was a huge shiny black stallion. Tethered by two chains to the side of each wall. He was screaming and sniffing the air. His cock and balls were prodigious and throbbing obscenely. I have never seen a cock like it. A massive head. The thickness of a man’s fist. Unbelievably long. He was pawing at the floor. Pulling at the chains to get to Wicked. “Only I can go in there when he is like this.” Mistress Parkins announced. She stepped into the stable and took his member and his balls in her hands and displayed them to us. “Could she take this. It will not be a gentle fuck mind you. He will devastate her. He will drive it and drive it into her for at least fifteen minutes. The audience will go silent at the display. They have not seen him perform for years.” He was foaming at the mouth.

Wicked turned away and swished her ass temptingly in front of him. She splayed her legs and eased her dripping cunt from side to side; her hips rolled in a fucking motion.

“Well there is your answer.” I posed. There was a framed photo of Diablo fully erect and proud on the wall. “May I have that for motivation.” I asked Parkins. “ I want to constantly edge Wicked with that photo before her. She’ll be ready for him. Mistress Parkins bent her head down and kissed Diablo’s cock. “You will have that little filly to mount in two weeks my big boy. Angelo, he is not to cum until then. Keep parading hot mares before him for the whole time. Let Jennifer groom him and tell her to tantalize him unmercifully. I want the best show ever. Diablo will close the show. Let’s go and pick out two other stallions. I have some suggestions.”

We outfitted Wicked meticulously. The “Coach and Stable” would accept no payment. They wanted the show to top all extravaganzas and they would spare no expense. Master Gerald showed me the standard poses and the prancing steps. But told me that a great deal of latitude and individuality was acceptable unless there was pairs or teams involved. Wicked’s bridle work was all in black and red leather. They gave me plumes and corsets and boots and feeding bits and riding or fucking bits and multiple reigns to experiment with. I also had daily visits from Mistress Parkins, Angelo and of course Master Gerald.

They watched me fuck Wicked using various reigning techniques. Tight reigned, restraining reigned, a taste of free reigning but I had to be careful that she did not climax. I would have Wicked suck my cock in various feeding bits. I constantly edged her, bringing her over and again to the point of orgasm then stopping short. I used my cock, hand, a vibrator and dildo on her repeatedly. I would tongue her cunt often and had her to a hair-trigger horniness when the day arrived.

Now it was time to take my Wicked to the car. We would take the two hours to dress and groom her at the club. I was in quite a state of arousal myself as we drove….
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Wicked was on edge. Her ass throbbed and her pussy quivered as she waited for the groom to dress and decorate her body for her coming out party as a pony girl.

It had been two weeks since she was accepted into the stable, after agreeing to her husband's desire to see her outfitted and displayed as a pony girl. It all started with the butt plug horse tail that Liz had worn almost continuously ever since that first day. She felt used, certainly, and humiliated to be degraded in such a fashion in front of her husband. But as the days passed by, Liz had developed an almost continual sexual longing. She was in heat, filled with animal urges to fuck and be fucked.

"Wicked, my name is now Wicked," Liz thought as she listened to her husband, Tom, as well as three others from the Coach and Stable talk about her as if she wasn't even there.

Wicked was aroused when she was presented on all fours to Master Gerald. And, as he inspected her, casually rubbing her flanks, his hand lingering on her sex, she had almost been able to make herself cum. But Tom, the bastard, had warned Master Gerald of Wicked's sexual heat and he withdrew his caresses. But Wicked continued to fidget nervously as she endured listening to the plans they had for Wicked's training and debut.

The groom, Angelo, and Mistress Parkins chimed in with plan's for Wicked's coming out performance and Wicked became even more aroused. As she understood it, she would be obscenely displayed for the crowd, and used thoroughly by a variety of masters. Their descriptions of her being riden by each one had inflamed the new ponygirl. Her womanly cream streamed down her flanks.

At one point she was led to the stable area and was forced to suffer the indignity of being taunted by the fillies who were already in residence. Wicked was transfixed when the group finally arrived at the enclosure of a black stud named Diablo. Mistress Parkins was proud of her prize stud, and for good reason. Wicked was awed at the size of the magnificent and massive cock on Diablo. Her mouth watered and her pussy twitched at the sight of the black meat that hung between the stud's legs.

Wicked was ready to bolt towards Diablo when Mistress reached for Diablo's prize cock, lifting it gently and pointing it in her direction. Wicked wanted nothing more than to wrap her lips around the stud's cock and feel it fuck her upturned pussy.

“Could she take this?" Mistress asked Tom. "It will not be a gentle fuck mind you. He will devastate her. He will drive it and drive it into her for at least fifteen minutes."

"Yessssss!!!" Wicked wanted to scream. "I want to feel that horsecock inside me, pumping my pussy, devastating my cunt. He can stuff that cock inside me for as long as he wants as long as he rides me rough and uses me hard. You bet I can take that cock! And more like it! I'll cum all over myself as he probes my cunt. I don't care who's watching."

But Wicked wasn't allowed to speak and her assent to feeling Diablo's cock could only be given by nuzzling against her husband's leg.

"I guess that's your answer," he said.

Wicked was so turned on at the thought of being used in the horse ring that she playfully turned and presented her hindquarters to the clearly aroused Diablo. As Wicked thrust her ass in the air, she wriggled slowly, allowing her tail to sway back and forth, drawing attention to her dripping pussy.

The two weeks that had passed had been filled with training, constant grooming, and continuous arousal. Tom had posted a photo of Diablo with his cock at full erection in her stable cell. She had been completely shorn except for her flowing red hair. Her body had been treated twice a day with a variety of creams so that her skin was soft and smooth. Not allowed outside, Wicked's skin was a pale white, accented only by the pink of her nipples and of her pussy that was always on display. Not allowed to climax for two weeks, Wicked was as skittish as a sexual animal could be. The constant ache in her loins reminded her of her deep need for release. Angelo, her trainer, kept the sexual heat stoked as he stroked her body each day, always managing to finger her pussy just long enough to increase the flow of her pussy cream, but not long enough to achieve any satisfaction.

On the day of the show, Wicked was on all fours in the dressing area, secured by reins to a ring in the floors. She was nervous, but longed to begin her performance. She was eager to be decorated, knowing she would feel even more sluttish and lewd after she wore her leathers and whatever other markings her masters decided were appropriate.

Wicked pranced and paced on the floor as she waited for her transformation from loving wife to virgin pony girl.
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The club was in a state of nervous excitement from the moment we arrived. A wealth of grooms and attendants gathered about Willow, brushing her hair, inserting little tendril braids and grooming her tail exactingly. Her boots were polished to a mirror finish and her tits were arranged just so on top of her corset. Her nipples were given a hint of rouge. Her body was oiled and perfumed with consummate care. “My but she’s spectacular,” said a shy little groom who was gently running his hands over her lovingly.

Willow was anxious too: her flesh flickered and she nuzzled against me. I could not wait to show her off, then to watch her finally release the sexual tension, which I had built up over the last few weeks. The strains of the 1812 Overture began to play. That was our cue to enter the ring. The lighting and the pageantry were a bit of a shock but nothing so much as the size of the crowd, nor the eruption of applause as we entered.

I had Willow on a long lead and took her to the center of the stage and under a baby spot she dropped to one knee and raised her front hooves in a perfect salute to the spectators. A cheer and catcalls ensued, they loved her. I had her show her prance and her trot. She jumped some stiles and balanced on a circular prop. Eventually I reigned her in and turned her back to the audience. I flicked her tail over her back and had her stand with straight legs and her hands on the ground. Her cunt and ass were shown in their magnificent splendor. I tapped her with the crop to have her widen her stance. The crowd roared its approval. I took two fingers and spread her cunt lips.

“This little filly is constantly in heat. You may see even from where you sit that she is glistening wet. I have kept her aroused and wet for two weeks solid yet I have denied her any release. Haven’t I girl. I have kept her bound at night to keep her from brining herself to orgasm. And she is ready.” I stroked her dripping cunt for the crowd and Willow began undulating immediately. Searching for her release.

“We will begin tonight’s entertainment by giving a riding exhibition. Gerald the Stable Master has requested the first public ride.” Angelo came out and fitted Willow with Gerald’s preferred bridle. Gerald stepped into the ring and he wore jodhpurs with the front cut away like chaps and his cock erect and hungry bounced as he approached Willow. He stepped up to the front of her and used his prick to stroke Willows face. “Are you ready to cum my pretty?” he asked her. He stepped behind her and without hesitation her rammed his cock into her oozing twat. He pulled back on the reigns and fucked her fast and hard immediately. Willow would have cum right away if she had been able to move. He kept her restrained, however with the bridle. Then, he let up a little and she began to ride excitedly as he pounded into her. Yet, he reigned her back in as he continued to fuck frantically. He repeated the scenario. Letting her go and reeling her back in over and again. When he could not control his demanding cock any longer. He allowed Willow to ride freely and she took off thrusting and rolling, sucking his big cock into her pussy.

I saw Willow’s breathing pattern change and her whole body tighten and I knew she was ready to explode. She began spasming and contracting, cumming in wave after wave as she had never done before. He emptied himself inside her and their combined fluids ran down her thighs. The second rider came out as she was still being fucked by Gerald. He wore a cowboy outfit and also had his dick exposed and ready. The audience roared at the transition as Gerald fell back the cowboy slammed home his cock almost without skipping a beat. Willow was still pumping out her climax when the new cock began its assault. The cowboy gave her her head and allowed her to buck and twitch. He took the end of the bridle and began whipping Willow’s ass, from one side to the other and whooping encouragement. Willow’s ass reddened but she did not stop fucking deep wanton growls emanated from her throat. She rode herself into a more intense orgasm and he began to pump streams of his cum into her. He came for an inordinate amount of time till he finally fell back exhausted.

Willow was breathing heavily, her face and breast red and covered in sweat. She waved her pulsing pussy in the air waiting for more. She had never felt so ready to fuck. There was a tension in the air as everyone waited till finally a tall man dressed in a black riding suit entered. He eyed Willow and circled around her. Next he began to feel her body. Her firm breasts, her warm and welted ass, her pulsing cunt. Unlike the others his cock was still in his trousers. He stood in front of her and slowly unzipped his fly. Then he reached in a fished out his long, thick cock. He slapped Willow’s face with his dick and he reached over her and plopped out her butt plug. The crowd cheered its approval. He slowly moved to the back of Willow tweaking and pinching her flesh as he went. When he was behind her he spread her ass cheeks as wide as they would stretch, then inch by inch he inserted his huge cock into her ass. He forced Willow chest down on the floor and began to swish her back and ass with her own tail, which he held in his fist. Soon he was fucking her at full gallop. Yet, as he fucked he continued to thrash Willow with her own tail. Throughout the room you could hear the slapping of his balls against her pussy and the swish of her tail through the air. The crowd cheered wildly as the pair obviously reached orgasm together. His cum oozed and splatted everywhere. When he had been milked dry he popped out his cock and plopped Willow’s tail back in her ass….
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Liz had been in a state of nervous excitement for days. She had been worked hard, pampered continually and teased to a fever pitch. She had been physically restrained and sexually repressed for two weeks. Although Liz missed her husband, Tom, she hoped he appreciated the extreme pain she endured to become Willow, his pony girl.

As she was dressed for her debut, Liz reflected on how she had come to this particular point in her life. Her sexual tendencies always had favored pushing the boundaries with Tom. They had an active sex life and had tried every sort of kinky pleasure. It wasn't until Tom became more demanding, placing Liz in increasingly daring situations, that Liz became a more sexual being. The more he exposed her, the more he humiliated her, the more she subjugated herself to his obscene desires, the more explosive were Liz's orgasms. Although she still felt acute embarrassment and shame at times, her body usually responded by firing up her inner slut.

As Tom led her into the arena, Willow was shaking with desire. The horsetail butt plug had kept her insides on fire. The dull ache in her pussy served to remind her constantly of the animal desires that lie within.

As the crowd broke into applause at her entrance, Willow was determined to give them the best show she could. Despite the kinky equipment she wore and the embarrassment she felt, she pranced and trotted around the ring, performing flawlessly. She could see the pride in Dan's face as he put her through her paces.

Now that she was warmed up, Dan led Willow to the center of the ring where she stopped and knelt on one knee as she saluted the crowd with her arms. Willow then assumed natural riding position. She reached for the floor of the ring with her arms straight out and supported herself on all fours. Her legs were ramrod stiff, leaving her hindquarters perched high. Dan released her lead, moved behind his pony girl wife and raised the long red tail that trailed from her ass. He wiggled the tail slightly before laying it over her back. He inserted two fingers in her dripping pussy and fingering her firmly.

The audience burst into wild applause as the spotlight bathed Willow in the bright, hot light. Willow revelled in the adulation of the crowd, but felt completely vulnerable in the riding position. Her smooth, white body sparkled with a sheen of perspiration. Her breasts hung exotically beneath her. Her flawless soft skin likely would be marked before the night was over, but right now, it was perfectly soft and ready -- and hot to the touch.

“This little filly is constantly in heat," Dan announced to the crowd. "You may see even from where you sit that she is glistening wet. I have kept her aroused and wet for two weeks solid, yet I have denied her any release. Haven’t I girl? I have kept her bound at night to keep her from brining herself to orgasm. And she is ready.”

Willow responded by writhing and undulating from her husband's ministrations. She started to mildly buck against his hand as he continued to finger her. Willow could feel her desire rising.

When Dan introduced Gerald the stable master, Willow steeled herself for her first ride. Angelo fitted her with a special bridle and Gerald used his cock to caress Willow's face. The large, fully erect cock felt hot against her cheeks. Moving behind Willow, Gerald unceremoniously filled her pussy with his massive erection. Willow started to move wildly, bucking against her trainer, but Gerald reined her in, not allowing her to move as he pumped Willow's cunt frantically. Occasionally Willow was given her lead, which she used to buck and grind against Gerald's cock, but the stable master usually kept her on a short leash.

Willow was wide open to Gerald's rear attack. Having been denied for so long, the feel of a hard cock buried in her cunt was heavenly. She knew she would explode into orgasm at any moment. Gerald sensed it too, reining her in tightly as he pumped her pussy relentlessly. Willow grunted and moaned, to the delight of the crowd, as Gerald pummeled her. Soon, she convulsed mightily around the stable master's cock as he exploded deep inside her, filling her pussy with a massive amount of sperm. When he pulled out, their combined juices dribbled from Willow's cunt, slidng obscenely down her thighs.

Willow kept her wide open, vulnerable stance as the cowboy entered the ring. Her body heaved and she gasped audibly as her orgasm subsided. Without any niceties or preliminary gentleness, the cowboy began to ride her roughly, almost as if he were trying to tame a bucking bronco. And buck Willow did. The fierceness of the cowboy's attack was met with an equally forceful reaction from Willow. She bucked and jumped and writhed mightily as if trying to throw the cowboy rider. But he was not to be denied. He even used a riding crop to whip the pony girl as if daring her to buck more forcefully. The combination of being whipped and fucked roughly from behind was too much for Willow as she stiffened and exploded into another intense orgasm. The cowboy rode her now compliant body, shooting jets of cum into the tamed ponygirl's pussy. Willow had been broken.

The audience exploded into applause again, awed by the cowboy's performance and dazzled by Willow's ability to handle her riders. Willow was dazed, still coming down from the climax that spilled even more juices down her legs. Willow held her position, her body red and sore, her pussy pulsing and dripping as it was exposed to the crowd. She wriggled her ass sexily as if giving a signal that she wanted to be ridden again.

Willow didn't have to wait long. A tall man in black entered the ring. He looked like a real badass. He casually walked over to the wanton and wet Willow, pulling out his large cock and slapping her repeatedly with it. As the tall man smacked her face roughly, he reached over her and removed the horse tail butt plug. It made a loud noise as it plopped from her hole, causing the audience to gasp.

The tall man then circled Willow, making a grand show for the crowd of smacking her body, pinching her sides, milking her hanging tits and poking her roughly as he took his place behind the pony girl wife. Without hesitation, the tall man slapped her ass smartly, leaving a perfectly shaped red handprint on her asscheek.

Willow jumped forward from the abuse and when she straightend up, the tall man buried his stiff cock in her upturned ass. Willow gasped audibly and her eyes widened in surprise as her ass was being roughly fucked by the brutal man in black. His thrusts were so powerful Will was forced to the floor of the arena, her face and shoulders pushed to the ground, leaving her even more exposed.

The tall man never let up, however, thrusting wildly into the well-used filly and repeatedly whipping her with the horsetail that once hung from her ass. Willow had never been so filled up in her life, and never so fulfilled. The abusive pounding was degrading. She wasn't being ridden so much as she was being mastered. Willow's body was limp against the forceful thrusts as the man in black used her asshole as his own personal fuck toy.

Despite the degradation, however, Willow felt her body respond. Unable to move away from the violent assfuck, she willed herself to another realm, focusing only on the extreme sexual release she could feel coming on. As the whipping continued, Willow grabbed onto the punishment and transformed it into a path to sexual release. She thought of her husband witnessing her public exposure and humiliation and hoped he received pleasure from her use. The thought of Dan watching her debasement finally did it for Willow. From the depths of her cunt she could feel the fire in her pussy. She began to convulse in a seemingly neverending climax, cumming over and over again in spurts that splashed on the tall man's boots. He, too, reached a climax and filled Willow's cunt with his cum. It felt hot in her ass as he filled her up. Stepping away, he took the horsetail and roughly shoved it back into Willow's well-used asshole, plugging her up and keeping his sperm from escaping.

To the applause and cheers of the crowd, Willow remained virtually motionless. Her body was heaving from the extreme exertions of being assfucked by the man in black. Sweat streamed over her body, dripping from her tits. With her head still buried on the floor and her ass still perched high, she lay there drained. Her ass slowly writhed, causing the horsetail to sway back and forth to the crowd, almost as if in surrender to her sexual use. Willow was sated.

She opened her eyes long enough to see her husband approach. He was grinning ear to ear.
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