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Untitled sci/fi erotica

Here are some ideas we've been cooking up in the Story Ideas forum in the Science Fiction Ideas thread:

Sex with giants with forbidden mixed races.
Impregnation by forced artificial insemination.
Living starship (possibly silicon based) with egg engines and sperm fule.
Genetically engineered male slaves (hive workers) with female clone doms (drones), and queen (breeder of super mutants).
Sexy robots and androids thrown in the story with some kind of sexual hypnotic mechanism.

Planet of creatures divided into class, must marry high class.
Can lead into forbidden mixed races and cloned women.

A spinoff of GratefulFred's story is too complex for sexual roll play.
The idea of stopping time for sexual gratification, is too easy for an SRP.
J.Q Hack has a good premise, but it lacks substance and is overdone.
Sexy female robots thrown in story.

Planet of gay and bi rich males with few females (working class females revolt and create underground factions for spying, sabotage, and hostage situations).
Sorry SEVERUSMAX, I think this is a better take on your idea.
Powerful women of unknown origin.

SEVERUSMAX, I don't see these slavery ideas meshing very well with our own in the game.
Shendude's ideas, I don't feel like reading them all.
Finally we have the main idea of a space sex club and disks must be used to have sex.

Rules For Residents
No Torture Or Beating.
No Children On Premises (human infants not allowed on moon).
No Physical Violence (verbal violence not allowed on premises).
Physical Penetration May Not Take Place Under Any Circumstance.
A Brain Exchange Between Species Must Be Consented.
Artificial Insemination Must Be Performed By A Licensed Doctor With Club Supervision.

Rules For Visitors
Guests May Request Rape By Club Dominatrix Or Club Sexperts.
Touching And Fondling Genitals Without Consent, And Public Masturbation Is Encouraged By Club Owner (if protested must stop immediately).
Resident/Non Resident Intercourse Or Group Sex May Not Take Place Without Mutual Agreement.
No Interspecies Conception May Take Place Without Being Disked (must not be with stranger).
Third Party Of Opposite Gender Must Be Present At Brain Exchange Of Same Gender.
If Creature Is Genderless, Brain Exchange Must Also Be With Mono Gender (genderless family members may be without disks).
No Double Gender Creature Is Allowed In This Sector.

I just realized, a brain implies it has matter, where as a mind is just thought, so change Brain Exchange to Mind Exchange.
A mind exchange is strictly for procreation, where as everything else is not.
It is an intimate act done between family members or a committed sex slave/master or mistress relationship.
Being disked is similar to wearing a condom (mini disk slipped in slot of earpiece in headset).
Many disks are illegally faked and can cause severe brain injury from getting too much brain energy at once.
You must have a disk in your possession to enter the club.

Post your gender, and a description of looks (includes color), shape, size, and personality.
Optionally, a small bit of your history can be told, but don't reveal too much.

I think sensualpilgrim should start this off unless said otherwise.

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