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Writers: Please Read

Hello, and welcome to the Story & Poetry Feedback section. The writers and readers who frequent this area would love to give you comments, praises, and suggestions on your work. Here are a few things you can do ensure that you receive the maximum feedback:

1) Include your author name, the name of the story, and the category to which it belongs.

2) Include a link to the work. To get the link, go to the story in your browser, and copy out the information in the 'Address' field of your browser (it will read something like http://www.literotica.com/stories/showstory.php...). Paste this link into your post. This will enable BB readers to find your story in one easy click rather than scouring our index, and will increase the amount of responses you receive in this forum.

3) Give feedback to other writers. The more you respond to other writers, the more likely they are to respond to you.

4) Respond to written feedback from readers. Readers who receive a response from writers to whom they send feedback will be much more likely to send more feedback in the future. Readers are your audience! Treat them with respect and appreciation, and they will return the favor.

Thanks so much for your contributions, and let me know if you have any comments or questions!

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Considering some of the recent threads, I've decided to add a few more rules for the Story Feedback Section:

1) The Story Feedback section is only for the stories/snippets which are posted on Literotica.

Please DO NOT advertise stories/snippets which are published elsewhere. Spamming the Forum with such requests can have your account banned. Such posts/threads will taken down.

2) The sample size of your story/snippet should not exceed three paragraphs or 100 words, whichever is convenient to the OP. Please note the following things while posting a thread requesting a feedback for your story/snippet:

-DO NOT post the entire story/story idea on the thread.

-DO NOT post snippets containing material that violate Literotica rules such as excessive violence, abuse of character, snuff and sexual activities involving under-age persons.

3) Users are free to discuss the merits/demerits of any story on the relevant thread, but are requested to refrain from posting off-topic comments and hijacking threads for personal flame wars. Such posts will be removed and placed in an appropriate section of Literotica Forums under a new thread.

4) In case of any spam threads/threads that violate Literotica guidelines, please DO NOT post in that thread and report it immediately. The Moderator will take appropriate actions as necessary.

The Story Feedback section is meant for requesting guided feedback on story/snippets that are meant for this website. Please cooperate to make this place clutter free and easy to use.

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