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Mom Asks Son To Impregnate Her

I'm an average looking 30-year-old guy & my mom is a well-preserved hot-wife. Mom & Dad have been "in the lifestyle" for years, though, it's always been safe-play {Condoms are absolutely required,} up untill now.

Mom & Dad have been sexually-experimenting {in example, "playing" on camcorder or webcam as they sit & chat online together with other singles or couples together,} & now Dad's suggesting "creampie" play...specifically intentional pregnancy-risk encounters, & Mom's a tad reluctant. However, Dad gets her tipsy & horny... suggesting that they get someone they know {& looks like the both of them,} to play with her "sans-birth control"...Me.

Mom's scared-as-hell but excited at the idea of having condom-free sex with as good guy that she knows will be there for her & any children brought into the world on those special nights / weekend afternoons.

Bringing home her sperm-saturated panties to an equally scared & excited husband....both of them wondering if she's in the family way again.

The two of them sitting together cuddling over a candle-lite dinner-for-two, suddenly Mom slinks off to the bathroom to run her cum-soaked panties down her legs & out from under her thigh-length skirt. She puts them in a special gift bag for Dad.

With just a look, their eye contact speaks volumes.



Jason K.S. Hauck


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