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Lauren Hynde
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Arrow 2006 Survivor Literotica Contest: Rules and Registration

Official 2006 Survivor Literotica Contest Rules

Entering the Contest
  • You may enter the contest any time before Midnight Pacific Standard Time on December 29, 2006.
  • You may officially enter by pressing "Post Reply" in this thread and giving notice of your intention to participate. You will be notified via Private Message (PM) once your scoring thread has been created, and you may begin tracking your scores immediately after. In order to enter the contest, you must have Private Messaging enabled in your User CP.
  • You must enter the contest in order to be eligible for prizes.

  • Open to all persons over the age of 18, where legal.
  • Entrants found infringing copyright or cheating will be automatically disqualified.
  • Literotica reserves the right to disqualify entrants for cause at any time without notice.

  • To write as many new and original stories in as many different categories listed on the main story index in the course of the year as possible.

Winning the Contest
  • The participant with the most points wins!
  • Ties will break in favour of:
    1. the participant with more categories with at least one submission or immunity;
    2. the participant with more categories with at least 10 submissions;
    3. the participant with more submissions entered in the contest.
  • Winners to be announced shortly after 1/5/2007
Top Survivor...............$500
2nd Place Survivor.........$250
3rd Place Survivor.........$200
4th Place Survivor.........$150
5th Place Survivor.........$100
6th-15th Place Survivors...$25 Amazon.com gift certificate

  • First story posted in each category: 3 points
  • Each successive story posted in each category: 1 point
  • There is no limit for additional stories eligible to receive points.
  • First poem posted in each category: 3 points
  • Each successive poem in each category: 1 point
  • There is a cap of 10 poems per poetry category eligible to earn points.
  • For 10 categories filled: 5 points
  • For 20 categories filled: 10 points
  • For 30 categories filled: 15 points
  • For all categories filled: 30 points
  • For 10 stories in one category (each category eligible for one bonus): 5 points
  • Weekly immunity: 2 points
Your ScoreCard
  • All entrants will have a ScoreCard thread created in the Survivor contest forum for the purposes of tracking scores upon entering.
  • Official ScoreCard Threads will be the basis for judging the winners of the contest.
  • See the rules concerning Scoring below.


Stories and Poems
  1. Stories and poems must be accepted and posted at Literotica.
  2. Literotica reserves the right to reject a submission at any time. Entrance in the contest does not guarantee publication.
  3. Literotica reserves the right to change the category under which a submission is entered, if it is judged not to correspond to the characteristics of that category.
  4. Only stories and poems with posting dates on or between 1/2/2006 and 1/1/2007 are eligible for the contest.
  5. Contest entries submitted after 12/20/2006 must be clearly marked SURVIVOR CONTEST in the notes field for the editor. Failure to comply may result in stories not being posted in time for the contest.
  6. Multipart stories are posted one a day by Literotica rules. If you wish all parts to be entered into the contest, please make sure that you submit them to the site early enough for Literotica to publish them by 1/1/2007.
  7. Stories and poems used for points in 2005 may not be used for points in 2006. Stories and poems that win or are entered in other Literotica contests are eligible for points in Survivor.
  8. Each story or poem must be original work from the entrant for points to be awarded. Stories and poems that had already been posted at Literotica.com, as well as translated, illustrated, narrated, transcribed or templated versions of submissions already entered in the contest are not eligible for points.

  9. Audio stories and poems: All audio stories must be 750 words or more to be eligible for the contest. There is no minimum length for poetry submissions. The accompanying text must be an accurate transcript of the submitted audio, and must be posted in the Text With Audio or Poetry With Audio categories as applicable. See Audio Story FAQ for information on submitting work.

  10. Illustrated stories and poems: All illustrated stories must be 750 words or more to be eligible for the contest. There is no minimum length for poetry submissions. All submissions, including the illustrations, must be original work of the entrant, i.e. photographs taken, or drawings or paintings created by the entrant. The use of royalty-free and/or public domain images will make a submission ineligible for points. The use of the same illustration in more than one submission will render all said submissions after the first ineligible for points. See Illustrated Story FAQ for information on submitting work.

  11. Non-English stories and poems: Submissions in all languages are eligible for the contest and must be posted in the corresponding categories as applicable. There will not be a specific non-English category in the scoreboards. All submissions must be original work of the entrant, and subsequent translations in any language are not eligible for points.

  12. Chain Stories must comply with Literotica guidelines. See Chain Story FAQ for more information.
  13. If a new category is created in the course of the year, it will be added to the contest.
  1. Immunity points are awarded on a weekly basis.
  2. There is no requirement to participate in Immunities. An entrant may forego all Immunity activity.
  3. Immunities must be posted in an official immunity thread. Posts in any other threads will not be eligible for points.
  4. Immunities are won based on the weekly Wednesday Lottery available here: http://lottery.merseyworld.com/
  5. Entrants can select a single number between 1 and 49. The selected number must be posted by the entrant prior to 7:30 PM GMT on Wednesday for the number to be consider for that day's draw. That is 7:30 PM in London on Wednesday. For the timezone illiterate: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html
  6. Immunity will be awarded if entrant's guess matches any one of the winning numbers or the bonus ball listed at the top of the page at http://lottery.merseyworld.com/
  7. Immunity points must be used by 7:30 PM GMT on the following Wednesday.
  8. Immunity points are only available for use in a category that has not been filled by a story or poem. For example, if you do not want to write an Incest/Taboo story, use your immunity in that category.
  9. Immunities will disqualify any future story from that category. Once the immunity is posted, that category is closed to submissions.
  10. If you've won an immunity, the first thing to do is make a post in the official immunity thread corresponding to that month (and only that thread) that you've won an immunity and which category you will use it for. This is the only way you will earn the immunity.
  11. Do not edit the post after 7:30 PM GMT on Wednesday. If you do so, your immunity will be invalidated. This post is the only way we have to verify the immunity and the category you choose.
  12. When an immunity is scored in your ScoreCard, please list the date the immunity was won and the category it fills. For example, if you win an immunity on the fourth of January, please list it: Immunity 1/4/2006.
  13. At the end of the year, all immunities claimed will be considered valid, as long as there are two categories filled with regular submissions for each immunity. e.g.: If a contestant has 7 immunities won, but has only regular submissions in 12 different categories, only the first 6 immunities will be considered valid.
  1. Stories must be published at Literotica in order to earn points. Stories that are pending review or in submission do not count for points in the contest.
  2. Each contestant will have his or her own ScoreCard thread to keep track of scoring.
  3. Entrants must track immunities as soon as they elect to use their immunity.
  4. It is the entrant's responsibility to accurately track story scores, immunities, and bonus points.
  5. Entrants are encouraged, but not required, to track their points regularly and maintain their ScoreCards updated at the end of each month.
  6. If an entrant wishes to, he or she may notify the moderator via PM to update the scoreboard thread whenever his or her scores have been updated.
  7. Entrants have until midnight Pacific Standard Time on 1/4/2007 to make any changes to their ScoreCards. Winners will be announced on or shortly after 1/5/2007.
  8. Scoring is subject to random checks by the moderator without notice for purposes of quality control.
  1. All entrants will be responsible for tracking their own progress through the Contest.
  2. Entrants and winners retain copyright to all works submitted.
  3. Sections 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 of Official Monthly Contest Rules apply.
  4. Plagiarism or cheating will result in expulsion from the Contest and potentially other actions taken by Literotica.
  5. Rules are subject to change without notice.
  6. Questions should be directed to the moderators: Lauren Hynde or Svenskaflicka. You may privately contact the moderator at any time by pressing the PM button beneath any of her posts.
  7. Questions may be directed to the webmaster at contests@literotica.com. Questions may be referred to the moderators.
  8. This contest is sponsored by Literotica.com. Literotica.com claims no liability in the administration of this contest.

Please do not request immunity numbers in this thread. They will not count. All immunities must be dealt with in official immunity threads. Thanks!

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sophia jane
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Wow. I'm first to sign up.

I'm in. Again.

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Alabama Slammer
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I won't win this year, either, but I'm in.
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I'm up for it!!
good luck all!
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Originally Posted by LuciousBi-Writes4U
I'm up for it!!
good luck all!

Me too. Might as well continue to give it a shot.

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I'm in. Please hook me up with a scorecard when 2005's done.

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I Think I Can!

Sign me up. I'll give it a go.


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Back, at least for now?
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Count me in

I'm going to improve on my score!
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I'm in too!

I'll play again as well.

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count me in!
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Count me in!

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I would like to enter this contest.


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the quiet one
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Wish me luck. i'm trying this year.
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whoo hoo

Count me in

Old 01-03-2006, 03:57 AM   #15
Posts: n/a
I'm in.

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Count me in!!!!

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chances are i won't do as well, but what the hell... let's go for it =D should be fun.

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A fresh start.... sounds good

Count me in, please. Happy New Year to everyone!

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Ok, I'm in, why not?
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I haven't entirely decided if I want to do this again this year or not, but I am going to go ahead and sign up so I can have immunities at my disposal (since I know there are cats I'm not touching this year) just in case.

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Out of force of habit, I will enter again, but I don't expect to do as well this year as I did in 2005.
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I'd like to sign up again please.
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Me too

I am in again for 2006. Hopefully I can improve upon my score!
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I'm in.
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me too.
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