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Best Bro/sis Incest Stories

1. Trained by my sister by Anon

2. Corrupting the Golden Boy By Jessy19

I'll tell you for why. 'Trained' is pure and simple 2 people who have no emotional attachments as Bros/sis and only led to sex from a sex education lesson by big sis. They didn't want to go further.
'Golden' was good because the brother was revolted with doing it with his sister, and she only did it to get back at him by blackmailing him.

You see, I have big trouble imagining real Bros/sis relationships when these people grew up with seeing each others snot and and tantrums, getting hot for each other. Most incest stories of this type have these people seeing their siblings in another light all of a sudden. I don't think that could happen. I agree with other posts that you have to write strong sexual tension between the siblings and then at the final moment they collapse in sex after avoiding it for ever.

What do others think?
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Originally Posted by jackolover
What do others think?
There was an author named DayDreamer years ago who put out a lot of incest stories. Most were excellently written. He wrote one brother/sister story titled Lennie's First Date which, while having some cliches like the brother ejaculating copious amounts of semen time after time, was very well written. Then a few years later, a butchered version appeared online by someone claiming to be DayDreamer.

If you come across the story, don't read the one where the date ends abruptly when the siblings stop at the gas station, and she returns to the truck all quiet and somber--that's the fake version and it's crap. Read the one where she stays horny and as soon as they get home from a drive-in playing adult movies, they start going at it.

It's not siblings, but another good DayDreamer story is Cousins.

Not into real incest, but some stories about it are damn hot.
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Try mine

It's different.
I have a good reason why they are suddenly attracted to each other, a plausable event that triggers their attraction and horniness toward each other and other people.

Check out ch.1 and maybe 2, and if you don't like it, I'll give you yourmoney back!

Summer Of Discovery - see link below.
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I donít have a best incest story per se. But ones I like to read are, when they find out that it was incest afterwards. I would like to see a story that follows up on the aftermath of the couple finding out dose the affair continue and so on, if it doesnít what happens next
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[quote=jackolover]1. Trained by my sister by Anon

2. Corrupting the Golden Boy By Jessy19

3. Chicken by Anon

I have added my 3rd best story too and now I have links.

Chicken was a favorite because it was a 'Dare' contest between 2 sets of siblings who fucked their respective sisters but tried not to cum. Unfortunately, there had to be a winner and one girl gets pregnant to her brother.

Still no takers on other favorites?
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twisted tales of incest

I enjoy reading about accidental, drugged or mind control and forced incest...and the psychological play of it. Since it is so weird. Usually family members are very protective of each other, so to put them in a position where they are "taking advantage" of each other sexually is very erotic and tense. I also like to make the line between incest...cloudy.

The most twisted one I have done is called "Daughter of Frankenstiens Revenge" in which a doctor gets revenge on his wifes rape and murder by turning one of the two rapsists (their brothers) into a female. I thought I would get a lot of feedback on that story but surprisingly no. Either too twisted or not incestual enough?

In "Changing Reflections" it's a story about a girl who has the abilty to change into anyone she touches. Her brother fucks her thinking it's his girlfriend...incest? He then finds out about her ability and fucks her but only as other girls...incest?

"home of the fighting cocks" is accidential incest and revenge through incest.

I think I posted the link correctly to my storie page. Please check it out and send me some feedback. Be warned...I am not a professional writer...there are some small editing mistakes...but I think I have one hellava imagination.
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Sweet Bliss
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Lightbulb Re: Best Bro/sis Incest Stories

Originally Posted by jackolover
1. Trained by my sister by Anon

2. Corrupting the Golden Boy By Jessy19

I'll tell you for why.
You may like the Story Discussion Circle or even the Story Feedback boards.
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new bro-sis story

I just had my new story posted. Accidental incest with brother and sister. Please provide feedback. I like the way the story stands by itself...without chaptering it to death.

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Hey someone actually enjoyed "Corrupting the Golden boy?" Wow I'm flattered!
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Stories by me:

My latest incest story: Landon Loves Stephanie

Jessy's Stories
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map of time
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christ i could not imagine fucking my sister. that would be appaling.
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Barry C
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Me Either, Thats just wrong

But reading the stories I see as voyueristic watching something Taboo someone else is doing and because of that forbidden fruit aspect makes some stories more exciting than if written about just two friends and that goes for not just incest but things like with teachers and stuff. Not that any of my family or teachers could get a rise out of me
Just Maybe
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As a true incest survivor it does kind of just happen. When you are growing up and start feeling a certain way you notice the people around you. When my older brother first started experimenting sexually, I was his victim
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From a fictional point of view, because r/l is, in my opinion, a completly different concept, it's all in the taste of the reader.
I've had feedback regarding a family 3sum where the reader prefers 'his incest', and I'm assuming he means fictional! - to be Daddy/Daughter. Another guy I wrote for wanted it to be his mother, and was also interested in the idea of Teacher/Pupil.
Many and varied tastes out there.
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Originally Posted by map of time
christ i could not imagine fucking my sister. that would be appaling.
my sister leaves me the same way.....

and that carries over into my taste in stories. A really hot bro/sis story works , not because of the incest , but in spite of it, for me.
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

my previous perversions are still at:


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