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Smile Leaving the Party

Leaving the party
We were at a party and we were getting ready to leave. I went to the bedroom down the hall to get our coats. You followed me in to the bedroom where all of the party guests coats were and turned off the lights ... and you started kissing me in the darkness.

Feeling a bit naughty, you pushed me down on the bed. You had that mischievous look in your eyes. I instantly knew what you wanted. You unbuckled my pants and pulled them down, leaving my pants and underwear on only one leg. I was getting hard at the thought of you giving me head and the danger of getting caught. I love it when you give me head and how you make me feel.

The room was faintly lit by the light that was on down the hall. It was so sexy to see you smile knowingly... to see you raise your eyebrow as if to ask the question "Do you want this?" I nodded yes breathlessly. You began to kiss & stroke my thighs, sending me places only you take me. After several minutes of kissing, licking and sucking on my thighs, I whispered to you to "take me already!"

You kissed the head of my cock and swirled your tongue around it, all while looking into my eyes. I know you love giving me head as much as I enjoy it when you give it to me. You know I will do anything you want if my reward is you giving me head. You close your eyes as you take me deep into your mouth... we know time isn't on our side and more than likely we'll be discovered if we don't finish soon. I close my eyes as your warmth radiates through me and I shut out the rest of the world.
I love the feeling of you taking me deep in your mouth and sliding out when you tighten your lips around me... it feels so good baby!

While I have my eyes closed, you notice a man peeking in the bedroom and watching you giving me head.

You notice he is the same man you saw looking at me throughout the night at the party and he is intensely watching you give me head. He watches you take me into your mouth and sees my big, hard, wet cock the shines with your saliva and my precum. You hold your finger over your lips to tell him to not make a sound... and you blow on my cock... you know that makes me crazy... You tell me to keep my eyes closed and just enjoy the feelings your giving me. No need for anything else...

Because he was looking at me all night at the party, you guess he's bi or gay... and point my cock at him as if to offer it to him. He smiles and slowly and quietly walks into the room. I'm oblivious to his presence. Still holding my cock, you begin to give me head again while he is crouched down next to you, intensely watching my cock sliding in and out of your mouth. You love that he is watching you suck me off and that he also is hot to take my cock into his mouth.

You give me to him... While holding my cock... you point it at his mouth and tell me if I still want my cock sucked, I must keep my eyes closed. I agree and shut my eyes even tighter because I love the feeling you're giving me. He moves close in between my spread legs as I lay on the bed and takes his first lick of me. I tell you "You know I love it when you take slow, long licks of my cock baby! Don't stop. Suck my cock. Please!" You say "Ok" with a grin on your face and the man lowers his mouth and takes me all of the way in.... and then back up.... then down... swirls his tongue all over me and I moan... "Baby! I love that! You must have learned something new from those stories on Lit! Whatever it is, don't stop! That's amazing!

He keeps going, giving me head while you watch from his side... You see my shaft disappear into his mouth over and over, deeper and deeper... hard and wet... faster and faster... You know I'm getting ready to cum from my sounds you're familiar with. You tap him on the shoulder and motion "1 second." You come up to me and kiss me on my mouth... you know I love to taste myself and you push your tongue into my mouth. I can taste myself. "Mmmmmm... that's good," I say.

You keep kissing me and I love our passionate kisses, but I am aching to feel you mouth on me again. Breathlessly I say "Please, keep sucking my cock. I don't know what you're doing differently, but I love it. Please don't stop! I wanna cum so bad!" You tell me I must close my eyes if I want you to suck my cock again... and make me cum. So, I close my eyes and I am waiting for the warm, wet feeling to once again radiate through out me as you give me head.

I feel you kiss your way down my chest, then my stomach. You shift on the bed and then start to tease me all over again. Licks and kisses here, there and everywhere! Finally you ask me if I am ready to cum; to have you suck me off sooooo gooood. You ask me if I am ready to explode. "Yes!", I whisper loudly. "Please! Please do what you were doing before!" You ask me if I liked it. "No, I tell you. I loved it!"

I feel your mouth engulf my hard cock once again. It feels so good the way you curl your tongue as my shaft slides in and out of your mouth... Your lips & cheeks sucking hard on my wet, hard cock. Then, you take me into your throat a few times. I think to myself "What's gotten into her? She doesn't do that to me. Maybe she just excited about the prospect of getting caught? Who cares! Don't stop! I love it!"

"Do you love that baby? Do you love that cock sucking you're getting?" I am breathing hard and fast... and getting closer to coming. It feels incredible. "Please! More! Suck me! Suck my cock! Faster!" The pace quickens and I feel my cock get harder and I know I'm about to cum and you know it...

You move up next to me and kiss me... all while I am still getting sucked off... It doesn't compute... You're looking me in the eyes and you smile big... and ask me if I am ready to cum. How bad do I want to cum? "Please!" I beg you... You lift off of me and let me see the man who was looking at me all night at the party... he's giving me head. "Oh my God! A man is sucking my cock! I can do nothing except watch him take me into his mouth and feel the pleasure he's bringing me. I watch in disbelief as my wet, hard shaft slides into and out of his mouth. I look to you and you're smiling and I can see in your eyes that you love the show being put on before you. Your hands are in your panties. I look back to him and he's moving faster and faster up and down, up and down, up and down on my cock. If feels so good that I don't care that it's a man giving me head... I just want to come... he rubs his tongue over the head of my cock at just the right time and I explode into his mouth... and again I shoot more cum... I'm exploding into a man's mouth! Ugh! It feels so good! Ugh!Ugh! Ugh! Yea! Ugh! I hear you cuming too... we always love cuming together...

As I start to relax after having a man suck my cock and make me cum for the first time ever, you come up to me and kiss me. "Did you like that baby? I think it was so hot to watch that man suck your cock and see the pleasure in your face as he was giving you some of the best head in your life. So?"

"I can't believe I let a man do that to me!" "

"It's just a mouth baby. It's just pleasure. You loved it didn't you? I know you did! I sure did! That was soooo hot baby! It's always been a fantasy of mine... to see you get sucked off or suck another guy off. You came so hard.... you were shaking!"

You turn to say something to him and he's gone... we dress and get our coats to leave. The hostess wishes us a good evening and kisses you goodnight, then leans into me and whispers "That was so fucking hot! I loved that you let a guy suck your cock and that he made you cum in his mouth! We'll invite you to our next party! You can count on it!" I look at her with eyes of surprise and she nods her head and whispers "Yep! I saw! I peeked in and watched the action. Very hot!"

As we get into the car you ask me why I let him keep going once I realized a man was sucking my cock. "It felt so good... I just didn't want to stop."

" Would you do it again? Yes, I answer.

"Hmmm...Would you suck a guy off?" she asks

"Does the thought of me giving head turn you on?"

"Yes...I would love nothing more than to watch you let a man slide his cock in your mouth and watch you wrap your lips around it and fully enjoy it."

"Anything for you, Love."
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Not what I was expecting at all - and so very hot
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Very hot DS! Thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by sassylilthang View Post
I agree Piggy, which is why mine is always working!

Well given the way your mind works IKd love to get ahold of your body

Also, my latest story "My First Time Bi" has been posted. I don't have anything else in the works right now so it may be a few weeks or months if I get busy before I have anything new to post. Please vote and feedback is always appreciated.

Last edited by HerLittlePiggy : 08-16-2011 at 01:44 PM.
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Originally Posted by HerLittlePiggy View Post
Well given the way your mind works IKd love to get ahold of your body

Also, my latest story "My First Time Bi" has been posted. I don't have anything else in the works right now so it may be a few weeks or months if I get busy before I have anything new to post. Please vote and feedback is always appreciated.
I,m sure as always it will be great. I don,t post very often but in your case I need to say thanks for the great stories and the enjoyment they bring..
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By the way, Piggy - thanks for "Coming to Terms". It is the fantasy I hope to live out this evening.

My first time.

BDSM Test Results
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Here's a link to a great story!

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I read that last night. Good story. I hope the rest of it is that good.
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Originally Posted by clearshooter View Post
great story indeed. my cock is pointing at the ceiling.... waiting for chapter 2.
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FYI I have a new story up and another that should be up shortly. Of the two I like the one not yet posted. It is titled Banged by the bartender.

Enjoy and as always Feedback is appreciated.
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This will not be posted to the stories on the site. I hope you like it.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax as I lay face down on the massage table with only a sheet covering my bare naked ass. The masseuse's strong hands felt amazing as he kneaded my tired flesh but my mind reeled as I struggled with the strange primal desires dancing within me. I had never in my life entertained a gay thought but his hands felt so good and erotic on my bare skin that I found myself wondering what it would be like to touch his naked body.

The relaxing music and scented candles in the dimly lit room added to the strangely sexual atmosphere and I could feel my dick swell with excitement. My body tensed as he stood by my head and leaned over me. His hands moved down toward my sheet covered ass and the proximity of his manhood to my head was not lost on my lust filled mind.

I hadn't planned on getting a massage from a man and I had never done so before. My appointment at the salon had been with Dani, a pretty brunette who usually took care of my stress and back pain. Dani was a complete professional and gave a great Swedish massage but she had called out sick and Hank was the only masseuse available. I needed someone to work out the kinks in my back and neck so I agreed to keep my appointment.

Hank was a clean cut, good looking guy in his mid to late 30's with salt and pepper hair and a fit athletic body. He wore a wedding ring and appeared to be a straight family man so I had no idea what the impetus for my odd and totally uncharacteristic fantasies was but my fully erect cock was pinned between my body and the massage table as he started rubbing my feet and legs.

Hank's hands felt wonderful and I let out several sighs and low moans as he expertly worked my feet. My body was relaxed yet paradoxically excited and I was confused about what my homoerotic thoughts meant about my sexuality. I was recently divorced and it had been over a month since I had been with a woman but I had never been attracted to a man and I considered myself totally straight. I had always been attracted to women of all shapes and sizes but there was no denying the feelings I felt as his hands moved up my legs to the extremely sensitive skin of my upper thighs.

His strong hands slid up my legs toward my hidden but very hard dick and I held my breath. I wanted him to continue his journey and touch my ass. I had to stifle a moan of disappointment when he stopped less than an inch from my smooth, shaved nut sack. His hands moved down my left leg and he repeated the agonizingly exciting process on my right leg before moving around my body and standing by my head.

"You can turn over," he whispered into my ear in a deep baritone. His words sent a shiver through my body as his warm breath tickled my ear. I knew my excitement would be revealed if I turned over but I had no choice.

I inhaled deeply and slowly turned onto my back. My hard dick made a prominent tent in the sheet as my cheeks flushed crimson with embarrassment.

"Sorry," I stammered as I peaked at him through squinted eyes. I could see a smile on his face and it made me feel much more at ease than I had been when I first rolled onto my back.

"That's perfectly fine," he said in a soft soothing tone, "it happens all the time. I am used to it and in fact I take it as a compliment."

His soft soothing voice quelled my fears but their was a hint of interest in his tone and my dick did not soften as I lay exposed on the massage table.

Hank put his strong, yet soft hands on my head and started massaging my scalp and face. His fingers rubbed my temples and then slid across my forehead, down my nose and cheeks to my neck and then down my torso toward the tented sheet. It was as if he was trying to move the stress from my head down to my pelvis and it was working.

My mind was spinning and my body tensed in anticipation of contact with my engorged dick each time his hands approached my swollen member. Just like before, the proximity of his manhood to my naked body was oddly exciting and I wondered what it would be like to touch it. I could smell the faint scent of cologne as he leaned over my head and I inhaled deeply drawing the fresh scent into my lungs.

Hank moved around to my side and began massaging my left arm. He held it outstretched and brushed it against his dick. At first I thought the contact was accidental but he repeated it several times. My eyes opened after the third time and he looked at me and smiled. Until that moment I had been engaged in an internal struggle with the uncomfortable desires I was feeling but the idea that I might do the things I was thinking about was not a realistic possibility.

Hank left my hand on his obviously hard cock and slid his hands under the sheet. He touched my painfully hard dick and squeezed it gently with one hand while the other gently massaged my balls.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the intimate contact between Hank's slippery hands and my hard dick. My fingers fumbled with the snap and zipper of his pants and ultimately freed his hard cock from their tight confines. I pushed his pants and boxers down exposing his big hard cock to my trembling hand. The confusion I had felt earlier disappeared the moment my hand touched his hard dick.

Hank pushed the sheet off my body and it fell to the floor leaving me completely exposed. The fact that Hank was still almost fully dressed as I lay naked and vulnerable on the massage table made the situation even more erotic than it had been.

My breathing was quick and it announced my excitement as Hank continued to stroke my rigid dick with his soft yet strong hands.

I tried to mimic his rhythm as I slowly stroked his big hard cock. I had not opened my eyes to look at his erect manhood but I could tell he was bigger and thicker than my dick.

I inhaled quickly when I felt the hot wetness of Hank's mouth on my dick. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked hard as his hands stroked and massaged my cock and balls. He brought me to the brink of orgasm with his talented mouth and held me there for several minutes as he teased the head of my cock with his firm wet tongue. I had never felt anything like it in my life and I started to moan with raw wanton desire.

Hank put his hand over my mouth to stifle my moans.

"Shhh, not so loud," he whispered as he stood up leaving my cock hard and alone against my stomach. He stepped toward my head and pointed his hard cock at my mouth. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it too. I had never before harbored a gay or bi thought and yet I opened my mouth wide and accepted his drooling cock inside me without hesitation.

I could taste the salty, slightly briny flavor of his precum and it was actually quite tasty. I sucked hard on his cock as he stroked his shaft. He didn't last long and in less than two minutes his balls tightened.

"I'm cumming," he whispered as his cock expanded in my mouth. His cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed quickly. The second shot was bigger and it filled my cheeks as I tried to swallow it all. The third and fourth shots spilled from the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin. His cream tasted surprisingly good and I instantly wondered why my ex wife had refused to swallow my cum during our ten years as husband and wife.

Hank lowered his hungry lips to my still hard cock and worked his magic. His lips, tongue and hands works in concert with each other to bring me to the point of no return in no time at all.

"Oh god," I whispered as my cock exploded inside his hot wet mouth. He buried my entire cock in his throat and gulped repeatedly as I came inside him.

Hank stood up and looked at the clock. "That's our time," he said with a broad smile as he handed me a towel to wipe my face. "You can get dressed. I will be outside." His tone was completely professional and it was as though nothing outside of the ordinary had happened.

My head was spinning. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I couldn't believe what I had done and what I had let him do. I felt guilty and confused. The orgasm I had was incredible but not nearly as intense as the feeling when his dick erupted in my mouth. I struggled with questions about my sexuality as I slowly got dressed in the dimly lit room. Hank was waiting with a bottle of water when I walked from the room.

"Here's my card," he said handing me a business card with a number handwritten on the back. "That's my cell if you want to talk. I've been there."

I thanked Hank and left the Salon in a daze. I knew I wasn't gay because my eyes were still drawn to women as I walked past them but I had enjoyed both getting and giving head to Hank. Clearly I would have to give him a call because I was already thinking about doing it again.
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Good stuff, piggy,

That sounds like the kind of massage we'd all like to get.
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What a magnificent story. I am thinking of getting a masage booked NOW!
I love naughty chats on kik jayisatwork or on Skype ukgent71. Very open minded. Happy to chat to all but prefer more mature and curvy ladies. Have fun all
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That was a very hot story! Turned me on to no end. Thanks piggy.
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Thanks piggy
I'm rock hard and dripping wet. Nice story .
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Thanks for sharing piggy! The idea of a massage working out this way is a fantasy that I enjoy. You did a great job of putting it into words.
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Thanks for another great story, Piggy!
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I bet you thought I forgot y'all...

Bi guy sees a master (no women)

she cuckolds husband, then has her lover fuck him

wife takes over

a slave's ordeal at a BDSM club

mistress wants him to learn to suck cock (happens in chapter 2)

another wife takes charge story

yet another wife in the driver's seat

He eats her cream-filled cunt

for her birthday, she wants to see him take on some cock

mistress does his ass

father-in-law holds daughter and son-in-law in his power

mom has fun with her “gay” son and his friends

wow, what a tease, and I didn't even read it all the way through! She slooooowly takes his ass

a spa fantasy

needs some editing, but wife dom

the boys get involved in chapter 2 – two couples together

married guy becomes submissive cocksucker

she wants to fuck his ass

mistress takes his ass for the first time

he eats cum from his slut wife's cunt

a very long cuckolding story

fun with the neighbors

long distance fem dom

husbands hook up

horny couple pick up a hermaphrodite

fem dom with strap-on

strap on fun

he has an adventure while away on business

he loves her strap-on

fem dom butt play

batting cleanup...

bi swinging with another couple


they both love cum

they fuck at a party, he cleans her up before they return

after he cums, she convinces him to clean her up

thoughts of her help him with his first man

wife takes control

she wants to have sex with her ex

he acts on his curiosity

fun at a toy party

the girls convince the boys to kiss...

married guy visits a bathhouse

it started out watching the girls in their bikinis

couple hires a domme

married guys work off their frustrations at the gym
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Originally Posted by susurrus View Post
I bet you thought I forgot y'all...
I was wondering, Just kidding

But we have missed you
Every extra orgasm makes this world a much better place!
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It's nice to know my presence (or virtual lack thereof) has been noticed.

However, you can see where I've been recently...
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Pretty hot!

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Originally Posted by clearshooter View Post
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New Story Up


The editorial Gods of Lit once again smile upon me. My latest story is now up at:


Many, many thanks to Susurrus for his editorial prowess!
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You're welcome, foggy, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wished he (or she) was enjoying himself at that resort...
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And here's another batch for you all. It ought to keep you occupied for at least a little while...

A couple trades sex for payment – but not the way they originally though

he meets a former lover while on a date with his wife

husband and wife ass play

dad wants son's cock after it's fucked his mother

ass fun

he does what he's told

cumming without touching his cock

he gets a vibe in his ass while fucking

what if he decided to let her take control...

husband and wife play doctor

an encounter in the alley

bisexual master puts on a show for his girl

husband becomes a cum eater and cock sucker

not exactly sure how it all works out, but the guys actually get together by chapter 4

husband, wife and friend (she gets most of the attention)

wife brings home a friend for them both

couple hires a photographer, things happen

he saves a girl from a potential rape, gets the fucking himself


he cheats, so she cuckolds him in retaliation

she cuckolds him and makes him eat his cum

two curious guys have email fun – and more

strap-on, etc


I just discovered some creampie cleanup in this chapter. It appears to be the only spot

fem dom cumeating

she gives him what he wants for their anniversary

married guy wants some cock

family fun

a threesome

she convinces hubby to try bi, to more fully embrace their new swinging life

I didn't realize how much dildo fucking there was in this story (15 chapters)

he takes the role in a play...

mom, dad, son

he experiments while the wife is away

he gets dominated by older woman

older ladies ass fuck a younger man

wife gets crossdresssing husband fucked

he lets her take him

okay, I had to include this: a guy in the land of the insanely hung she-males

femdom fucking

one man, three shemales

story of a threesome

family sex and then some

she makes him swallow his own cum

the consequences of attempting to steal from an adult book store
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