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the blow job bet

when I was a lot younger, I had a male friend (I am male) blurt out that he'd bet me a BJ over a football game . I was kind of shocked by that and even though my team was a giant favorite I said no. I guess I was afraid to lose. I didn't think my pal was gay or bi. Plus I dated his step-sister so I didn't want to freak her out. My team won that game, big time, as expected. Maybe I shoulda taken that bet. What are your thoughts on this???
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I'd take a bet like that now, talk about a win-win situation!
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I would totally take that bet. Win or lose and it would be a great post game party. You should go back and bet him again now or find another football fan to bet with...it will be so worth it.
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Wink Very interesting bet

I think you would've had a great time
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Though you might take that bet now you were probably right not to take it at the time. Nice to think about though, isn't it?
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I would've taken that bet, if only to see if he truly would've put his mouth where his mouth is.

Two possible outcomes; if he backs down from this game of essentially gay chicken, you get to call him a chicken. Other possible outcome is free blowjob.
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Oh god yes! I think I'd prefer my team to keep losing. Maybe a draw means you should both suck!
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