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Younger Experience

I would not try it now without a condom, but I have used butt plugs,and that feels great. When I was about 13 or 14 my good buddy and I would go to his bedroom, get naked, and after putting some lube on his cock would fuck me. I never fucked him, but I remember it felt really sexy. I would jack off while he fucked me. I am a lot older now, but still remember his cock sliding in and out of my ass. I dont remember it hurting that bad. I would love to be a bottom for sexy older man, or even a young and not too well hung stud. I dont see how some of those monster cocks would feel too good
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working up to it

My wife has just started to do my ass with a strapon.I have used her vibes before and had had some intense cum sessions..precum starts to come out constantly without even touching myself.
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Let's ask Eating Scarlett. She had her anal virginity 'accidentally' taken last night....yeah right...
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Last edited by bi_asian_guy : 04-14-2011 at 01:03 AM.
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Dear One
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Originally Posted by bi_asian_guy
OK can someone *please* come up with a discreet pin or clothing accessory that can tell the initiated that the wearer is

a) a reader of literotica's glbt forum

b) is bi

c) is into anal

That's a great idea. Hmmmmm..... I'll have to get back into jewelry-making
and work on it!

In the meantime, maybe we should all just work on a secret handshake!
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I Get a Kick Out of Me
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The first time I attempted to let a guy fuck me, he was too big and too impatient. I specifically told this joker that I had never been fucked, but he proceeded to try to ram his very large penis up my virginal ass. Needless to say, it hurt as if I'd been stabbed. I immediately jumped out of the bed, put my clothes on and left despite his pleadings. The guy in question was 20 years older than my then 19 years. One would think that he would have known that his dick was too big to just unceremoniously jack hammer up some unsuspecting kid's ass.
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I was lucky and have had guys who have fucked me take their time and slowly build to mind blowing fucking. When it's right, it makes me dizzy, unbelievably horny, and I feel comfortably full. Before long, I am fucking back, trying to take as much as I can. When I sense he's cumming (or he tells me he is), I clamp down and suck his cock with my ass. It is a wonderful feeling, I must say. But you have to take it slow.
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Old 07-17-2005, 03:31 PM   #108
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I was luck, When 13 i had a guy friend who used to beg to fuck me. Not pain it just went right in.
Then latter on in years as more of an adult I just met the right Guy in the right place. Yes it hurt, but felt good. At this time I found That I can take a nice size cock easyer if I sit on it.
If it feels good Do it
If it feels great Keep doing it
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Old 07-25-2005, 03:06 PM   #109
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Last edited by cvilletop : 07-21-2011 at 01:40 PM.
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Really Really Experienced
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Thumbs up getting fucked

it was really nice today....my question to all is do you like it going in or cumming out.......lol
A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.
Mark Twain

http://www.puritytest.net/ 26.6% pure!
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Literotica Guru
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Originally Posted by cvilletop
Well, you and I, open-minded individualists that we are, probably think it's silly, but I'd bet there are a _lot_ of men out there with this dilemma. Why do you think there are so many locker-room teen-age snickering jokes about going to the proctologist? Anal pleasure/stimulation is a major hang-up for a lot of guys.

Your comments about HIV/AIDS awareness, and the riskier behaviors associated with closeted married men who incur greater 'opportunity costs' than out men, are dead on. Even more so the lamentation over too many bodies, not enough lovers; I'm very fortunate to have found a partner, a lover, who is so well matched.

I should have qualified my comments about concern about gay/str8. Men in general seam to have more fragil egos. So perhaps it is understandable that many would be concerned about the gay/str8 thing. As I get older, I guess looking back it just seams so silly about guys' concerns. I have a partner now, and I'm very happy. As much as I love to fuck between my age and loving him, the anal sex (or for that matter any sex) is maybe once every one or two weeks. That is so "UN" me. I'm used to have to have sex (beyond masturbation) every few days. If I didn't get it, then I couldn't concentrait on anything else but getting it. I also had to have my kind of sex. That for me meant I had to fuck the guy. If he was only a cock sucker, odds are I would be frustraited -- it would help if he would let me at least finger him while he sucked me. If he didn't like to kiss also, he better be really hot because otherwise I would again feel unfullfilled. Now, though I still crave anal, I can be in rapture because my partner will snuggle as we sleep. I remember when Ann Landers or Dear Abby wrote how some women would be more content hugging than sex. I though how frustraiting that would be. Now I find hugging so nice. I sure hope it isn't a sign of just how much age has dropped my testostrone.

Ooops, I think I digress... I was trying to say that when I was on the prowl, I had my own hang ups -- they just didn't happen to be the gay/str8 thing. For me it was looks (I have some scars, etc) and my cock size. However, hormones usually cause sex to become more important than any hangup. Thus, though some of those things bothered me, I still had sex anyway.

The number of partners is something I always have to live with. Yes I have my spiritual beliefs, but the issue isn't so much related to that. Rather, I dislike the part of me that can detach sex from love. They say its natural for guys to be that way. I don't buy it. I think its natural that the more frequently you are exposed to something, the less it affects your emotions. For instance, seeing hunger, war, poverty, ... whatever in the media (news & movies) often means it has less effect on your emotions. That is what happened to my sex drive. I didn't get totally calous (spelling) as I really, truely wanted to know them (no pun intended) beyond the physical. At times after the sex, I had such a feeling of: "what the hell am I doing". I remember one time in a backroom in a bar in Ottawa, Ont. Though I much prefer anal, somehow I was able to masturbate for a guy who went down on me. He got up, and wanted to kiss. I don't remember if we did or just hugged, but his face was soaked. I would like to lie and say I shot gallons, but the truth was I must have been number #. I won't deny it was VERY kinky, but someting was missing. Maybe I'm reading into it, but I felt as if there was a look in his eye that he really just wanted someone to care about him. That is probably why he wanted the kiss. I left feeling kind of shallow about myself. Another time, I remember someone in a park I had been before. We had a hot time. He was hairy like I liked and fuckable. I got what I wanted, and he also liked to kiss. Our bodies might not have been chissled with huge cocks and tight asses, but it would have looked hot on film. That was precicely the problem. It was an "act". I realized that I had detached myself. I was kissing him because he was receptive to that. The same was true for the fucking. I wasn't doing these things because I cared about him, but rather simply because I could.

I don't want you to think I"m a closet masocist (spelling). It's just that at times when I stopped to think what I was doing, I wasn't too happy with what I saw looking inward. I also just hated the thought that I also might only have been just a number. I didn't want to forget them, nor did I want to be forgotten as just a number. So I would try to do things to be rememembered. For instance, I would pick the guys up physically. Like carrying them into the bedroom. I might not have the biggest, memorable cock, but I'm sure most of them will remember the guy who picked them up and carried them into the bedroom. I also tried to get to know something about them beyond their sexual history. I'm not talking about phone #/address so I could be some kind of stalker. I just mean I wanted to know who they were, what made them tick.

On the subject of AIDS, I admit I wasn't the safest. I guess we all set our risk levels. For me, I stopped getting fucked a couple of decades ago. I just wasn't really turned on by penises. With the AIDS thing, I saw all the more reason to not do something I never wanted to do in the first place. Oral wasn't my thing either. Precum was ok, but I didn't crave sucking a cock. I did do some of that with people I loved, but it wasn't something I did for very long -- let alone to the point of their orgasm. I did do rimming (if clean); I made sure I had the Hep A and B vaccinations. Fucking I did a lot, but almost always I would pull out. I was always able to control when I would cum, so there were no "accidents". I really don't have pre-cum myself, so that wasn't a risk. I am just thankful that I'm desease free. I really don't feel shame about not always using condoms as I did limit my risk and theirs by the things I mentioned above. I just wish I had gone with fewer people.

Sorry for the meandering. I haven't slept well, and so I'm kind of on auto pilot. I'll probably read this later, and realize it was a dorkey posting.
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Help me out.

The other night my wife and I got drunk and we started fooling around. However, she was still having her period, so that meant no vaginal sex.
Among other things I did to her was put my lubed finger in her ass. In the postiion I was in my ass was pointed toward. I prayed she would get the hint, but didn't. Finally, I demanded that she finger my ass. (She's only done that a couple of times before). God it felt so good! This time she really got into it. She was fucking away with her finger. I came so hard.

Now I want a dick in my ass. No kissing, no relationship, just a dick (with a condom). Any takers?
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Old 08-19-2005, 05:55 PM   #113
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Red face Being fucked

Yes I love being fucked... I had quite often men in me, the first with 27.

Sometimes it hurst at the begin. I don't cum from being fucked, but usually
I rub myself off. The orgasm than is very deep and satisfying.

I love most, when his penis makes first time contact with my hole. So much
anticipation. Afetrwards is also great... a feeling of emptiness and joy.
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Old 08-20-2005, 09:19 PM   #114
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My most recent anal sex was with a girl that I just dated. She and I are both quite adventurous in the bedroom One drunken night at a party, I was eating her out while fingering her butthole. Well, I must have gotten it pretty lubed up because my cock slid in with almost no trouble. I started off slow and then gradually pounded that ass. I came inside her (which was the best feeling in the world), and we fell asleep. We didn't talk about it the next day, but when we tried it again a few days later, she was way too tight.
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Old 08-22-2005, 04:17 PM   #115
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Thumbs up

"For those bi/guys who have had anal sex, did it live up to your fantasy of what being fucked would be like?"
Well, first off I'm a completely, 200%, girl parts are icky gay boi. As far back as I can recall I always wanted to kiss the boys and just play with the girls and their Barbies so as soon as I started to develop and display a sexual urge it was a homosexual one. Even when masturbating, as far back as I can remember, when I was masturbating I would just naturally start to play with my hole. So, by the time I got fucked by my first real cock I had plenty of self-experience, thus making it all the better (no pain). I would have to say it was really good.

"Did you cum just from having a cock stimulate your prostate?"
Yep, and still do. I enjoy getting fucked so much that even lack of prostate stimulation and merely friction on/in or stretching of my hole can result in orgasm for me.

"Were you hard throughout?"
I don't recall specifically but, I can cycle between hard and semi-hard throughout being fucked.

"Did you suck him off first so that it would take longer for him to cum when he was inside of your ass?"
I didn't suck him off first for that reason but, I did suck him off and suck down his load.

"Was his cock warm?"

"Did your ass burn or itch later?"
It did start twitching/quivering a little bit afrer....of course that's my hole's way of saying more! hehe
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Old 08-23-2005, 09:28 AM   #116
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My wife and I have anal sex a lot. So I basically know what I'm doing.

I have a close male friend in another city. We often attend business meetings together. We usually go to the strip bars and then watch porn. One night we started getting frisky with each other.

We didn't have any real lubricant other than precum and spit. I lay on my back and raised my legs. He got on top and put his dick against my ass. With the precum he slowly slid in. Once in, I clamped down on it, and he slowly pumped. We were so excited he came immediately.

I did not hurt at all. It felt great. The next day I knew something had been in my ass, but it was not uncomfortable. We have done it again a couple of times. These times we snuck out of the house our wives' KY gel. I made it easier, but we still came quickly. I think a cock feels good up my ass. I wish my wife would use a finger there more often. (I doubt she would ever consider a strap on.)

I would like to know which position is best for prostate stimulation.

By the way, when I fuck my wife in the ass, I always reach around and rub her clit for her orgasm.
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Old 08-24-2005, 11:23 AM   #117
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One Day

My ex used to enjoy using a strapon on me and so did I but would never indicate it to her becouse I time I sucked it and she freaked.
Have been very curious for awhile about a real cock.

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Old 02-04-2013, 11:50 PM   #118
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now my favorite thing

Since my wife got me sucking cocks in her threesomes ,because my tiny cock never got her off ,I had really started to enjoy other mens big cock ,especially the more dominant and tough the guy was .And because of just such a guy that my wife was now dating ,and she enjoyed the way he dominated me and as I found out later that night ,It was her idea to have him demand I turn over face down on the bed and be fucked in my sissy ass like a women .I couldnt believe how hard my little cock got being dominated by him and knowing he was going to fuck me like a women .At first it hurt like hell ,but the more and more he got it in ,the less and less pain ,and once he hit a certain spot ,my little cock shot off right on the sheets as I found myself moaning and moving my hips up and down trying and begging for every inch of his 9 inches ,I must have cum off three times that night and yes my ass was both sore and itcy the next morning ,but now I am addicted to cocks in my ass especially by big tough dominating men Sissy Brucie
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Originally Posted by bi golly View Post
Since the "cock in your mouth" thread has gotten traffic, what about anal?

For those bi/guys who have had anal sex, did it live up to your fantasy of what being fucked would be like?

Did you cum just from having a cock stimulate your prostate?

Were you hard throughout?

Did you suck him off first so that it would take longer for him to cum when he was inside of your ass?

Was his cock warm?

Did your ass burn or itch later?
yes it lives up to my fantasy , i love having a guy take me and sometimes i cum just through stimulation and sometimes if the guy is thoughtful he will rub me which is heaven and i cum really hard.
sucking him off first depends on the mood we are in ,sometimes i do and i love it and sometimes i dont and that is great too and then i will suck him clean afterwards which i love .
yes their cocks are usually warm but i have never had an itch or a burn after sex ,maybe i am just lucky ,i dont know what other people have experienced ,i would love to know .
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Originally Posted by james4557 View Post
I would not try it now without a condom, but I have used butt plugs,and that feels great. When I was about 13 or 14 my good buddy and I would go to his bedroom, get naked, and after putting some lube on his cock would fuck me. I never fucked him, but I remember it felt really sexy. I would jack off while he fucked me. I am a lot older now, but still remember his cock sliding in and out of my ass. I dont remember it hurting that bad. I would love to be a bottom for sexy older man, or even a young and not too well hung stud. I dont see how some of those monster cocks would feel too good
That was exactly me and my best friend. It's like anything else physical. The more you do it and play with it, the easier it gets and better it feels. We were at it for years and at the end, boy would we tear each other up and love every minute.
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Old 02-07-2013, 10:10 PM   #121
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My very first time was when I was 16 and was masturbating, I got so turned on that I thought I would try it. I found a hairbrush that I thought was not too big, boy was I wrong it hurt like hell. I thought no way am I going to try that again.

A couple years later in college I had the dorm room to myself and was again so turned on that I thought I would try it again. Found a screwdriver handle to use, and ohhhh did it feel good. Loved the feeling of it sliding in and out. I came all over myself.

Love a cock sliding in and out but inanimate objects aren't bad either.
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Old 02-08-2013, 12:00 AM   #122
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mmmm.nice.....love how it feels yes
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I don't think of it as anal because it's the only damned way I can have a guy inside me and that for me is the most important thing. That moment of surrender when you put your feet on his shoulders or when he pushes your knees into your chestů I hunger so much for that moment, that completion. How much more intimate can you get? It's like opening your soul to him, so it's not something I do lightly. The first time I didn't feel much for the guy emotionally, but I was totally in love with my next lover ( and last lover ). I've got goosebumps just typing this!

Yes - the heat inside you is hard to ignore but when he comes - that has to be the best feeling in the world! You feel every pulse and never want it to stop.

A lot of the porn I've seen is pretty brutal and is all about possession, dominance, "taking and using" but if you're not able to laugh, kiss and share each other, then the whole thing is just a mechanical act. It's a shame that folks here don't talk about the fun side of sex: are guys here too worried about sounding oh-so-serious that they can't admit to lightening up? It is fun isn't it??!

Hopefully one day I'll get my SRS and I can learn a new set of sensations: look for fireworks on the horizon
I deleted my signature when I quit Lit for a while. Now I'm back I really can't be bothered to write anything snappy because you can work out what's important to me from my posts.
Oh, I've written some stuff: search my name under the authors section over in Stories
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Anal and loving it

When you do it the first time your lover should go slow then when you are ready go hard I came so much after my first time with my cousin haven't had time to do it again. Can't wait to do it again
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Born again.

I was in my freshman year of college. My neighbor the biker sanitation man just tore by the bus stop and before I knew it, I was straddled behind him tearing down the road towards school. Three days later, I was sharing a beer with him in his house and when the porn got put on the vcr my heart started racing. He didn't even ask, just reached over and pulled it out and went to town on it as I sipped my brew and watched the screen. I clinched my ass cheeks and closed my eyes as I let go in his warm saliva filled mug. Want to return the favor he asked and as I leaned over towards him, I did gasp. Gorgeous was a word, scary gorgeous. Shaped like a long tapered cigar, thickest at the mid point of the length of his shaft. It took three of my fists to span ins length. Big pink head shaped perfectly like a German helmet. Well, not to beat that horse to death, we saw each other for a couple of weeks and it was getting to that point, and I was ready and so I thought. That first time, I was mortified, it wasn't happening, I mean I wasn't an ass whore, but that fucker wasn't getting in. But he was patient, and I got what we later referred to as the Vaseline treatment. Six continous days of ever increasingly larger butt plugs crammed into my insatiable butt. Then Id prance around his apartment with a continuous hard-on. That last night, I was on all fours and he was stroking my dick like milking a cow and with his knuckle, he was tapping at the base of the plug that sent shock waves up my spine. He grabbed it and pulled it out and I was expecting it to be released so it could slowly be drawn back into my ass as my ass would do. But he went past that point and I heard it gush out and I felt empty. But there it was again, man that felt good, going in, until I felt his belly and hips press against by back and the rear of my thighs. What followed, I can't put into words. My legs went numb and spread limply as he held me in place with his hands grabbing my hips. The sensation was like a buzzing electrical jackhammer that went up my spine and out the top of my head. He was definitely at the edge of my limits, and if I stayed away from him for a couple of days, I would become lets say, less receptive and had to be somewhat broke in all over again. But after a long night fooling around, I could run across the room and flop down on it to the hilt. Go figure.
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