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Looking for a Editor

So am looking for a new editor for my work, I had one before but I don't know if she really busy or something. Been waiting for 2 months now, I was hoping someone that has the time to fix it.

PM me if you are free and thanks.
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Most editors who might be interested will want to know what the category(ies) is (are) and the wordage of at least the first project.
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Sorry well let me explain a bit on what am writing, I may not do a good job at it.
It's like... POV you don't hear the male talking just the female, who is your wife and act like a whore but only to you... It's not much but if you need a idea for it let me know to send a part of it.
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as SR71 said, you need to list a minimum of a category and word count to allow a passerby editor to become interested enough to send a private message expressing interest to help you.

if the category of your story is same-sex sex, bdsm or any of two dozen possible categories, and the editor doesn't like such a category, then it's a wasted effort for them to contact you and/or start reading your story.

Some editors likewise don't want to get involved in something over a certain level of word count; otherwise it feels like your editing a dictionary.

While I think I understand what you are describing when you say "POV," it isn't enough to explain which category the story is in. That is a hard descriptor to define sometimes. Oggbashan one time said it eloquently as something like: "when you strip the story down to it's simplest elements, what stands out the most?"

Is the POV the point of view of: an abusive stalker? or a lesbian? an older man with a younger woman? a first time?

This might help... look at this page to see what categories best describes your story.

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