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Narrative Poems

---------------------------------------- Narratives --------------------------------------------------------------

Moon Stone

I was parking my car. Something hit me at the head. I was shocked. I looked at the sky, then down at the ground. There was a nice moon stone smoking on the ground. I was waiting for this moment. My brothers and sisters living in another galaxy had sent me a message with this moon stone . Like many people out there l have tried to communicate with extraterritorial life, with radio waves and satellite dishes. It seems the extra terrestrials had seen my diligent efforts and got to know me closely. I picked up my moon stone from the ground. My head was bleeding slightly, but who cared, it was auspicious moment. Then I had a fearful urge. Did the government know about all this? Suppose they had put MIB's on my tail to get me and to interrogate me about interstellar secrets. I was paranoid. Things happened so fast. It was a small moon stone. The government had much more serious work than to deal with a small piece of moon stone.

When I reached my office building, I was holding my moon stone under my right arm. Everyone was looking at me and asking me about it. After a couple of minutes, the chief of staff called me into his room. He asked me what was this all about. I told him about the moon stone. He informed me that it was a brick, not a moon stone. He asked me if I had been close to a construction site this morning. I said yes. He send me home for two days rest and suggested I dress the wound on my head.


Blind Date

It was a blind date. When I spoke to him on the phone he seemed charming, he told me he was very handsome and well to do. We agreed to meet in an upscale bar. I was sipping my martini and waiting for him. I was dreaming of a couple of drinks, a nice diner, good conversation and finishing the evening with great sex.

He was a little late and phoned me. He was almost here.

I kept looking at the door. A bald guy with sneakers and eye glasses entered the bar. That can't be him. He described himself as good looking, well to do and he seemed charming on the phone. It definitely was not him, but he approached me and asked if I was she.Oh my god he was my date. I was appalled. How could this be? This must be a mistake. I was expecting someone else. I was disillusioned and humiliated. He said he joked about himself on the phone.A joke ? All the things he said about himself was a practical joke.

I threw my martini on his face and called him a jerk. Oh sweet Jesus, if this blind date turned out to be a joke, it definitely was not funny.


A Key Question

British crime novelist Agatha Christie stayed at the Pera Palace, a classy French style hotel in Istanbul. As a fan I enjoyed her novel ''Murder in The Orient Express''. There was a short break in the novel at Istanbul, before the passengers with a hidden agenda embarked on the Calais Coach. Her room at Pera Palace became a mystery itself . A Turkish novelist wrote a collection of stories about it: The Key Of Agatha. Which went out of print quickly. In the Hiramic legends of Masonry,
the key symbol solves mysteries.

I picture her in the lobby sipping her Earl Gray from a white tea cup.

And I wonder what could an old, aristocratic English lady possible be hiding from the world in her hotel room? A secret book of codes, so popular these days? Lost emerald tablets from Egypt? The Holy Grail? A treasure map? Secret love letters? The exact location of Eldorado, the Golden City ?Or perhaps the Elixir of longevity. You name it guys.


A Modern Woman

(I wanna pet'a peta)

Peta Wilson is her name. She comes from a a military family. She is a leggy blonde. She lives both in Sydney and Los Angeles and mostly in my sweet dreams. She has two kids out of wedlock, neither of them are mine. She calls herself a modern woman. Her erotic merits lured many male viewers to watch sultry episodes in "La Femme Nikita." She has had intercourse with many actors in her films, but like all Hollywood sex it was just dry humping. To me this is sad sex, those sleaze bags didn't deserve her but I do.

Her father convinced her to pose Playboy in an exchange for a large amount of money from Hugh Hefner. Heff probably threw in a good blow job and a fuck or two from his better bunnies. As a result, Peta was beautifully nude all over Playboy's glossy pages. I wonder if money is so important to her, would she give a blow job to Rico Strong, the big dicked porno king? I'd like to see that.

I was amused to learn that Vladimir Putin, the president of Russian Federation was hitting on her in a reception, she called him a big embarrassment. This secret information cost me a great deal of money, but was it a good investment? I know Putin gets to fuck any putana he wants, did he fuck my love? Is her ass or pussy filled with Vladimir's caviar?

Peta Wilson is my dream girl, she is not just a celluloid cut out, she is a real flesh and blood woman and I'd sign over every penny I have just to spend one night making love to her. I'm sure that afterwards she would never leave my side. That is how good I would fuck her! But first she'd have to douche out any Russian cum that has remained, I couldn't deal with being a sloppy second.

I have been investigating a tangible way to fuck her.I am not kidding guys.I am not cracking up.I am not insane.Donald Trump is mitigating between us.Donald says she is very excited about it.I mean to fuck with an ordinary fan.If everything goes well, I will fuck Peta Wilson in a higher roller suite in Las Vegas.

Why the hell not!
We are very close to it.



Writing is a solitary exercise, especially if you are writing a novel.You must have a good idea to appeal to the masses. A thriller, a formula romance or whatever you are writing must be popular and must sell tens of thousands of copies to make you wealthy.You need a long time to complete this risky venture. Keep in mind that there are warehouses full of unsuccessful novels.Ideally, you should live in a gorgeous neighborhood, like Brooklyn Heights or Martha's Vineyard. You need to have a sexy muse available to titillate and inspire you at all times. A novel is a big gamble for its writers as it takes a great deal of effort and leaves no time for anything else. While completing this novel you will need lots of money for rent, food, clothes, entertainment and if you are fucking a sexy chick, watch the bills double.


A Question Of Pleasure

He was a great novelist, an aristocrat, a land owner; he was over 40 when he married. A very strong man with calloused hands, he worked the fields of his estate. Like most aristocrats he was a sexual deviant. His wife also came from an aristocrat family. She was subjected to her husband's lust though out her life.This lust produced a dozen children. She was pregnant most of the time. He always demanded sex and his wife was submissive to her husband. She made love with him every night as soon as her pregnancies were over. She was very happy when she lost her ability to give birth to more children and made love with her husband without fear of becoming pregnant. Besides fulfilling her duties to her husband and keeping her household properly functioning, I wonder, did she enjoyed sex? Or was her fulfillment of her sexual obligations onerous?

Sixty Days

"Something That Took Sixty Days" was the title of a book by a female author. She told of her torrid affair with a young stage actor, younger then herself. It was a sexual memoir of a mature woman who enjoyed having a sexual affair with a man other then her husband.

The book was very graphic, it described their sex acts in detail. The book became a hit and sold hundreds of thousands of copies in a very short of time. Her cartoonist husband remained silent on the affair. When pressures mounted on him to comment, he burst out with,
"What do people expect me to do, kill my wife?"

The book was frowned on by Joe public yet celebrated in liberal circles. The views were divided.Was she Lady Chatterly in the bathroom or a ruthless slut who cheated on her husband ? After the first waves of frenzy passed, she was invited to late night shows to offer her thoughts on dating, flirtation, sexuality and infidelity.


Summer Love

We decided to stay away from the neurosis of urban life and take refuge on a exotic island. We hoped some solitary time would rejuvenate us. Our island was a paradise of azure blue skies, emerald seas, and dazzling white-washed houses. It was not swarmed by vacationers.

We were swimming leisurely in the sea during the day. Evenings were spent overlooking the water in a restaurant for fresh seafood accompanied by local wine. Sex was the highlight for our nights.

As we'd soaked up the local culture, we slowly became a part of the island. The beauty of the island was an antidote to the stresses of city life.It was a good chance to celebrate life, love, and food.

The last evening, we cuddled together while watching the red sunset from the terrace.Time seemed to stand still just for us. We enjoyed a private eternity in each otherís company.


How Does My Misogyny Work?

Many who read my poetry think I'm a male chauvinist, they call me a woman hater and sexist. It is true that I have had a sexually indulgent life. I was attracted to every cock teaser I encountered. Yes, most of these affairs were one night stands or lasted perhaps a week. But I donít have any bad memories of my dates, nor do I believe they of me. I never was violent or vulgar; I never used disgraceful words. Both of us had a good time. I kept it simple. We both had great sex. Money and wealth worked like magic. I lived like a modern day king. I offered them prestigious credit cards, shopping sprees, nice cars and apartments, excellent dining, long restful sleeps to recover from our sexual dalliances. I am older now, not so fast in my pursuit of young and attractive women but they still drive me crazy. I want to screw all of them. Success with woman is all about sex and money. The survival of the fittest cock is a testament to Darwin. I pray the almighty grants me power and energy to screw as long as I live.


Theater Fight Night

It was a nice show and free. Like commuters in the subway struggling to be seated, the theater goers were looking to snag the best seats. Many of them had come a half hour early with this sole purpose. An older gentleman, seated in the second row, got into an argument with a very tall couple who decided to sit in the two front seats. This obscured the view of the elderly man seated behind them. He complained of their choice and suggested they sit elsewhere. But couple didn't flinch.They shouted at him and called him a jerk right to his face. Both war parties calmed down about the time the audience became weary and the show was to start.

The fellow seated in front of me was wearing a huge hat. He turned and asked me gently if the hat obscured my view. I said "No, I was fine." Then lights went out and there was momentary darkness before the screen filled with light and moving images.A lady who was seated next to me asked the man seated in front of her, "Can you remove your head, I can't see past you."

"You must be kidding," he angrily replied, "You mean I should cut off my head!

"Yes she responded," somewhat in shock.

Everyone in the audience started laughing over her rather unusual request.I didn't care about the show anymore. The fight for the seats was so spectacular that I'd had my fun already.

That was one heck of a good show.


Zen Guide

There is a bible for every subject under the sun.The" Beatnik Bible" is my favorite. I keep a copy of "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac in the drawer as if it were a gun. It is still one of my favorite books. But I must confess, it's lost its appeal to me over time. However, two decades after my first reading, I still visit its pages from time to time.

As an older guy, I ask myself, "Is life a spiritual quest or a reckless adventure-- especially for young people?"

Should young people leave their comfort zone and drift aimlessly from adventure to adventure; following the attractions of promiscuity, drugs, alcohol and travel, hoping for some artistic fulfillment? I am an old guy. I have many cracks in my head. I don't need the anarchic recipes of "On The Road." I don't need Kerouac's Zen guide.


Gypsy Kids

I was waiting my turn to give my order for a Juicy Lucy burger. Suddenly I heard a commotion behind me, an outburst caused by a dozen gypsy kids being confronted by Mall Security. The kids were noisy and obscene, it was a funny spectacle to watch.They were shouting and jostling each other while making lewd remarks and giving security officers a difficult time. When the outburst was over the youngest of the gypsy gang came to the counter and ordered a dozen burgers, but he did not have enough money. He changed the order to ten burgers, but he still was short. After a clumsy calculation, he closed the deal with an order for eight. He waited at the counter and eventually carried eight burgers back to his gang who were now seated and still shouting at the top of their voices. Everyone was laughing. It made me laugh also. I realized they were just children, a few hamburgers short. They were sweet kids.


Heaven On Earth

He was a popular fiction writer. He bought a farm with a corn field for his family to live in. He drove his kids to school in the morning. He did some of the farm chores. He turned one of the rooms in the house into a study. There he turned out novel after novel in this peaceful atmosphere. Each novel became a best seller. He took his family to fine restaurants and baseball games. He took them to shopping malls to watch the movies that were made from his novels. It was a great fun seeing his plots on the silver screen. He was secure, wealthy, prosperous and happy. He had a beautiful wife and beautiful kids. It sounds like a dream but it was as real as my ass. It was heaven on earth.


Arizona Leisure

A Korean family was standing next to me. We were looking at Grand Canyon's lunar landscape,paying silent tribute to this special occasion. At a certain moment of inspiration, I opened my arms as wide as I could.Arizona climes provided a cocktail of colors to the setting.

I closed my eyes and I imagined myself flying over the canyon like Superman. Then I imagined myself as Wile E. Coyote devising complex plans to catch The Road Runner. I wanted Americana so badly.I wanted all historic route attractions.I wanted to ride a Harley Davidson...

Like any New-Age pilgrim, I fell in love with the mind bending views of Arizona.
I imagined myself as a red neck living in a trailer park, watching low budget craps at nights with a little indoor antenna, bathing in a wooden hot tub, chatting with my neighbors under the constant glare of the sun, drinking beer all day .

After some sightseeing, I bought groceries at a nearby convenience store. I showered in the motel room, read a couple of chapters from a paper back novel before I fell asleep.

Above me, stars were twinkling in the vast dark Arizona sky.


Happy Campers

Hi pal!

It sounds like you are not a happy camper.You are not content with your life. You crave better things: a better job, a better home, even a better woman.It is called "a hunger for happiness." It is the same in a million places around the world. You can be a baby boomer or a bar keeper like me. It doesn't make any difference. So look around you. All those disfigured and raptured chaps.They are all like that. There is no excitement, there is no beauty in their lives. One might say, 'They are all fucked up." Maybe somewhere out there some lucky fellas are having all the fun. I assure you there is no boom boom behind every bedroom door. C'mon buddy. Take it easy. Don't be so sad. It is not so bad. There is nothing to ponder about your life. It is as simple as a pimple. A couple of beers and a ball game will do you good.


Booze And Smokes

Drinking and smoking are essential parts of my life. They calm my nerves. They help me to forget the bad moments of my ife. I usually smoke when I write poems. After a good fucking, the first thing I do is light up a cigarette. I often drink but alcohol hits me slowly.Getting drunk can be fun and a great break from the stresses of life. After a few sips, some guys dance on the tables, adopt children, or tip big amounts of money. They may wake in unfamiliar places such as a beach, an alley, or in another city.
Everybody knows the health hazards of alcohol and smoking.Everybody knows morbid warnings like:
-Smoking kills.
-Alcohol is not your friend.
There are many things can kill me: food, sex, farting, my terrible jokes, morning fights beetween crows and seagulls.Both booze and smoking are my good friends.


Sex Appeal

- You are a true confidant and my dearest friend. I need your outmost discretion in this matter.

- Don't worry my dearest, what you tell me never pass my sealed lips. Tell me now, what seems to be the problem?"

-It is my sex appeal. My body drives men kind crazy. They ask me to sleep with them.
They make lewd remarks about my curvaceous butt and my large breasts.

- Go on, I am beginning to understand your problem.

- I have become weary of sexual harassment in the work place. My superiors pinch my ass and hurtfully grab my breast. Since this sexting thing is going on, I get filthy tweets at all hours, especially late at night. So you see, everybody wants to fuck me. I feel like they are suffocating me. What I am suppose to do?

- I see it is a rather delicate matter. To tell you the truth, I don't blame those guys.You are very sexy, even now as the sun strikes your blouse, I can see how large you nipples are.But don't worry I know how to tackle your problem. To fully asses the situation, first I must fuck you


Sex Machine

I saw her on the beach. She was a sex machine, not a cyborg. She was flesh and blood.

There was lots of sunshine. I had on sunglasses, a denim shirt and pants. She wore a black dress accentuating her tight body and harmonious curves. When she left the beach, I followed her for a few blocks.

She entered a house and she must have spotted me following her as she left the door half open. I cautiously entered and searched the rooms to find her. She was lying naked on a bed. I took off my clothes quickly, threw them on the floor and I got into bed with her.

"I wondered how long it would take you?" she said, "Why don't you fuck me?" Without hesitation, my cock was already hard, I mounted her and began to fuck her. Her cunt was wet and tight. She acted like a wild animal kept from food for a long time. She needed a good fuck and so did I. And it was a good fuck, filled with pleasure. I could see she enjoyed it. I fucked her as if she were a wild horse and I her trainer.

Exhausted, I feel asleep to be awakened by the smell of a tasty breakfast she was preparing, scrambled eggs, cheese, and sausage. Then for desert, a banana split. She insisted I stay to drink beer and watch a ball game on TV. I couldn't take my eyes off her; she was nude and so beautiful.

As I watched the game she began to rub my back. When I remarked how good it felt she said she was a certified massage therapist. I lay down on the sofa and she gave me a full body massage. She applied oil all over my body. Of course I got a large erection and she dealt pleasingly with that happenstance.

Erect and throbbing we began to fuck again untill it was late at night. I awoke when the morning sunlight filtered into the bedroom. I thought she was asleep so I went into the bathroom and showered. To my surprise, when I exited the bath she had awoke and prepared a nice breakfast for me. She kissed me on the cheek at the door and whispered something very pleasing into my ear.


Video Room

Hi, I am Max Renn, CEO of Video Room. I was one of those lucky guys who turned their passion into a successful business. Video Room is a result of a passion for beauty, wealth, health and all the good things in life. Video Room is an adult oriented chanel. It provides its viewers the most elegant nudity on the cable and on the net.There is great effort and care behind every scene. We have great erotic writers on our team. Our directors makes these scripts into movies. Our gorgeous and talented models appear in vivid sex scenes. We chose elegant locals and exotic places to shot our films. The quality of cinematography is mesmerizing. We provide great entertainment for our viewers. You can enjoy these gems of soft erotica in the convenience of your home. If you are not a member yet, sign up now! I wish to all our viewers great fun and estatic entertainment. Keep in touch and enjoy the show!


The Babysitter

I was hired to babysit their little girl. It was a big secluded house with a pool and a long green lawn. I stayed in a little room in the basement. The wife would tan next the pool. When her husband was out a guy would come over and they would fuck.

I took care of the child, watched cartoons and sleeping.The couple had arguments from time to time.They joined me to play with their little girl. Her husband knew that she was fucking other guys in his absence. He also slept with other women. It seemed they cheated on each other as if it was a very normal thing to do.

One day, when I had put the child to sleep, the wife and I were tanning together. She unhooked my swim suit and began to kiss my breasts. I am not a lesbian, but I didn't stop her. She slipped her hand inside my Bikini and fingered me. She made me cum. I thought to myself, "she is a sex addict."

As the days passed I began to get close with her husband. He was gentle and romantic. One weekend he took me to the city. We had a great time at the amusement park and had dinner at a nice resturant. I was falling for him. He was very handsome and had deep dimples, green eyes, nice straight white teeth and an irresistible smile. We exchanged looks during breakfast the next morning. His wife was aware of our attraction to each other. She told me that I could sleep with her husband if I liked to. I felt ashamed and told him. He said he wanted to fuck me, he said, "I want to fuck you more than anything in the this world."

I was admiring naked reflection of my body in the mirror. I was very attractive. I was not a virgin. I'd had sex before with my boyfriend, but I wanted to have sex with him.I caressed myself and taught about him.

The next night I decided to give myself to him. He came to my room. He took off my dress and his shirt and pants. We stood naked in the middle of the room. He began by kissing my neck and my lips. He was very gentle. His hands were all over me; over my breasts and my buttocks. He laid me down slowly on the bed, parted my legs and pressed his body onto mine. Then his manhood penetrated me. As he was fucking me as I wrapped my legs around him and moaned with delight. I gave myself freely and diligently to him as I carved my nails down his backside.

His wife knew about us. She looked happy, not worried. She said she was watching us from behind the door, which was held open a little from within. She had delightfull moments watching us making love.

I couldn't stay there anymore. One week later I left the house and quit the babysitting job. It was a very hot summer, extra hot for me!


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