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Mind Control

Okay my fellow chyooites, as you can tell by the stories in my sig, I like mind control. And obviously judging by the subcategory of the site, I'm not the only one. So, putting the question out there to all my like minded peeps, lets talk about it. What kinds of MC do you like? Is there any particular style or method that grabs ya? Femdom or Maledom? What about the victims? Any particular action make you wanna keep reading or heaven forbid walk away from a story? Is there anything worth mentioning that I haven't already thrown out? Is this even the right place for this thread? I have no clue.

As for me... well I love an extensive reprogramming bit. The whole supernatural instant whammy thing is all right, but it always feels cheap to me, like maximum rewards for minimum effort. I've tried it sometimes, and it just doesn't flow right for me personally.

Doms? I like control from either side, so gender isn't a big thing, though I tend to lean more towards female victims.

As far as victims, I often make my characters "kept" victims, so our dom is taking care of them like a lover or a per. Great power and great responsibility, and all that. Also doms aren't assholes. Nothing is more irritating for me than to be humming through a story and all of a sudden, our guy or gal gets their mind whammy and all the neighbors are in the park eating dog shit because they called the cops on a rowdy party.

One of my favorite things is the victim being unaware of their actions. I don't know why but I love it when people are acting on orders and programming as though it was as normal as falling out of bed.

So that's me. Weigh in, fire back, toss me questions, and most importantly stop by and give my stories a read. Or better yet, write a thread.
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