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Wink Sure, I'll take a shot

You're quite right, Tung. There were some good poems on 8/28 and it's a shame for them to go without mention. A few of my picks:

tail end of the story - WickedEve

As I mentioned in PC, I am a whore for clever wordplay. This poem is full of it.


senryu: high-heeled woman - poetboy824

I admit it. I have no idea what a senryu is. I still love this poem.


He was too modest to mention it in his call for reviews of Saturday's poems, but tungtied2u had a couple babies of his own in that nest. My favorite of which was Spelling "B"

There were only a few more on Saturday. Go read them all, dammit.
Caution: Brooding Goslings

I've been waiting to see inside her jeans for a year and a half now. Forget changing parties, I'd change planets if I thought it would help. ~ cheerful_deviant
I wonder what you will be when you grow-up, min? Temperamental domesticated fowl artist? Religious Icon? Or President of the free world? ~ Yui
Okay....the gosling will be the Poster child...we shall worship her as a small cult. ~ ABSTRUSE
...incapable of a rational discussion without sprinkling pejoratives. ~ amicus
you are so... so.... so....GAY ~ vella_ms
You had me at dildo ~ lucky-E-leven
Out and proud. Of you. ~ matriarch
SIG WHORE!!! ~ annaswirls
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new poems

New Poems

First up there are 2 audio poems, with no words posted and I have no way to lsiten to them, so if someone woudl like to check them out, and post their recs here, please do. I feel really bad that these type poems fall on my review day and I cant suggest them, its not fair and I apologize to the authors

Reading Room, denis Hale. Okay, this made me think of Rybka, with its refs to the "brown" word he detests so much, but this poem has meaning that transcends the mess on his toilet rim, so read and understand
How do I know I love herby, janus6988, is a love poem, it is tender and beautiful, romantic and it rhymes, which usually turns me off, in that form but this touched me, I enjoyed it very much


Born of a journey by blueskybeauty. A bit different from her usual offerings, shorter, I cant put my finger on it, like something has bloomed, maybe? be sure and read this one


Bakeher by wickedEve, she is showing us her domestic side? I think not, shes a sultry bakers tease with this poem, what inspired it?,maybe biscuits with lots of sweet honey dripping..oh my


The Milk Moon Uprising, I will not attempt to ignore my immediate reaction and urge to say milk mooooo....n!! this is really good, I could see the towns people gathering, as if taking a stand against a local franken monster. very vivid images in so few lines, good work hippiedude!

A Hot Sex Scene, by WickedEve is indeed just that, HOT and sensual and well written, love this poem, dont miss, just dont


A Friend of My Master's by voyergirl, a few punctuation mistakes, and this is a BDSM type poem and if you getinto that type thing, this poem shares a lot of the emotions that go through a "pets" mind. woth the time if you enjoy such poems


Talk to the Heat, the Mutt. Oh, I do talk to the heat, especially since my AC died a month ago, ( me talkingto the heat sounds something like-- you lousy MF, what TF do you have against ME!!! I hate winter, blah, so I accept the heat, naked is better than bundled up anyday!!)

read mutts poem, he has some really good lines and images, and i suspect he knows just how bad it can get in August


Moon of my Mothers by BooMerengue. she knows where her heart is, and it is a beautiful place. visit her Moon poem and rejoice in nature with her

Palette, by Randi Grail. I love the use of color in this poem, enjoyed very much

encryption, by Cordelia. I have missed my lady of the verse, and she hasnt posted much lately, so this is a very welcome treat!! read and enjoy

I shall return
Dum Spiro Spero

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more new poems

Hunger Moon by Annaswirls, leaves me wanting milk, but thats about all!! how do ya do it? I mean, make me see so much in so few words, well done


November Moon by Champagne1982 is just wondrous. I am partial to november, but she is right, its a special moon, seems clearer and fuller than any other and the way the stars just seem to crackle under the weight of a million frozen gazes. This is simply lovely Champagne


Thunder Moon by Sandspike is wonderful!! and this is a poet who says he hasnt a vocab of large words, Sandspike, you dont need them!!, stop belittling your talent!! you grow with every poem and this one speaks volumes, its eloquent and sensitive and bold and bright. It is a wonderful Moon poem


Moon Scars at Sacarrappa Falls by jd4george, a history lesson entwined within a moon poem, good work


more moon poems--

Crow Moon by tathagata, he knows the trickster and so do I, I like your observations on how we oercieve time and movement, well done
*Catbabe* has me wondering about a flower moon, and I hope she doesnt pluck all the petals before I have my chance. Love this, great imagination Facing the Flower Moon

Strawberry Moon by PatCarrington. wow, is all I can say, I am ever so impressed with this poets skill at amazing me!! I so wish there was some way to put all these wonderful moon poems into a book so everyone could read them, excellent work!!


]Hot Moon even neonurotic's MOON is hot

Okay, anna, this was/is one amazing challenge and I am sorry I didnt post one but I feel so lucky to have them all to read today and I HOPE that everyone will read all the moon challenge poems, I havent been disappointed yet.Im taking a short break to start dinner and I hope I can get back online to finish the reviews before it gets too late
Dum Spiro Spero

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Reviews - Tuesday 8/31

Good evening, poets. Sorry for posting so late. it was unavoidable.


Only 13 NEW POEMS today. From bottom to top, for a change.

Where Have You Gone by sweetsexystormy, a newer poet, is pleasant enough, but lacks the real strength of image necessary to captivate the reader. It is well-structured and shows much promise. I would expect this poet will improve her efforts, and quickly, and suggest she read the poetry here daily.

tungtied2u's Brooms are for Cobwebs is a nice effort from a steadily improving poet. It deals with a touchy subject, emotional and physical abuse of a spouse (or lover), and should definately be read:

Morning arrives, bag packed
goodbyes whispered with pleas for silence
and a clean escape
but no tears

A brand new poet, discreetplay , gives us Dream Lover , an openly erotic poem whose significant potential is stifled by its bouncing rhyme. There are a sufficient number of strong thoughts here to restructure into an effective erotic poem, but the rhyme is inappropriate for the subject matter, in my opinion. I'd like to find the book that seems to tell all new and budding poets that rhyme is necessary, and burn it.

More coming........

I just reset and erased the rest of the reviews!!!!

I really had a long day......here I go at them again.

A New Beginning by InnerDarkness is the best effort by a new poet today. It needs trimming and tightening, as well as restructuring into a more poetic form, but it shows a poet of great promise.

My first thought is always the worst one.
It is natural for me to feel sorrow, to grieve.
Who would blame me for never trying again?
After all, I did fail.

August Moon by Ancient117331 seems to be a spillover from yesterday's full moon challenge. It is a pleasant read with some nice phrasing, though it seems to take a little too long to say what it has to say.

The August Moon
bright with reflections
of tomorrow's sun
calling forth from unknown depths
the being that I am

Come to Me by dsoul is an interesting piece and one of the better poems of the day. I think the phrasing could be strengthened in spots with more vivid word choice, but this poem should be read.

But I ask where in the clouds
Are you now?
Floating high and bound
For shelter where even the angels
Cannot find you?

Easily my favorite poem of the day, and a MUST READ, is the first one on the list, lest he paint another by Maria2394. It references the recent theft of Edvard Munch's famous painting, "Scream", and opens with a rip-roaring first line. Newer poets should look at this opening for a lesson in how to begin a poem with a wallop!!

Who could presume to steal a Scream?

One line was all it took to swallow me into the poem. READ IT!!

That's it, gang. If you think I passed over a worthy poem, by all means, mention it!!


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Wednesday, Sept 1 Reviews

Hello and good early afternoon from the Emerald City to friends and poets at Lit. I hope your days are sunny where mine has been cludy.

Only 15 poems on the new poems page today. I saw a couple that were of particular interest that I found to be on important and serious subjects.

Silver by PatCarrington
The metaphor in this is right on and paints vivid imagery. I'm going to admit that I am adopted and that this poem hit some of my sore spots, but it was written with respect and beauty from the consciousness of the only one who is fully unaware of the sadness that is happening.
Their shells on coat hangers,
sucked through doctor straws,
they waft and watch
the sky wheel by
in silver winks, waiting

for some immense beauty
to gift them its face, unmask
its eyes and shine
like the veins of the silverwoods
that would turn their wax to wine
as they pass,
Put Himself Down by DeepAsleep ©
Another very personal, hard topic to write about that was also written with strong imagery.
It’s always loaded,
even when you take the bullets out,
even while you’re oiling the springs
and brushing out the barrel,
every gun is always loaded as long
as it’s still a gun, that’s what war taught.
And if a gun is always loaded,
you don't take your eyes off it -
not if you love your family.
Wheel himself out into the night
and look up at the patterns of stars
that he taught me,
look there’s Venus and BANG,
there’s his blood reaching for the sky
with the hope that maybe a little
reflected starlight will catch up his heart,
carry it up to make a new constellation.
“The Veteran Father.”
That's it folks, my opinion, as always, of what I thought was good poetry. Since the New Poems page is short, everyone should be able to zip on through and leave their attention, feedback, and vote.

- neo

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9-2-04 PART 1

When I started this review, there were only 14 poems and now there are nearly 40. I was going to mention all 14 but now... Anyway, here is part one. I will read the late comers a little later and comment.

The First Jazz Solo
by hippiedude ©

The final notes of a John Coltrane solo hop and swirl around the room
before spilling into the darkened streets, restless and adolescent,

This poem's long lines work wonderfully for it. There are some great words here and I'm sure jazz lovers will enjoy this, as well as those like me--I simply like jazz.


Chichen Itza
by Angeline ©

One iguana conquers Chac-Mool,
draped across the stone bowl,
barely moving, drunk with heat.
Its recticular lid ticks.

The above stanza is so wonderful that it makes the entire poem shine. Though, I have to admit that it spoiled me and had me longing for more stanzas of the same caliber. This entire poem is very good--Angeline doesn't write mediocre poetry. This is definitely worth a read and a comment and a vote.


If You Listen
by DeepAsleep ©

with our fingers twisted in the hair
of the beast pop-culture has become and
ride that bitch over every numb face

This poem is loaded and if you pull the trigger, something is bound to hit you. So, give it a read and see which parts you love or if you love the whole thing.


For all the SeattleRain fans, Ms. Rain is dropping into cool

drop me down cool air sinking
on knees bath-rug ready

drop me down

Interesting words, interesting style, interesting erotica--if you're interested, give the interesting S.R. a read and a every-poet-wants-one comment.


Late Evening Breeze
by Pervetta ©

A blown kiss catching and meeting on the late evening breeze

This is a nice poem with potential. Read and offer the poet some suggestions and encouragement.


Night Falls
by travelers_bengal ©

Keeping pace with brilliant sunset color calls
she moans, whimpers, and screams... then... Night falls

This is a fairly brief rhyming poem that has possibilities. Please leave some comments for the poet.


Two poems by Liar:

by Liar ©

let me not not not
and lose an hour
and lose a day

Three step rewind
by Liar ©

Beda waltzes like she doesn't care
which she doesn't do

to a four by four
fashion flare backbeat break
that rings from the black cones
of the new millennia's shamans

pushing holler like heroin
mass hysteria high
strobing new truths
through writhing hoard's
exhausted eyeballs

This poem has the most intriguing story of the day. I had to read it twice and as the story sunk in and the images came to me, it was quite chilling.


A vision of Inception
by chinacatKS ©

There was a night as I stood observant the unclouded firmament filled with stars and drumming.
I deliberated,why can't it be that I feel like this when you are with me?

This is chinacatKS' first poem at literotica, so welcome her with comments.


Judy Strikes Out
by Boxlicker101 ©

At the meat department was another handsome bloke
Judy went to him to try her luck.
Subtlety was not her thing, so Judy plainly spoke,
“Hey,” she said to him, “I wanna fuck.”

If you find rhyme and this sort of humor appealing, then you should check out this poem.


Memories of H
by russeltrust ©

When she arrived, she arrived cold and clothed, her lips the temperature of the air outside, her mouth warm, hot. Up the stairs, the curves of her womaness under my hands: hips, bottom, the feel of the fabric of her clothes. It was prudent to greet her so nearly naked; for soon her nude body, on her back, on my bed, and greeting her with the lust and the love of our youth that made the absence of hours an eternity.

Prose, poetry, a combination, I don't know. I do know it's good writing, though.


Pussy Juice
by dcpoet44 ©

brief intro: i haven't been around lately due to a lot of drama. i'm hoping to get in the swing of things here now that things have settled down. but this piece is reflective.

You may want to give dcpoet's reflective piece a read.

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9-2 PART 2

Okay, more poems.

This one is already hot:

Zephyr's Reprieve
by neonurotic ©

at the kitchen table
doing mundane inane tasks
bills, bills, and books


by Toward A Word ©

how does it feel
to have the total consciousness
of every man on the planet
inextricably wedged
deep between your perfect butt cheeks?

I can think of worse things to have wedged between one's butt cheeks.


Ghosts of Want
by PatCarrington ©

Dawn cracks, and the statues
are still,
the boiling ocean flat
as the light of the yolk
frightens and freezes
the tremulous feasts
that bent and bubbled to life
with the moon.

What a wonderful poet. You simply must read anything written by Mr. Carrington.


Proper Perspective
by sandspike ©

caught an eel while drinking beer
hit his head against the pier
cut his throat and skinned his hide
took him home - my alibi

grabbed that sucker - fried him up
ate with okra - didn't suck
returned from church wife ask why
I corn mealed my alibi

Now this good, fun rhyming! lol Go read the rest.


First Reading at Café No
by jd4george ©

I dropped the coins of my children
into the blind man’s cup,
first dues for the body poetica.
He didn’t say thank you,
didn’t even acknowledge the rattle
of metal on metal.

After you read the poem, be sure to check out the public comments for george's story behind it.

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9-2 PART 3

And don't miss:

Behind door #5
by LeMatou ©

A muse for film at Sundance,
stark art in black & white,
dregs of life city snapshots,
and birth new pity poetry.


Seeing Past the Silver
by *Catbabe* ©

It’s fifteen years
since I have faced her
yet she has not aged,
still the young girl
clothed in naiveté
who walked too soon
into a woman’s world.
and was left naked,
soul-shattered and alone.


Afternoon's blades
by flyguy69 ©

Sunlight splinters at the window and
falls in shards across her waking hip
Scimitars of pale gold that parry with every breath then
clatter to the sheet when she raises her head

Nap-happy eyes bat dreams off her lashes as
she smiles and
blinks Hi,


There are more poems but I'm simply tired of reading. So, please suggest something good that I may have missed.
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Not necessary
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New Poems 9/5 Sunday part 1

Evening all....sorry for the late post...but I work retail....and Sundays are sacred only to the mighty dollar....

But at last I'm home and ready to roll....

First off, the prolific Uncle Pervey gives us 4 offerings. If it's consistency you're after, U.P. is your guy....my favorite of the lot On the Bayou as Hank Williams only dreamed of it. Sing along with Uncle Pervey!

Eskimos have 87 words for snow by esb1066 takes Perveyism to new lengths and heights. If you are short of vocabulary for your erotica, this is a veritable encyclopedia of terminology....and it's funny too.

"Cunnilingus, is the proper word,
But it's eating a furburger with your common bird.
Of course, Ginger's not a common whore.
She knows what her cunny's for."

"And she knows Cockney. A Berksire hunt
Is rhyming slang for a running cunt
Her beaver, box, gash, vagina,
Her rosebush, garden, could not be finah."

BooMerengue pays homage to another lit poet annaswirls in Anna's Gift . This is the stuff myth's are born of....and presented in a form poem of all things.....considering annas freeform flights......here's a taste....

Anna swirled now faster round and round
and every word she spoke was rich in tone
so singing louder she began to hone
her rhymes that chased Ol' Winter to the ground.

She danced from tree to shrub; from hill to vale
Swirling spinning dancing her delight!
and everywhere she stepped it was a sight
to see the green return in dead of night.


If you were following the threads you saw this next one developing. If Only is short, simply stated and bittersweet. Nice work


Response is an exercise in minimalism from irishcatsmeow
arms engulf
lips meet
bodies strain
legs entwine

tongues roam
breasts swell
spines arch
hips pump
Give this poem a read, and let the poet know yours.

I'm going to post this before I loose it....more to come after a short respite....
If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.... HH The Dalai Lama

The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love.....William Sloane Coffin
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I am so sorry you guys... I have the flu and it has knocked the hell out of me. But I'm just gonna copy and paste what I have and hope it's ok.

*running in... panting... I know! I'm late! Lots of family in Florida and we're a one-line household. But here I am...

disclaimer! as Eve and I decided, these are called Mentions- not Reviews!

in order of appearance...

Two very good deep reads by jd4george today- I liked them both very much.

Release Of John D and 1971 Peace March In Washington, DC

Pat Carrington gives us a great one...
Straw Man
. Heres a clip...

...I do not remember balance,
the standing.
I am scarecrow-still...

Poetboy824 brings us a delight- haiku: big dipper

millenium_bard hit my fancy with The Quest
The meter is a tad off, but I like it anyway!

Of two from sandoula I liked this

Landing the best, but you choose. The other Survival is good, too.

Your Laughter
on My Mind
by dreamsweet

...I wish I could make you laugh
like a dream come true, again,
but as I write, tears well,
and I lose that vision of your smile.

Been there, sweety!

Liar's we ost has lots of terriffic images!

What a hoot!

Now gentle reader, we know all too well
Hamartia’s a bot from cyber hell.

Thank Taunus for

I'll be back with the rest in a few!

Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act.
Leonard Cohen

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Not necessary
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New Poem reviews 9/5 Sunday part 2

Thoughts on a Russian Schoolday by herecomestherain and Tovarisch by Blue Dolphin are both laments spurred by the recent tragedy in Russia. Both worth a read and a moments silence.


Angeline presents us with 2 wonderful offerings- Too Marvelous for Words and Safe House. Although Too Marvelous is my favorite of the two, Safe House is especially poignant in light of the innocence of youth and sheer fun it portrays, in light of the reality the children and families in Russia were confronted with.
These are both must reads!
Too Marvelous:Let the hi hat shimmer four-four.
Drive it steady. Don't drop no bombs,
but carry it on swinging faster than wind
while bells blare, axes moan, bones swoop.

It all fits like a crazy syncopated puzzle,
pumping a piston-smooth copacetic ride

Safe House:Not a sofa or davenport;
it's not that sort of house.
It's more a frayed cabbage-rose
runner on the staircase
kind of place,

where Mrs. Silvestri's lasagne,
made fresh Thursday, lingers
over the weekend, whispers
cheesy garlic memories.

Miss Oatlash shows the result of Too Many Years. Read it, and don't make the same mistake...


In the mood for a little painful pleasure, Florentine Flogging by WriterDom is sexy, snappy and on the mark.


Finally, a piece of advice, DO NOT RIDE THE SUBWAY LIAR RIDES! If you need reasons, read a perspective numbed perception. Paranoia at its finest.

Me, I'm taking a cab home. Night y'all. Read, vote and comment.

Boo, I hope your computer gets better! Look forward to your mentions sweet thing.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.... HH The Dalai Lama

The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love.....William Sloane Coffin
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OK! I'm back for another try... Here we go!

This seems so sad, Duckiesmut.
Paper Cuts

"Bare He was slippery
sliding slithering
sinewing strands suffocating
snapping sunderingly strong
the strings of His call
Strident strutting the walk."

Go read Razz's
3 Years, Home Finally

Good ol' Anna! "South paws still take it top to bottom" (giggle)
dyslexic guitar H

What if?
This piece, by doormouse is simple, sad and very eloquent!

I thought this was pretty cute! Pearlescent's
Sweet Sweet

You wanna see feisty? Go read thegirlfriday11's
With God At My Back!

And PLEASE! Don't piss Tath off... this is a VERY funny read!
Natural Selection

OK, kids- those are my Mentions! I hope you all go read, comment and VOTE!

Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act.
Leonard Cohen

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Monday, 06 Sept New Poems

Hello poets. Just jumping in and filling the Monday new poems review slot for Maria today. Just handful of poems and a lot of audio poems to listen to, which were fairly good in quality.

Molten by minsue ©
This illustrated, is some steamy and slick erotica. Enjoyed the art—it went nicely with the poem.

Home by R. Richard ©
There were several audios posted by R. Richard—all of which were short writes. I like the forementioned the best.
Place I left in haste
spring comes with trees in bloom
ripe fruit I can taste
"c o f f i n" by Senna Jawa ©
Is a clean and sharp image with a reality check.

Some great bluesy words were to be found in Thank You Keb' Mo' by sandspike ©
Compton blues man
Mississippi soul,
met him in a gift shop
moaning through the t shirts,
after the forgiveness
before the self redemption.
Ruins by PatCarrington ©
I've never been to Italy, but reading this with the very rich blended metaphor and tactile imagery, that I may just have to visit it dreams.
Put on your boots, the legs
of night are calling.
yourself with nylon seas,
grapevine arms that stain
your lips with purple,
that wrap and dizzy you
with Tuscan wines.

your beautiful ruins like Rome.

That's it folks, my idea of what was good poetry today. See ya Wednesday...

- neo
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Tuesday Reviews + post Labor Day Blues

Good morning, poets, and anyone else who is crazy enough to be reading this.

Terrific job filling in for Maria yesterday, neo......she's being punished?......I don't know whether that sounds bad or delightful.

DISCLAIMER-- same as always......scroll up.

38 NEW POEMS today, but coffee first.

First day of School by tungtied2u is short but sharp, with a nicely-conceived, one-line ending. Give it a try.

Today’s lesson is current events
With a sub-text of terror
It will be written with your blood

I am going to post these as I go, because last week I accidently erased an hour's worth of work in a second because basically I'm an idiot when it comes to buttons....and other things.

You MUST READ*Catbabe's*apples through the looking glass , a delightfully-written narrative of a young girl in love with the mysteries of life. Boy or girl, we've all been there, and this will take you back.

the tree house foreman surveys her site,
a mini-Marlowe looking for clues,
staring at the scene of the crime, down
where the forest floor rolls
with newly fallen fruit

I REALLY liked SelenaKittyn's Weather Girl. All of us who have been nature-injected with the storms of estrogen, as well as those who need umbrellas to ward off the tempest, will smile when they read this, which means everybody....well, almost everybody. Put on your foul-weather gear.

I am the weather,
and by the time you finish
reading this,
it will have changed again.
Right now there is a storm brewing.

Mutt's last-chance saloon gets a little more crowded today with Denizens: Ben . This is a story of a cop, drowning his personal crimes with waves of alcohol and bluster. If you haven't taken a seat in the Muttman's smoky bar yet, you MUST READ this rich and sharply-worded poem.

Ben joined the cops 'cause he liked to drive fast,
he liked to shoot guns and push niggers around,
and he liked how he looked in his badge and his blues
that he wore like soft armor against a hard world.

It's nice to see dcpoet44 back from his hiatus with The Tapestry Hangs Before Me , which is very well-controlled and one of the better efforts I have read from him. Welcome home, dc....all of you should wish the same by reading this worthwhile piece.

when i look
at the words
woven in the fabric,
love stands out.
but see,
it needs a place
where comfort resides-
a poetic declaration
threaded out of life.

You MUST READ Angeline's Five Strophes , a wistful run through winter and a photographer's lens, written with her typical grace and magical feel for language.

I was what your voice bumped,
what you touched while languishing
in boredom’s late gray, adjusting
camera clicks and the winter sky.

JESUS, what a good day for poetry this is so far. I'm looking to tear into somebody, just to stir the pot, but no one's letting me.....maybe more caffeine will help......be right back.

There.....all drugged up and ready to rumble.

The 1947 Carving of Icabod Crane by jd4george is experimental poetry, to say the least, and got more interesting each time I read it, which I did a number of times. You MUST READ this, but go in with an open mind.

Two legs… a torso… no cock… No cock in Normal School…
normal school… Farmington Normal School…
Class of '47… Normal School for girls… Carve…

Be back in a few hours with the rest.....this looks like the best day of poetry I have seen here in quite a spell.....we've all been busy at the holiday bar-b-ques, haven't we.....it's a wonder what a plate of ribs can do for the minds of carnivores.

annaswirls presents cursive in magnesium , whose title alone should should force you to look. Before I opened the poem, I searched the small science catalog in my brain to see what I knew about magnesium.......pliant.....burns white hot.....Those tidbits of knowledge made my finger twitch on the link quickly.

What I found was a complex piece of poetry that is a MUST READ for everyone here. What anna starts as a chemical fire (whose science references about distillation and solubility I am not qualified or equipped to soak up fully), she naturally steps right into with these 2 glorious passages:

curled strip magnesium metal
ignites in white hot flash
leaving only retinal imprint

(followed by):

on the other side
keeps me on that wire
a twisted metal tight rope walker

This day of challenging and interesting poetry continues with jd4george's Three Letters Home from....... , which is a series of 3 letters from a too-young soldier to his mother during the Civil War, complete with actual phrases from the boy along with some touching moments about the effects of war on a young man's body and mind.

It is rather cold now
but ever thing is going
along verry well.
I don’t think of enny more to write now.
Excuse the bad writing,
for I have an awful place to write.

Doctor John was surely growling from her speakers when Angeline wrote Night Tripper .....go down to N'awlins with her, and tell her what you think.

He knows Mama Roo
is queen of the little red wagon.
He conjures her. His voice calls
her out from old St. Louis 1,
and she rises past the crypts
in steamy air that creeps
up your back, grips you
till she holds you
in her foggy bones.

Techni_Akira presented four poems today, all of a similar vain....pain-drenched, with 3 using a key line repeated as an echo. The one that broke that mold, and the one I enjoyed the most was Insomnia

Bus rides with the nighthawks were always interesting in New York City, an opinion of mine that Liar agrees with in Late Night Jerks . Take a ride with him.

2 am tipsy,
but eloquent enough
to pass this wisdom on
to his grinning mute friend,
while I try to filter out
the babble.
I focus but in vain
on a murderous migraine.

"I'm a southpaw ya'know..."

Oh really? Shut up.

Bluesky Beauty provides a painful read, metaphorically connecting the amputation of both a limb and the innocence of childhood, in
phantom pains . Do not miss reading this.

my stump numb,
as the pain felt in my fingers
lost to surgical steal long ago,
reminds me..

DAMN!! This is a lot of work!

How come neo always gets only a few good poems on his days, and I have a dumptruck full!!

I'll be back....after I sulk a bit......

Bramblewood Musing by jd4george, is just 8 lines long, but spoken in soft beauty.

Bluemist offered 6 poems (some were 'song lyrics'), in a variety of rhyme schemes which seemed somewhat forced to me. The one poem I did find rather appealing was While You Slept.

tungtied2u gives us a second fine read of the day....not IN school, but ON THE WAY there, as a little girl waits for the salvation of her morning ride in Bus Stop :

she waits at the crossroads
her daily pre-dawn torture
the minutes crawl by
the automobiles too
each one a potential nightmare

how long , BlueskyBeauty's second offering of the day, though not packing the wallop of phantom pains, is also worth a read.

Cassiopea's Chain again finds annaswirls in the chem lab AND sky. It is a lovely read, more straight-forward than cursive in magnesium, and also MUST BE READ.

chained to her chair
our queen judges weightless dismount
holding cards and regal nose high
scores low dare us to free her
from celestial bonds

imagine what she would do to astronomy

Despite being inebriated, tungtied2u managed to write 3 poems worthy of mention. There are a few things that I do better drunk than sober, but writing is not one of them! Weave down the road with him, double-lining, in Longing

Monday night , headed home drunk
once again double lining
I see ahead you and I entwining
In rapturous embrace
God , what is this place?

That's what I see........almost doubling-lining myself now, there is a very good chance I overlooked something I should not have.

Mention it!

And let's not forget to vote and comment on the poems that YOU think are worthy of it.

Today's poems ended with "Can I Be Your Lap Dog?" The poem didn't turn me on, but at this point I am considering answering with a resounding YES!! ........

.......I think I'll go have some leftover ribs instead.

I need protein.

bye, bye

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Wednesday, Sept 8 , New Poems

Good Wednesday, Poets

24 poems hit the new list today. Each and everyone worth your time, opinion, and vote. I found a lot of my favorite poets gifted me with their work to look at and mention.

I'm so lucky

European Farewell by Tathagata ©
Wow, this one is full of rich tactile imagery. Tathagata, can really paint a scene with such great phrases that it makes you believe that you're sitting over at the next table.
Framed by alabaster fur
your face is a painting,
a mixed pallete of peach and crimson
against this mennonite sparseness,
drab browns and blacks and grays,
the whole place looks like
a sepia photograph,

a stark white lily on a gravestone,
photogenic by annaswirls ©
A lot more can be said about things that are overlooked and I find ordinary images to be extraordinary. Not everything that is pretty has a story as anna has suggested in this piece.
She does not understand
why I only take photos of the ugly display
of decay, cob-web corners, cracked clay drains
and broken woodstoves standing in ambience
since Nana moved from town.
adult store indiscretion by SeattleRain ©
One hot erotic, uhmm er one that... (adjusts collar) really smokes... (coughs)

Dear Jane by ABSTRUSE ©
I watched this one through the creative process in the poetry forum. It has very strong voice and some great imagery. I'll be looking forward in seeing some more work by ABSTRUSE.
They blow through the screen
as sand and sleet,
stinging her eyes.
Burning white saline rivulets
run down her face
splattering the keyboard,
as acid rain drops,
Knowing by impressive ©
As a play on this new poet's nickname, this is an impressive first poetry submission as it is delivered strong, lean clean, and fast.
It was there.
I saw it
before she could hide it
behind the curtain of friendship.
I caught a glimpse of her desire.
No Escape by tungtied2u ©
This poem from, tungtied2u, is very emotive and haunting—surely, one to read today.

carabineer by Liar ©
I wasn't familiar with the title, but I knew what it meant once reading this visually strong image.

Iroquois Arbor by flyguy69 ©
This poet, I believe doesn't get enough play, which is too bad considering he turns out such superb work that always has some great phrasing and a resounding beat. His newest poem is no exception.
Touch me, jingle dress dancer
heal my hurt with slender
finger medicine
cone rattle and tobacco ring
children & terror (Beslan +) by Senna Jawa ©
All I can say about Senna's poem today is, heartfelt.
three days in the heat
no bathroom no food no water

water bottles on the children's graves
That's it folks, my view of what I thought to be good poetry. Now go do the same and support your own kind.

- neo
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save an apple, eat eve
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9/9 What I've read so far:

by Angeline ©

She might be disheveled
in morning's mussed hair,
sleepy in cottony innocence,
bed warm and pliant,

The majority of this poem is lovely. I did question the first stanza. Check out Offering and give Angeline your opinion on all her lovely phrases.

by Angeline ©

Drink the morning
with spectral eyes dawning
to fingerlings of day lily,
lupine, and the wild mouths
of birdsong, which grace us
with sips of knowing.

And Angeline's other new poem for the day is absolutely lovely. You'll regret not reading this one in its entirety.

by Dustystar ©

The scent beneath your ear,
before your neck,
where summer forgot to kiss your hair,

Very nice. She has some suggestions about cutting out some of the middle. I think this poem has potential to be a wonderful minimalist poem.

Baby Blue Cardigan
by OhMissScarlett ©

It was cold
when you were gone
drove around town
like we used to

A simple poem but very nicely done.

Okay, this is as far as I've gotten. But I will return later.
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now with 17% more class
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All right, here you have it, my last set of Friday reviews for quite a while. And what a set! I'm counting 23 poems, which usually means that I recommend about five or six ones, and get really impressed once or twice.

Today I have eight recommendations, which I will hunt you down and spank you silly if you don't go and read.

Yes, they are that good.

And yes, I have psychic powers, so I'll know if you didn't click on the links.

Here we go...


[when sincere...] by Senna Jawa
What the brackets around the title means, I have no idea, but the poem itself is a very clear image and message, written in typical SJ style, concise and precise.

when sincere exchanges are less sincere than silence
let's talk about trifles   from here to there


Mourning Misty Murder by Reltne
Another concise and well balanced little poem. A swift but blear picture of a before-and-after scenario where the reader's imagination gladly fills in all the blanks.

Rain and wet whiskers
stalking summer's final birds
fewer flying south


haiku: the train by poetboy824
Continuing the short-and-smart trend is this little thing, that captures a small magic moment in a most delightful way.

ten years same train every day
for a moment
the first time


Technicolor Canticle Rant by jd4george
Here is a rant indeed, but a remarkably controlled and eloquent rant. A biting and bitching and hilariously sharp stab at the selling machine of religion...or something like that. Make what of it that you will, but read and grin..

God has promised me cigars
and starched collars
and an El Dorado
to drive backwards to Glory.
InRi on the crucifix cleverly replaced
with a neon “Thank you!”


Beaten Streets by PatCarrington
I've already fessed up that I'm totally sold on anything this guy writes, and this is no exception. Great flow and inventive imagery, still easy on the brain to read, delivers a rich and poignant scene.

There is no concern
in the soul of scarred tar
spotted with the trickles
of unsympathetic hearts, trampled
by grimy boots and burdened
with potholes of sour tears
whose lemon life and spirit
they spit at passing cars.


Un-Settling or Vague Rants by mstryninja
Hey look, another rant! I'm not sure now many of y'all gets down with the latest in the popular music scenery, but if you know the rapper/spoken word act The Streets. This reads EXACTLY like a text by him. Maybe not his choice of theme, but the flow, the rhythm and language felt so familiar that I actually heard his voice and English accent spit it out. Anyway, this is a piece of existentialisic musings that I found pretty damn charming.

I'm a drifter in my dreams, day drifter, day dreamer.
Alas, In my head I'm a realist, fact actualist.
Anylitic to the maximus.
But in my heart the stories different
Warrior poet, dancing militant
Head and heart conflict, can't get enough of it.


Chocolate In Between by Sinsualmind
After reading this, I had to take a break from writing those reviews. I was grinning so hard my face hurt. Sinsualmind has three poems up today. I didn't really get into the other two, but this one made up for that by sheer shameless force. It's a sexy, funky, and absolutely insane groovefest of silly smooth wordplay licks, smattering stacatto line beats, shrieking trumpets of 'I don't care if it's too much, tasteless or cliché!' and a g-funk bass of limitless wanton hammering away underneath it all. And it's about chocolate...among other things.

As I said, I will paddle you (or refuse to, if gerring a paddling is your bag) if you miss out on any of those poems. But this 'Chocolate In Between' is what I consider the catch of the day. I will personally spank you, your friends, your family and your hamster if you don't read this poem.

suns shine
sunshine tongues
on your dome and
I alone
would like to know if you'd
melt in my mouth
not in fingers that surround
chocolate smooth brown
groove down
my lips


Painting Night by Angeline
And last but not least we have Angeline who sneaks in with a exactly the kind of writing she does better than anyone else. A melodic mumble that sets the reader's mind at ease. A kind, homely and inviting poem.

Eyes close with new memories
in three-quarters of moon
lit soft as luminaria, almost
insubstantial but enough
to slip hair, pressing cheek


Signing off.
Write something every day.
Support your local newbie.
Be kind to small mammals. (even hamsters)
And remember:
If it only takes two to tango,
where the hell is the band?

stuf...mor stuf

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Here I am with the Saturday Mentions! Thankfully there wasn't a lot to look at-
this is my 7th day with a minimum fever of 102. The next challenge I think should be A Requiem For Boo!

Anna's was a stand out!
meet me at
a little cynicism is a GOOD thing!

blocked by mayeliza is another bewailing the loss of one's muse.

and these three little poems...

Platitudesby Ancient117331

Please Don't
by discreetplay

by Athena Storm

are all nice but with a little more polish could be much better.

Remember- these are just Mentions!

Go read, vote, and comment! Save a poet- send a feedback!


Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act.
Leonard Cohen

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Not necessary
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New Poem Reviews Sunday 9/12

Good Sunday everyone,

I've been heavy with a head cold all day, but after several naps, and a suphedrine, my mind feels clear enough to tackle today's posts.

Annointed by Angeline is quiet and reverent.
Sigh one broken whisper,
draw you in, wrap you deep
in silken skin, push soft
hard-peaked upon your chest,
offer you sweet velvet pressed,
and thus are you caressed
My only slight stumble came at the "beating steady" in the second stanza, I imagine an allusion to the heart or possibly passion, but then who am I to quibble with a priestess of poetry.

lostandfounder puts a noir spin on housecleaning in Raymond Chandler Scrubbing the Tub, a fun read.....and most of us have been there.
Despite the constant motion the brush looks
about as bored as I am.
It decides to take a break by kicking a piece
of foam up into my eye.
Take a peek at this down-on-his-luck gumshoe gone house hubby.

City Gift, another by Angeline is a New York lullaby, full of fond remembrances of the cities offerings.
I'll feed you pistachio gelato,
and jazz will dawn at sunset
in St Peters. I'll light a candle
for Prez and Papa Jo,
my swing saint guardian cats

irishcatsmeow puts a nice spin on an old question. Read Haiku:Serenade

A new poet, julian blake from the Uncle Pervey school, seems to be enjoying himself in Wanks for the Memories. Perhaps it's to your taste?

DelicateInferno posts 2, Building and Living my favorite of the two, which has some nice images.
Cast yourself on the water
Watch the waves swirling by
Crystal blue sparkling droplets
Reminisce a tear within her eye

dweller_20_anda_half, another poet new here, offers the hip hop Unattainable, a story I'm sure common to many, but in a format we don't see often here. Read it, welcome him, and comment.

Liar tells the groupies tale in doo-wop for a demi-god . Get caught up in his fervor. One of my two favorite reads of the day.
well yeah
i forgot
doo-wop everything works
when you're a fucking
renaissance rock'n'roll
(did I say doo-wop?)
shiny superstar
booty call free-for-all
barbie doll

Pat Carrington gives us When We Wandered,
my other must read. traipse along the path with him.
The first time we wandered
from the corn, holding hands
and running new, the rackets
of spring came with us, crossing
the pebbled stream
as the chirpings of our laughter

sang falsetto to a sparrow’s song

That's it for me folks.Time for more meds and bed. Remember to read, vote and comment. Give the newcomers some feedback especially. We grow with each other.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.... HH The Dalai Lama

The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love.....William Sloane Coffin
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Not necessary
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New poems Monday 9/13

As our dear Maria had to take an abrubt, and hopefully not permanent vacation from her Monday reviews, I wanted to step in and briefly mention 3 poems I felt should not be missed.

In This Room by Dustystar. Spiritually sensual.I like this more and more every read.

Livermore Falls by tathagata. Wonderful warm imagery.

Swing, Baby by neonurotic. Offbeat, off the rack and poignant.

These are all must reads.
Please comment and vote as well.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.... HH The Dalai Lama

The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love.....William Sloane Coffin
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Tuesday Reviews 9/14/04

If it's Tuesday, this must be......Literotica.

Thank you, tungtied, for stepping in yesterday in Maria's absence.


27 New Poems today.

First one up has steve porter turning into Peter Pan as he searches through far-off deserts for the light of his muse, when all he really needed was a mirror. How you feel is an entertaining read.

Tinkerbell, beam of light elusive
and poring through my fingers,
nothing more and nothing less
than fantasy, pure and simple,
floating like a fledgling feather

We can see the effect a real job has on a poet, as Angeline muses on the weekend in Friday and Saturday , both of which are delightful. She even left the period off the end of Saturday, perhaps in the hope it will never end? From Friday:

Sunset was striated
in the sideview mirror.

It hung in magenta sheets
like a clotheline, gold roped
between two pines,

Taking inspiration from Lauren's Chicken Challenge, Belagon takes out his frustrations on his radio in the aptly-titled Our Song . This hard-working poet continues to get better, in my opinion, having brought his verse up many levels these past months. This poem breaks down a bit in the 3rd stanza, but there are enough good moments to recommend it.

Dishonest thunderstorms
will smoothly wash
the burning radio
which I have cast in shotput style
from the window above

Angeline has been a busy girl on the keys, and uses her form poetry to take out some working-class anger on the greed on the fuel barons in Ovoid Corpse.

Within the tasteful oval, though the desk is snide,
princely chair massages pompous ass
of the cowboy despot who doesn’t deign to hide

his greed between the oils and the silks. Undenied
naked emperor, opportunistic,

To my mind, Hopeless Proposition is the real gem of Angeline's four offerings today, and a MUST READ. It is crisp poetry, and anger that is fully-controlled by the poet so it doesn't spill. There will be no doubt in anyone's mind as to its meaning.

I might as well hope
for the apple tree
that graces my one window
to laugh and grow oranges.

Be back after I hook up the IV line for the caffeine.

The magic of pharmaceuticals.

CharleyH doesn't give us too much poetry, but when she does, she does it right. And you can be sure there will smoke rising from her words. This poem bruises. Just read Bloody Corpses , a Chicken Challenge beauty.

voice engaged
by the taste of sweat, the tease of hate
my blood dripping with her saliva
dribbles down my chin, I wipe
and clamp her wrists with sounds of metal

When I see a poem by denis hale, I always take a very deep breath before I begin reading, like I'm diving for pearls without an air tank. You are sure to get startling images and references at breakneck speed, and you must be oxygen saturated to survive. Walk it Off is no exception, and just delightful. Bang around in the dark, searching for nicotine, with denis's sad dreamer.

he bangs his fat fist
on the useless breaker box,

then rifles the little cupboard
where his empty carton of Camels
sits upended next to a jumbo
Velveeta Cheese box.

Milltown Legacy by jd4george is a beautifully-written powerhouse of a poem, filled with the pain of working men, and the sadness of their transfer of that pain inside the walls of their homes. It is about weakness, and suffering, and denial, and so many human things. You MUST READ this.

my father comes home
from 16 hours in the mill,
stinking and swearing…
hiding whiskey bottles in the cellar,
stacked like coal
waiting for the furnace,
a crumpled Camel butt
dangling in his lips…
wheezing and cursing
the liquid that fires his heart
and looses his belt strap
across my back,

Gotta love sandspike!! What other choice is there? Beer in hand, I'm sure, and sand between toes, he responds to Lauren's challenge with Dream Eating Ass . Read it, and smile.

princely chair
massages pompous ass,
abusive lips
free flowing bull shit,

Stormwash by BooMerengue, another challenge poem, is a terrific read about Nazi soldiers (I assume) trying to steal the mouths and ears and spirit of ordinary people. Read it.

I burst past Mama and see Papa
on the ground holding our radio all broken now
as the soldiers laugh and smash
our music, our news. our link to the world
and then the fires started

Lauren Hynde's Derange (I'm not sure of the English translation of the title, unless it is simply 'Derange') is an intruiging read, to say the least, filled from top to bottom with gorgeous language and images. I read and examined this a dozen times. The beauty of the words and complexity of the images demands that, especially of a reviewer.

My take is the poem is about 'the desire to recapture the stolen moments of dreams, taking away by what is really real.' We have images of suns that see and swords that speak. For those who want to dig in their heels intellectually, this is a MUST READ .

Set to pulse, the sun observes the slow mysteries
that swathe the zenith possessed.
I know up above. The bitter that is to slash the veins
to with a gaze harvest the incense, the signs,
the colourless language of the harps and the sound and the fingers,
the dreams of the roses as they rise from the skin.

Break time.

It is hard not to admire jd4george's willingness to not only go outside the box, but to explode out of it. That he writes classical poetry so well and is still thirsty for such adventures is both thrilling and frustrating at the same time for me. Congress Street at Midday is a perfect example. Is it interesting? Yes, it is. Does it compare to his standard poetry. I don't think so. Read it and judge for yourself, but do so with admiration for someone who refuses to become a statue!

Lighthouse is an interesting first offering from Twinflyer. It has some nice moments, and some not so nice moments, paticularly some random rhyming that is rather forced. This poem displays a new poet with great potential. Read it and comment, so he knows we're here.

Anchored near the shore
A singular feature rises high
Angular, straight and sure it appears
Built to stand in storm and rain
What the ocean conveys
The lighthouse endures

Verdict is In by Remec, a challenge poem I assume, is a bit strained, its images forced, but there are some nice phrases and it deserves a read.

Tomorrow I will be with my poems is steve porter's second offering of the day, and not as strong as his first, I don't believe. It starts well, but the last stanza doesn't cut it for me. Read it and see what you think.

Wall Street Exorcism is Liar's humorous answer to Lauren's challenge, and gives the term 'lap dog' new meaning. Give it a try.

(2nd word, second line, should be 'off')

Toto damnit!
Step of my laptop,
you lap-dog,
before you...

Aww fudge, now you've dunnit,
snapped the match
and pulled the trigger.

That is my take on today's poems.

Feel free to mention my errors in your own post.

Read everything, and vote and comment on the poetry YOU believe deserves it.

Love, Peace, and White Wishes,


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Thank you for the Mention, Tara...

"Stormwash by BooMerengue, another challenge poem, is a terrific read about Nazi soldiers (I assume) trying to steal the mouths and ears and spirit of ordinary people. Read it.

I burst past Mama and see Papa
on the ground holding our radio all broken now
as the soldiers laugh and smash
our music, our news. our link to the world
and then the fires started"

Actually I wasn't thinking of Nazis; I had this placed in a desert region (No. Africa) at first, but when I changed tent to house it changed everything. It's about ALL oppressors... even those cloaked in the red, white and blue.

Thank you again and Thanks to all who left such great comments and feedback!

Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act.
Leonard Cohen
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Wednesday, Sept 15th New Poems

Happy Wednesday Poets

Just a couple handfuls of poems—17 in all to greet me this morning. Wow, I need them too—it's nasty weather in Seattle and I hear it's going to rain all day. Maybe it's a good day to stay tucked in bed until next week

Starting off the New Poems page is Across Grand Central by PatCarrington ©
I think everyone has at one time in their life has fallen in love/lust at first sight; Pat's Grand Central suggets that with some nice imagery, with a whistful quality.

non-profit mailing list by annaswirls ©
Well poets, she warned us about poetry on her new place of employment and here is non-profit mailing list, to prove it with great work such as this:
I did not know
your brother was autistic
whispered to red tail lights
of your black Jetta.
We disappear into our day.
Denizens: James by The Mutt ©
I've enjoyed this whole series, but I think this is one of the ones I enjoyed the most—such sadness that follwed James home and no one suspected under his perfectly put together guise.

Mad Poet: Lynn Mass. 1980's by Tathagata ©
Damn—I really enjoyed this poem it has so much "showing" description in it from stanza to stanza that I could see this scene with the dog:
I write about the dog across the street
who watches me.
Every time I look out the window
he's looking up at me,
blank stare, on his small patch
of hard brown dirt.
It's all he has.
I can relate but,
it unnerved me at first.

I stuck my tongue out,
flipped him the finger,
made faces, wore masks,
did spastic dances naked
while Talking Heads pounced from my speakers,
trying for a reaction, a cocked head,
the RCA dog.

His expression never changed.
Dance... by Ancient117331 ©
I thought Ancient117331 was a new poet, but after noting their author's page, I see that they are not. I like this poem even though it needs a trim and shave—it's the scattered thoughts I find most interesting in the piece.

Night Noise by tungtied2u ©
Are we talking about night bugs here, Tung? I have bullfrogs in my backyard that do the same thing, but I wish for early monsoons
The constant whirring
sets me spinning in eddies
of cold sweat and seething want,
races my heartbeat
shivers my spine

I pull the covers
Bury my head beneath the pillows
Pray for quiet and peace,
the first freeze of winter
to chill my emotion
and still the voices
Here's a season changing shorty with great visual imagery to enjoy: Autumn Grants by Reltne ©

I'm closing with a poem by a poet I don't see near often enough any more but very glad to see with this touching piece, Finding Joy by Syndra Lynn ©

Well folks, that's it, my opinion of what I think is good or interesting poetry for the day. Go out spread your ideas as well and support your own kind as they don't get near as enough votes and commets as the Writers on the other side of the Lit house.

- neo

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9-16 New Poems

Hello lovely poets. I believe there are only 15 new poems today, unless a few more are added later. I'll check later just incase. You know, I've really missed being on the board, but life has been hectic. Hey, check out the av. I think I finally got my brown hair back. Monkey, B.B., sorry, no more red. Okay, poems...

First is Razz with Amaranthine
slight ripples in turgidity, flesh really
swaying boughs as the whipping
wind rakes the greened leaf
veined and raised those welted

This poem is listed as non erotic but it seems very erotic to me. Razz, I love the repetition of Taken. This is definitely a very nice poem.


Out of Love
by dreamsweet ©
Passionless, slowly eroded love...
his blackmail lines repeated every night...
while wishes are trapped inside
and my tearducts are clogged
from the residue of false smiles and false dreams.

This is a solid effort. I checked out dream's member page and realized that she has many poems and that she wrote A Fool in Alcoholic Haze, which is a very good piece of writing. So, keep your eyes open and be sure to check out dreamsweet's poetry.


The Secrets of Skeletons
by PatCarrington ©
and ivory reflections with marrow
of hollowed promises
that clank in a calendar’s wind
and echo through your bedroom
when you swing the door wide.

Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to read all of Pat's poetry, but what I have read so far is wonderful. I don't think this poet has written a poem that is less than fantastic, and this one is no exception.


Still bare arms on a blanket
by Randi Grail ©
Stop, Alejo, and inhale,
remove your fingers from my hair
to touch other roots,
and your whispers from my ear
so I can savour the full and the whole
of a day rebound
but running out

Very nice. In many ways, this reminded me of an Angeline poem. Give it a read and see what you think.


Les Petite Mortes
by jd4george ©
a memory spent like jukebox quarters
panhandled at the corner…

This is a poem of few words, but a good poet can afford to be stingy with his readers. Only a few words are needed when they're good.

Also check out A View of the Garden


The Council House
and the birds cry
Penateka, Penataka, Penataka
at the Truce place

This poem begins with "Come the Comanche riding riding and riding" which reminds me of the riding riding in JC's We are the Vikings. I like riding. I like the poem.


And the last poem I'll mention is from Senna Jawa, who offers the most intriguing title of the day: Letter From An Institution
i am tired now
i don't drive
i don't girl Maries
i read weather from the clouds
always yours

This is sad to me, because it does sound like a letter from an institution, which it may very well be.

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How exciting! We have two new illustrations, today!

First is Angeline's Dear Ghosts. Here are a few lines:
If I look up, they swish
away in curtain flutters
shiver flames, giggles

I envy Miss Angeline's ability to combine wonderful poetry with illustrations. You know an illustrated poem is good when the words can stand alone. Please be sure to visit her Dear Ghosts.


Next is lostandfounder with Reflection in a Night Window which offers us a fascinating drawing, with words like "Why does he look so mad?"


intercourse, a la mode
by Catalina Frisco ©

End of summer,invisible lover,
hungry, waiting, speak to me
persimmon whispers peeling off
your dappled, fuzzy tongue.

This poem is quite good and you simply must relish that title.


Syndra Lynn brings us an erotic and Hot Moon
street lamp’s out
but a stifled moon rides
undulating hills
to lay her hungry path

This moon poem shines with some very good lines.


Cluster Fuck
by denis hale ©

This totally cracks me up:

And when I go to make
that familiar coupling motion--
with stiff forefinger locked
in the tight grip
of an ok sign--

it is only by way
of inquiring
whether she plans
to send the documents
through her sucking
pneumatic tube
any time in the next
hour or so,

or not,

but I can tell straight away that
she's taking my meaning
all wrong.

This is why
the next few seconds
are so painful
and scary
to watch-- when I

Go read the rest!


And you may want to check out:
whose choice?
by Catalina Frisco ©


Denizens : James
by doormouse ©

and the rest of today's new poems.
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