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Nipple enhancment

Working on making my big sensitive nipples larger using pumps and creams any advice would be appreciated. Can it be done? What safety things should I be looking out for
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Question. Why?
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why not? have you tried supple nips?
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Sure it's possible. I've used the sort of suction thing that you get with snake-bite kits.

Two things, though:

1. Be slow if you're using other kinds of pumps, and make sure you're not damaging yourself. If you see a lot of discoloring or bruising, back off.

2. The changes may be long-lasting, but they probably won't be permanent.

I think you can find more information on this on the BDSM part of the forum.
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Dollie----------why, because we love the attention, that's why.
Ever since I was young I had nipple rings. As time passed and I went topless more places I used larger and larger rings. Cheap ear rings worked fine.
We were spending time on nude beaches and biker bars where I could go topless or flash. I wanted larger nipples. My areolas and nipples were small and pale.
I used nipple bar bells and shields held on with bar bells.
One time at a tattoo studio buying nipple rings we saw Christmas tree looking springs that were supposed to make nipples stretch. They were held in by bars. Very painful and always in the way.

After we retired to Florida we were attending many bike events. My husband and I are playful. Many bikers fondled my boobs while having pictures taken.
One thing led to another and those large rings got caught on fingers. I lost track of how many times my nipple rings were torn out. Soon no npples sticking out to pierce.

Later I was bitten on the left breast by a Brown Recluse spider. Very deadly. After years of painful surgery I was fine. The surgeon mentioned he could make my nipples large again for $2000. He explained how he would take flesh from my body and add it under the nipple. I told him I wanted Chapstick sized nipples and he swore he could do that.

After the surgery and bandages were removed my flat nipples were still there. We were out $2000 and all the pain.

When I got bird tattoos on my boobs I later got large nipple tattoos to make up for the flat nipples and pale areolas. Up close they look like tattoos but many never notice.
Yes some of us love being different and the attention.
Nothing really worked for me for making my nipples longer.
Good luck.

The avatar is my nipples now.
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Thanks for the advice been in touch with a few ladies who have been helping me out good results so far PM me any time
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