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'Soul mates' fact or friction?

Does anyone believe in soul mates? (state your reasons please)

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Originally Posted by TDRay1612 View Post
Does anyone believe in soul mates? (state your reasons please)
sissy believes in soul mates as most people refer to them, they are people that you click with, they know what you are thinking. They are a reflex without saying a word, someone that finishes a sentence you started.
They are like your twin in how you think and act, do you believe in that?
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There is such a thing as a soulmate. Some people you are just meant to be with.
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Originally Posted by TDRay1612 View Post
Does anyone believe in soul mates? (state your reasons please)
I'll bite. Do I believe in a predestined mate? Nope. To believe in predestined mates means I'll have to accept the concept of fate, and I can't reconcile predestination with free will.

That said, there are some people with whom you not only click with, but that being with them makes sense (by the way, I am also talking about platonic friendships as just making sense). It's a compatible intensity that might develop into a deeper intimacy, might not. There's a kindredness, a connection that could be perceived as 'soul mates'; but might be a simple compatibility.

Some 'soul mates' pass through our lives quickly, and we learn a lot about ourselves. Others burn steadily through time.

So, for me, 'soul mates' or 'kindred spirits' or whatnots are just terms we use to describe an intense intimacy, a deeper connection that just makes sense as opposed to the traditional understanding of 'having a mate for everyone'.

Just my rambling thoughts.
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I'd like to think there is. I think I found one a long time ago but I stupidly ended the relationship too soon. She was perfect but I was afraid of commitment (22 at the time and coming out of a 3 year relationship). She was witty, sarcastic, hilarious, sweet, and beautiful. I think she loved me on top of it all. She is now happily married with kids. I have wonderful kids but married the wrong woman and it did not end well.

If there is such a thing as soul mates I've given up on finding mine.
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In the classic romantic sense I believe - yes, but very rare.

In the more colloquial sense, as in kindred spirits or "soul groups", I think that is more common outside of the romantic sphere. We encounter folks in this world that we just click with - there is an instant level of intimacy and comfort that blossoms into or because of great intense friendships - some of sort duration, some of long duration.

I do believe in fate, I think God has a master plan that we're not privy too and that unfolds over the course of our life - but I think it's just a high level plan with a few key milestones and in between those milestones we have a great range of free will. I conceive of them as key experiences that have happened to us or will happen to us - and what we make of them is the life lesson or soul lesson.
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I agree with Fire, sometimes hearts/souls are just attracted to one another. I do not believe I have to search the earth to find my one true soul mate.
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I have

A soul mate.
We know everything about each other.
We have never met.
And we are both married.
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I do believe in Soulmates. I believe there are Soulmates with whom we become romantically involved with, and those with whom we were simply meant to be friends with but whom we would go to the ends of the earth to protect. We may bump into others that we love and have affection for, and we always have other friends, but when we find our Soulmates, nothing can compare to that feeling. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to find their Soulmates, and some find their Soulmates to late. However even if its to late, at least you still found them and can have them in your lives.
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