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How do I attach a screen capture to my email

I would like to send them to someone on my contact list
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You may use a tool in software called Irfan. It will allow you to capture an image on a screen with the option of saving the image to a file which you might then attach to an email OR you may send the image to your clipboard which you may, with some email software, paste into the body of the email.
You might also use Snipping Tool which is loaded into at least some versions of Windows.
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Originally Posted by Beck31 View Post
I would like to send them to someone on my contact list
open an image editor, like MSpaint, Irfanview, Gimp, etc and paste your screen capture into a new image. Save the image in your favorite image format and proceed as if it was any other image.
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If you have Windows 7 or newer you can use the Snipping Tool. It lets you choose what you want to capture and then save in a number of different formats. It also lets you email directly from the tools.
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Snipping Tool
Win 7 - Start/All Programs/Accessories

Windows 8 - Two ways to open snipping tool
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