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How do I group my submissions?

From looking at other author's submissions, I see how they have their stories grouped into collections. How do I that? My newest set of stories have a different set of characters from my older ones.
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I'm not one hundred percent sure we are talking about the same thing, but... If you chapter up, that is have almost the same title except with a chapter designation, Laurel does it for you (sometimes whether you want her to or not).

There may be a way you can convince Laurel to do it even if it's not an obviously chaptered title, but I'm afraid I've reached the end of what I've explored first hand, so I'd probably suggest contacting her if this second scenario is the case.
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For us it seems the different "books" are separated into chapters by the writter.
It also seems these book titles are placed in alphabetical order.

Since I started with LIVIN everything new needs to be lower than "L".
Since I did not know this one TITLE ended up at the top. I want the oldest stories at the top to let readers learn and follow us as things progressed.
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Hope this helps.
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I'll see what happens. Each story collection I've made is does have a Chapter X in the title.
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Originally Posted by Frank_McFilthy View Post
I'll see what happens. Each story collection I've made is does have a Chapter X in the title.
But is the title the same?

The Clown in Charge Ch. 01
The Clown in Charge Ch. 02

or are the titles different?

The Clown in Charge
The Clown and His Ugly Wife
The Clown's Ugly Children

If so then you will have to have something that is able to be grouped.

The Clown Ch. 01 - He's in Charge
The Clown Ch. 02 - Ugliest Wife in the World
The Clown Ch. 03 - Even His Children are Ugly

In order for the software to group them. In the above case you need the chapter numbers to order the list. If you leave the chapter numbers out, then the list will be ordered by the the first character in the second part of the titles. In this case, E, H, U.

Hope this helps.
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