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Mom performs striptease for her son's 18th birthday

Gemma is stumped for a birthday present for her son. It's his 18th so she feels it should be special. However, money is tight.

Gemma talks the situation over with her sister. Her sister says just hire a stripper for him as every 18 yr old is horny. Gemma tells her she wouldn't mind but probably couldn't afford it. Her sister jokingly says just do it yourself.

Later that night Gemma thinks over what her sister suggested. "Hell, why not, I'm hot. Tommy would probably get a hard on even though I am his mother."

She decides to do a striptease for her young son. She picks out music and even practices her routine. She really gets pumped about giving her son a boner. The night before his birthday she realizes if she gets him all hot and bothered that he will be jerking off shortly after. This is when she becomes aware that he will of course be whacking off to his mothers image.

That turns her on. But now she thinks if he is gonna jerk off to her image then he should understand she thinks it is alright. What better way to do that than to jerk him off herself. So it is decided-Gemma will strip for her son and then jerk him off.

On the big day she surprises herself and actually goes through with it. Needless to say Tommy is also surprised but he really loves his brunette mom's perfect tits,ass and shaved pussy.

Gemma sits on her son's lap. He fondles her breasts and then she thinks "Here we go" and she pulls off her sons boxers. As much as his mom's stripping surprised Tommy, the size of his cock surprised Gemma twice as much. We say twice as much because his cock was twice the size of an average dick.

Gemma had planned on making her son cum but upon seeing a 12 inch cock staring back at her she quickly decides to not just stroke it but to give Tommy a blowjob. This of course suits Tommy just fine.

After Gemma had tried her best to deepthroat her hung son (and failed) Tommy shot a huge load all over his mother's face!!

"Thanks mom, that was the best birthday present ever." When Tommy got hard again they both realized there were a few more presents to give. They were a doggy style fuck, anal fuck and titty fuck.
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the idea overall is not bad, I really like it.

But there are some thinks that need some small changes, I think.

Usually, a strip tease is done on a party ... so I guess the boy is not alone.

Anyway, what about this change: Back when the mother was young, she needed some money, so she did some strip dancing.

Maybe the son tells her, that he would love to have a strip dancer on his party. Since the mother has done it in the past, she has no problem with the wish of her son.
So now, either the mother or the son hire a dancer. Well, the son tells his buddys that there will be a strip dancer on his birthday party. All the guys are getting hot ... even though some said: I don't believe it, until I see it ....

Well, but when the party starts, suddenly, the phone rings: It's the strip dancer ... she can't come, she is ill.
The son is worried: He has to tell his buddies, that there will be no strip dancer, because she got ill .... but will they believe him ? He tells his mother about it, but she calms him down ... "don't worry. There will be a striptease. ....."

She goes to her room, puts on some hot lingerie and does a strip tease in front of the boys. She even does a lap dance on her own son.
The mother notices that her son becomes horny .... but not only her son ... she becomes horny, too. She whispers in his ear: I still have a very special present for you ... but you have to wait, until all the other guys are gone ....
He can't believe it ... so he will have sex with his mother ? (to spice it up ... he could be a virgin)

So now, he can't wait until the other guys are gone. About 2 hours later the last one of his buddies is gone.
Then he starts to talk to his mother.
Well, after the striptease she put her clothes back on. Now, she starts the strip tease again.
At first, they boy is disappointed. He hoped for sex, but now, he will "just" get another strip tease.
But the strip tease is different. The first strip tease in front of the other boys was tame ... the mother just took her clothes off. It was erotic ... but tame.

But this time .... she moved much more - it was much hotter. When she dropped her pants, her son could see that she shaved her pussy since the first strip tease. And now, she also does stuff like spreading her legs wide open, so that he can see her pussy and butthole.
When she is done, she asks her son: What about you ? You should take your clothes off, too ....

Oh, but another thing that is not so god about the original idea .... why does the son have a big cock ? A normal one would do it was well. The mother is single, she had no cock since quiet some time ... so she doesn't really care about size.
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speaking as a woman and mother, i'm sorry honey this would never happen as long as you have a hole in your ass, not without some history of desire between son and mum.

also drop the 12 inch cock they don't exist in the real world and as soon as 90 pc of readers see reference to any cock over 9 inches, (the biggest in normal use), they'll hit the back button and walk away from your tale.

12 inch cock's only exist in porno and about 1 in a million men. data from a web site that deals with myths there.

make our hero's more normal, 8 inch cock if you want mummy impressed by it while sounding normal, make mummy wanting the 8 inch cock since she first saw it hanging from son, make son have hot spot for mummy, and your story will work fine. it's a good idea basically.

luv: lorrilove xxxxxxxx

i am the model of depravity, and very open to suggestions, please help me maintain this state, giggle.

lorri's dirty story: The School Reunion
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just an idea:

maybe it's not the mother - it could be the sister. She is like 21 and in college far away from her home. To earn some money, she works as a strip tease dancer (her family knows about this).

So when the brother has his 18th birthday party, he asks her if she would do a strip tease for him and his buddies. Well, she thinks this would be a cool birthday present.

The buddies start to whisper stuff like: "I would love to fuck her". Since they don't that it's the sister, they talk open about it to the birthday boy ....

Suddenly, one of the buddies says something like: "Why don't you do a lap dance on the birthday boy ? I guess he would love it" ....
Well, the girl already did lap dancing in the past, so she starts to do a lap dance on the birthday boy ... her brother ..... and this is the hottest lap dance that she ever did ....
"We have done so much, with so little, for so long, that now we can do almost anything with nothing." - Dave Marcis
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I think the idea is good, and the idea of the stripper backing out and mom having to is nice (I was thinking the same thing at first).

What if the mom, being a former stripper, got one of her younger friends to do it. However, the night before she gets a call that her friend has been fighting with her boyfriend and won't be able to strip for the son.

The mom panics and wants to tell her son the bad news. Right before she can though the son calls her, him being out with his friends, and asks her if he's really getting a stripper as she promised. He is out with a few of the guys, maybe four of them, and the son just spent a while gloating. The mother, now being afraid she will embarass her son and ruin his birthday party assures them that there will be a stripper.

Now mom is confused, but after a few drinks and some frustration she argues that "why do they need a girl who is sexy, I'm still sexy, I bet I could get his friends aroused". So a semi-drunk mom tells herself that she will striptease for the boys. She practices a bit, being a little rusty, and then goes to sleep. The next day she calls her son and tells him that she'll be gone for the evening and that he and his friends will have the house to themselves. She goes out and buys some alcohol for them, then goes to an adult store to purchase some leather boots and a mask to wear. All of the toys and outfits get her remembering the nights as a stripper and how good she felt when she would have control over the men who would watch her.

That night the mother is very nervous and watches from down the street as her son's friends show up. She keeps watching the time, and calls to ask her son how everything is going. He tells her that he and his friends are buzzed and impatiently asks where their stripper is. She realizes that he may be too drunk to recognize her as a stripper, and that she could get away with the striptease. Mom finally walks up to the front door wearing a wig, a mask, leather boots, a small g-string, and a school girl outfit all hidden underneath a trenchcoat.

When she goes inside the boys hound her and she realizes that they're all drunk. Mom goes and has a drink and then tells everyone to gather in the living room. Still nervous she takes off her coat and goes in to see the boys all watching her. She dims the lights and plays some music and dances for them. As she sees her son's friends getting aroused she remembers how she enjoyed her job. Then, she starts teasing her son, going farther than she wanted until she realizes that he is fully aroused and she is getting wet from the act. She stops and kisses the boys, then goes to get dressed.

The boys harass her some more and her son grabs her and takes her up into his bedroom. He's too drunk, and she realizes that if she just toys with him that he'll leave her alone.

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