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Play With Words

Video chat is no good. To me.

I know, some people are more visual. But, IMHO I've really not seen many men or women that look good in live video.

But words.

Words are all I need. Are you any bit like me? That single word, broken phrase, or run of erotic linked expressions that throw you over the edge.

I'm more the PM or cyber chat type myself.

You? If you're a woman and want to chat, I'd like to join you.
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Maybe you would have more luck with this in the Personals section.

PS. I look awesome on Skype for the record. I'm kidding, I'm feral.
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PS. I look awesome on Skype for the record. [color="LightBlue"]I'm kidding, I'm feral.
Lol! I enjoyed that for a lovely laugh!
Thanks much
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