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Need direction on my longest story to date

Hey all,

I have not posted anything in almost two years, but I've just finished the longest story I've ever written. The document is over 200 pages. I really don't know the best way to publish it on here. Do people normally just publish it under "Novel" or do they release it in chapters? And how long do chapters usually last?

If I don't publish it as a Novel, I also have to figure out what genre to post it in. It has exhibitionism and voyeurism galore, but also same sex stuff, group sex, and perhaps most importantly, some incest.

What do fans usually prefer? What do authors find most useful and successful?


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I recommend posting this is the Author's Hangout as it is more appropriate to there. This type of topic comes up a lot there.

Edit: 200 pages doesn't mean anything to me. What is the word count? I've been successful with stories as large as 32K words.
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A story that long will get slapped a lot by early voters unless it goes in Novels & Novellas. Just look at some of the early comments people left on Threads: The Island. If it crosses that many different Lit genres, my vote is either pick the overriding theme and warn about potential squick factor in an intro, or submit it for Novels and let the chips fall where they may.
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