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made in Chelsea - Rich spoiled guy in cowboy bpots

Josh Harrington had just come back from a two week holiday in Barbados with his parents and younger sister, so the cloudy but mild London weather was a shock after the 30 degree heat, as was the need to wear jumpers and coats.

With some unpacking still to be done his luxury riverside apartment, owned by his parents was a little more untidy than normal.

The 19 year old city financiers son had enjoyed padding around in flip flops and barefeet most the time on holiday, so preparing to go out for lunch, putting on a roll neck sweater, coat and his favourite pair of cowboy boots felt a bit of a culture shock.

'Babe. .. are we going far.... .just wondering whether to wear heels or not?" Lucy, the girl he'd just spent the night with enquired. A recent hook up, the attractive blonde grasped a pair of louboutin clos noued high heeled sandals in her hands.

'I was just thinking of somewhere here by the marina sweetie? " Josh replied.

18 year old Lucy and he weren't exclusive, and their sex was recreational. Like others in their peer group, both also saw other partners. Handsome but pampered, ladies man Josh had 3 girls on the go at present. Lucy was sleeping with an older guy, a 22 year old friend of her brothers.

Before they dressed though the attractive, highly sexed couple started making put. Lucy could sense her partners erect penis as they did so. Although the 19 year old pampered, spoiled playboy he was nonetthess well mannered, and we'll endowned. His 8 inches of manhood had already enjoyed pleasuring 40 different girls. Lucky Lucy emerged flushed and panting from the bedroom 5 minutes later having had the full Josh Harrington experience.

Glossy, perky blondes were totally Joshs thing.

In bed as he'd mounted Lucy every piece of skin and cartlidge in his erect penis was stretched to the bone. Mean his assertive strokes yielded maximum pleasure as he ravished her.

A top the slim, blonde the teenager lothario had plunged ever deeper until his erection spat and convulsed with pleasure.

After finishing and cleaning up the sexy couple got dressed....

'You look smart, lovely sweater. What shoes you gonna wear with those jeans baby' Lucy asked.

"Not sure honey, are you wearing your louboutins again? " Josh answered.

"Yah...mmm....If we're meeting Guy and Tara at the Wine bar... why not wear your cowboy boots? " she replied .

"Mmm....sure which ones?" Josh asked.

"That tan pair with the high heels?"

"Yah....sure. baby" the ex public school boy drawled. He enjoyed the extra height a pair of boots afforded him when dating girls. to his closet he selected a couple of pairs to try on.

Returning ftom his dteasing room with a pair of mens cowboy boots.
Yes, those baby...The calf high ones". Lucy preferred if they were out with friends that Josh appear tall next to her. His tan boots bought by an ex had 4 inch cuban stacked heels. so on pulling them on and standing up forcing his feet into an 45 degree angle.

Enjoying the post coital feeling of being dressed up smartly
, Josh angled and clicked one of his stacked cuban heels on the bedroom flooring and admired himself.

"Hmm. ...sexy!" Purred Lucy seductivley. 'You need to straighten those though honey' she pointed out, pulling the bottoms of his smart jeans over the cuban heels.

Since turning 18 Josh had often worn a pair of cowboy or western boots when dating or socialising, being quite short at 5'5, they gave him a bit of extra height. Josh was also of the view that the girls he dated loved them.

Josh had several pairs like these, this particular pair had been bought for him by an ex girlfriend from R Soles store in the kings Road, London around a year ago for his 18th birthday.

Not quiite like his girlfriend Lucys in her louboutins with but nonetheless as he put on his herring bone coat and made his way to the doorway of his apartment it was with more*of a strut than the average guy in*flat*boots or shoes.

Some said*this*made him look arrogant but Lucy knew that any guy*wearing similar boots**will tell you*3*inch heels do make you strut and swagger a bit more. For instance*her older brother was a successful ski instructor and enjoyed wearing cuban heels when daring his girlfriends.*

Lucy didn't mind this too much.*Josh could indeed be a bit arrogant but she was used to dating guys like that.

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