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Extended Author Notes for "My Cousin Shows Me Around Campus"

Note: These are extended Author’s Notes for a story that hasn’t been posted yet. I’ll provide a link to the story once it is posted. Until then, I suggest you don’t read this as it contains lots of spoilers.

The story behind the story
I was corresponding with a woman that has beta-read for me in the past when she asked me, “Not that I have read everything you have written, but have you had cousins or half-siblings in your stories?” She had read “My European Summer Vacation”, which is my only story with half-siblings and I had no story with cousins.

About a week later, the idea for the story came to me. It’s pretty common for me to get story ideas after corresponding with someone, though normally right away. I thought about the story for a whole weekend. The two scenes after the party when they’re driving to the dorms and when they’re at the dorms really stuck in my head. Everything sort of flowed out from there.

I posted a synopsis of the story to my blog. A beta-reader told me that he had read the synopsis and had loved it. He strongly encouraged me to work on the story. I did, sending him the latest version of the story after I wrote another major section.

The story adheres pretty closely to my original synopsis. I changed the names from Greg, Jill and Angie to Skipper, Megan and Allie. In the synopsis, Megan convinces Skipper to make love with her first and then to live together second, whereas in the story it is the other way around.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the final sex scene. I was going to have it start with Megan showing Skipper her tits and then move quickly to fucking. I was watching videos for inspiration and I came across a stepbrother-stepsister video that had more foreplay and kissing then most porn videos. I thought it was hot so I decided to use it as inspiration. The premise of the video is that there’s a hotel mix up and the stepbrother and stepsister have to share a bed for the night. While he thinks she’s asleep, he decides to feel her tits. She’s awake and lets him do it. Things proceed from there. When I started thinking of how to translate the video to my story, I came up with the idea of them acting out Megan’s fantasy of Skipper slipping into her bed and taking her quietly. I decided to describe every little step. As I wrote it, I decided that after a while, Skipper plays into the fantasy so Megan doesn’t have to tell him what to do anymore. It was a long, detailed sex scene that I think comes across as hot. The video is over forty minutes and has two separate sex scenes. I decided to describe the foreplay from the first sex scene and the fuck from the second scene.

When I describe people, hair color is the biggest part of that description. I try to rotate hair colors and I decided to give Skipper black hair. Given that, I decided to model his looks after Clark Gable. Megan doesn’t describe her looks much, so no model there. Initially, I was going to have Allie be a generic blonde. Then I decided to make her look like Amy Noonan of Karmin from the video Heartbroken.

My goal was to create a sweet love story, where the two main characters already care very much for each other. They spend the weekend getting acquainted as adults, strengthening the feelings they have for each other, and finally accepting that they’re the right ones for each other. I wanted the reader to know right away that Megan and Skipper are going to wind up making love and committing to each other, but to have no idea how I’m going to get them together. In most of my stories, there’s a small amount of sexual activity that builds the sexual tension, then a little more, then a little more and eventually they’re fucking. In this one, the build up is all emotional.

What happens next?
Realistically, I’d have Megan’s parents say “No” to going to summer school at the university. Megan and Skipper will have to be creative about getting together. Then things would happen as Megan predicted - they’d fall deeply in love while living together, they’d tell their parents at Thanksgiving or Christmas, then they’d move together where ever Skipper goes to grad school. There, they’d never tell anyone that they’re cousins.

What do I particularly like about this story?
It’s hard for me to create interesting male characters. Skipper is hopefully interesting, unique but still realistic

What do I think I might get grief about?
* I’ve gotten several angry comments on “My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date” for the positive consent and the main male character being critical of small town patriarchy. I’m sure I’ll get several angry comments about Skipper’s plan for blocking access to the university for certain groups. Originally, I didn’t mention any groups but than made his plan too vague. The fear of angry comments about that part of the story made me think about re-writing it several times, but I couldn’t think of anything else that worked.
* This is the second story in a row where I made a big deal about a family name. Before, it was “Christopher” for “Chris”. Bad to repeat an idea.

What were the inspirations for the sex scenes?
This video. To get some ideas for how to describe sex from a woman’s point of view, I read September Blue. The author AwkwardMD was a huge help in getting the sex scene physiologically correct (she was a huge help in general).

What of note got cut from this story?
Nothing. When I’ve written other stories, I have scenes/dialog I think about but don’t actually write down because they don’t do enough for the story. I didn’t even have much of that on this story. The one scene I thought about but didn’t write down was Skipper telling Megan that microeconomics is complete bullshit.

Major editing changes for the story as it was written?
The two biggest changes once the story was complete were to change Allie’s looks and to explicitly make Megan an introvert.

Any other notes?

I’m looking for beta-readers
Tell me what you think of my stories before I publish them. I lose beta-readers regularly so I’m always looking for new ones.
Blog on my writing.

Latest story - Comforting My Little Sister
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