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I love the stories about getting caught jerking off

There's not as many stories of that theme/scenario as I thought there would be....Taboo, voyeur, exhibitionist....
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With everyone carrying camera cell phones these days, getting caught means immediate blackmail material, as the observers start whipping out their phones and cameras. Either blackmail material if they want something from the person they caught OR viral videos if they're inclined to humiliate the person.

As a result of technology, I would have expected to see more of those stories. But you're right. I don't see them all that often.
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Originally Posted by wandasboris1980 View Post
There's not as many stories of that theme/scenario as I thought there would be....Taboo, voyeur, exhibitionist....
it's kinda cliched. i've featured it in some scenes/stories, but suspension of disbelief for a continuation takes time and effort to achieve.
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this is one of a few initial starts for the incest category. Mom catches son jerking of, begins to lust after that handsome rod of meat...

Don't know if incest is a squick button for you, but there are loads of them over there.

Is it men being caught that you enjoy, or are you good with women being caught masturbating as well?
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I shamefully admit to ignoring this theme. I'll try to do better in the future. No, wait, I had the MC shag herself in a car at a busy roadside rest in Left Behind. But that was after some coerced blowjobs and then a dry spell. So she *needed* the relief. Further on, a scene that hit the cutting-room floor had her ride her motorbike to a remote hilltop, strip down, finger herself... just as a helicopter came over the ridge. Busted!

But I'm seeing a plot bunny about a guy or gal who masturbates constantly, publicly. Does she use her fingers or a remote rabbit? Does he use his fingers or a wrap-around? Okay, no mechanical aides -- fingers only. Their fingers are always Down There. At work, in school, at home, traveling, they can't stand to stop the constant stimulation. Jerk and poke, jerk and poke... The storyline follows their perceptions, reactions, consequences. Do others see them as hot or depraved? If you notice them, do you offer to help?
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Might I suggest chapter 9 & 10 of my storyline "A Slut's Triangle" for getting caught masturbating. Chapter 1 of "My Brother's Ghost" touches on or at least hints at voyeurism.

Neither of my stories mentioned are incest though. The subject really doesn't interest me based on my morals. Mine are about T-girls and women.
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One of the first stories I read on literotica was about a husband getting caught by his wife jerking off. She then forced him to do it a couple more times. It was seriously hot.

Stuffed if I can find it again though.
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