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One Bomber Feedback

I would like to offer this up for your comments.

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Not sure why they are tolerated by website admins. In my view, they are part of the problem for not cleaning up.
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But I liked the story!
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Bad Doggie
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This falls under "sad, but true" because as bad as you made Gary it was a perfect description of the slimy 'real man' of LW
Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep
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>> Gary was consumed with hate. His soul was black with seething anger and hatred. His mind, once rational, had been eaten away by the all-consuming vileness of his obsession. Daily, he experienced the intensity of a black hatred that could have only been spawned in the depths of Hell.<<

*giggles * Oh man, this is fun to read. I'm reading it over again right now. In my mind's eye, I picture him! Oh, it's very vivid! Bravo!

Ahhh...it's a shame the site doesn't have better safeguards, but it is a free site. If it were pay-per, they could hire more mods and such. They are doing the best they can.
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