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Lightbulb Ideas for punishment, domination and humiliation with long distance

Virtual domination

Sub female

Ideas for punishment, domination and humiliation with long distance

I need a list of tips humiliation , punishment etc with long distance , virtual domination

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That all depends on the PYL/pyl involved. What's punishment to one person may not be punishment to someone else. Creativity is important and activities should be tailored to suit the needs of both parties. Are you asking because you are in a RL D/s LDR, or are you writing a story?
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Is the humiliation performance art where she embarrasses herself in public or is it private?
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First: this might help

Next. Everything you are asking for is subjective. Me being an exhibitionist, I love taking naked pics and him posting them some where. But every other submissive he has had that's been a squirmy moment for them. I'm also a pain slut. One of our favorite activities involves me sitting on tacks. Not for the weak willed. Also that one can have some complications in an online environment.

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My Dom recently had me wear a butt plug while I was watching tv with my husband. I had to sit next to him for a couple of hours, turned on, wanting my Dom, and feeling the plug every time I moved. It drove me crazy!
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