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I am Jessie and I randomly take out different people in order to find some interesting ones and get to know each other in what follows. I'm very communicable and open to people. i am sure everyone has something peculiar about himself. So what's special about u??)) What are u interested in? If you want to talk more. Just email me keyholder1212@gmail.com hope to hear from you soon
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A friendly little grammar note: communicable is generally used in terms of "communicable disease," able to be communicated to others. You might want to choose communicative in the future, ready to talk or impart information.

Thanks for the giggle.
Art is like prostitution....first you do it for love, next you do it for a few friends, then you end up doing it for money.

Sexiness wears thin after a while, and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that's a treat! ~~Joanne Woodward

Please enjoy my stories
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Role play with me in my story...

Photos of my wife...


Talk dirty to me about my wife!
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