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The Titan

Abi Janssen

Rick Before

Abi had known Rick for several years, she had just started college when she met him. She was only sixteen when she went into Harvard. She was the youngest woman to get in at such a young student. She was very intelligent and very beautiful, known for her compassion and brains. Rick was older then her he just got out of the service when they met and he was going into the NASA program. Because of the age difference they took there relationship very slow. His work and her studies was part of the reason they took it slow, but when she turned seventeen he kissed her for the first time. It was an amazing moment and with that kiss knew that he was worth the wait. There lives were special and there love would be tested something no one would see coming. Time went by very fast to Abi at least to Abi and there relationship was even stronger. On Christmas Eve Rick got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

It was an amazing gift and took her just a second to say yes to it, she was really happy about there situation. She got out of college and Rick helped her get a job at NASA being a doctor and they saw each other all the time. It was really nice that they had each other, and she watched how he was slowly changing. He was getting injections and taking pills she watched him swim in the pool at NASA and watched how he could breath underwater it was a little worrying to her. What happens if he changes so much he looses all since of who he was. The other people on the program were becoming violent. The first one that died was a woman, looked like her neck was slit, then the other one was a guy that was killed by people because he became very violent. Every time something bad happened Rick held her telling her it would be okay. She believed and trusted Rick, more then anything. She would never be afraid of him. And she had a feeling that would be tested.

But the time came that the physical changes were suppose to happen, Rick asked her if she wanted to get married before it happened, she agreed to it. She could never imagine not loving him or God forbid scared of him. She may have been almost 26 and Rick was 39 she always liked older men. They got married in front of a judge with his coworkers as witnesses and got married. It was perfect and was grateful to him and they were given the day to be together so they made love that whole day, holding each other. The day of his final test he had her stay home and he would come to her when he could. She got a call saying he made it out okay that he missed her. It had been three months since she saw him, she got letters from him and his writing changed. He was coming to her that night and she was excited and while she waited she was in the living room looking out the double doors seeing there pool. The only light in the whole house was from the pool.

She had not seen him for such a long time, was a year and four months. She was told by family, friends and the military that she needed to move on, to move away and restart her life. But the ring on her finger was a vow and a promise, to not leave him. And she would never do such a thing, she had gotten a lot of migraines the last three weeks, but what she didn't know was Rick was trying to communicate, but because it was a different process not everyone could pick it up, but they have always been very close. But on this night she had no idea what was going on, all she had on was a black robe that was tied holding it closed. She felt something in her head and finally she heard her name, and slowly turned her head and saw a figure in the shadows, she wasn't expecting Rick so she grabbed a pocker from the fire place holding it in front of him, but she herd the h4er name in her head?

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