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MaggieSparrow, MelissaBaby and Ameaner

I like the concept of this section of the forums, especially as a way to bring attention to writers who deserve it.

Ameaner has been gone for a while, but he/she wrote three huge, multi-chapter, interwoven stories that served as one mega epic. I read them in chronological order and at first I thought that I was reading an odd incest story. Then I realized I was reading an incest story with touches of horror. A few more chapters in I realized that I was reading a horror story with touches of incest.

To be honest, I didn't like the ending. That's not the writers fault, it just wasn't my cup of tea. The fact that it wasn't to my particular tastes does nothing to detract from the writers skill.

If you are looking for a loooonnnnng, well written story, this might be right up your alley.


Different authors have different skills. For example, Chloe Tzang can write with a whimsy that I wouldn't even try to duplicate. Add that to her natural storytelling gifts and her stories are fun and enjoyable.

MelissaBaby has a gift for making everything feel 'right'. There is nothing that feels out of place or questionable in her stories. The attention to realistic detail pulls you in as she lays truth bombs in your path that linger after your done reading the story.

That was most evident in My Fall and Rise, but is also true of Mary and Alvin.

If you haven't had a chance to check out her stuff, give it a try.


I've only read one story by MaggieSparrow, but Fighting My Desire deserves it's high rating. I plan on delving into the rest of her stuff soon.

The story rewards the willing suspension of disbelief that most stories in the incest category require. The more outlandish a story is, the larger and more difficult a pill that is to swallow. She has the skill to make that pill more than palatable.

She gets her emotional hooks into you quickly and doesn't let go until the story is over. The story, plotting, characterization and writing are much better than the majority of stories in it's category. Check it out.

Start of Ameaner's Stories:
(please note that things don't get really moving for a while. What's really going on isn't obvious at first.)


First chapter of MelissaBaby's My Fall and Rise:


MaggieSparrow's Fighting My Desire:


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Thanks for the suggestions. I already like two of the writers you recommend, so I'll give the other two a try.
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I edited the op to include links to the stories.
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Bebop, thank you very much for your kind words.

Chapter Ten online now!
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