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World Poetry

I have translated many poems from Hebrew and Arabic which I thought were very captivating in both their use of symbolism and what comes across as real longing for passion, love, and above all sensual pleasures. I will post some of my translations or parts thereof shortly. Hope you enjoy.
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Our Father

Master of the universe
our father
A thousand greetings

From the hungry fields
From the downtrodden
Sick and poor

A thousand greatings

We will never try to heel wounds with prayers
We will never wait to eat in the here and after
Nor will we dream of eternity any more

Tell your angels and your preachers to let us be
Tell them we will no longer wait
Let them know tomorrow
We will plant
And soon the fields hungry no more
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Naked of a name
Of belonging

On a soil I nurtured with my own hands

Jacob screemed today
Filled the heavens

Don't make me a lesson
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Poet Chick
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Your posts are very interesting. Are they "found poems," that is, are you translating a line from one source and another line from another source and then putting them together to make a poem? Or are you taking a whole piece from original Hebrew or Arabic and translating it? If you're doing the latter, you should say what you're translating. It's not your original writing so you need to provide credit for the source. I'd do that even with a found poem to be on the safe side of copyright law.

You are right though. I really hear the poetry in what you're posting here. I hope you'll provide the source info and post some more.

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Hi, Thirdwave, and welcome.

Who are you translating? You really should list the original name, title, where originally published, etc. That would be standard practice for translation.
There is never a question of what to paint but only how to paint.
The how of painting has always been the image's end-product.

—Robert Ryman
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