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vBulletin Parsing Error

Manu, Laurel or Other Powers that be...

I'm not sure when this stared but the vBulletin filters you've set are now parsing the % 20 that usually stands for a space in a tag incorrectly. Every existing tag with a % 20 is now being processed as **0. For example...


Yes, the real error is parsing % 2 as **. Was this an unintentional change or is this another instance of altered functionality until the site conversion is complete? I do realize the tags now accept a space in rather than the % 20 character () but that doesn't help the plethora of existing posts that were made with the old format.


P.S. I wrote % 20 and % 2 with the spaces to prevent the automatic conversion by the filter. I realize there should not be spaces between those characters normally.
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