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Another holiday family mixup

Here's another accidental Christmas mixup:

Wife decides to get her breasts enlarged and to show off her new set of ta-tas she wraps herself in a bow and waits in the living for her husband. Now, how the husband doesn't know about the surgery could be he works many hours or he travels? So she expects her husband to either wake and come downstairs or come home from traveling and give her his present bent over at the fireplace. What she doesn't expect is to see her son coming home from college (maybe with his new gf?). Embarrassment all around. But the son can't get the image of his near naked mom out of his mind. There's sexual tension during the entire visit until it boils over to unrestrained lust.

...OR as a surprise to his wife her traveling husband brings home their son for Christmas. They both walk in on her wrapped in just the bow. The air of awkwardness lingers for awhile until the son mentions how great her boobs look and telling her there's nothing to be ashamed about her body. Father and son both agree she's a very sexy woman. One thing leads to another until mom is riding the son and dad is watching or he's joining in, shoving his cock in her mouth.
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or how about daughter had them done while she was away at school, so when she arrives off plane, the family can't help but stare at her chest.

Enjoying the power, she wraps herself in bows & waits under the tree for Santa, knowing that Daddy does it every year.

Except this year, Mommy has to be sabta's elf because there are so many gifts...
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

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