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New, Really Tall and looking to chat up these pretty ladies.

Hey! Brand spanking new to this site, so treat me well and I really do hope to meet some genuine people on here.

About me?

South African, white, bet you didn't see that coming!

Super young, as in 20 kind of young, apparently my generation hasn't discovered many online communities such as this...

Male, pretty bland in that department, looking just to see whos out there ect!

Tall, 195cm (not sure what that is in feet.) packing something in the region of 21cm. With dirty blond hair, shoulder length. I'm fit, at least, in the vaguest of senses. I run long distance so my legs are, as my ex says, sculpted for Olympus itself, and the rest of me is... streamlined (read 'not extra muscled'). Haven't got much body hair, if that's a turn off/on fair warning?

Skilled with a tounge... in both senses. I enjoy good banter and as such, can cover a wide variety of topics. Astronomy, Aeronautics, science and maths are heavy interests for me but this isn't exactly the place to find like minded people on such matters so cometh in the other meaning!

So, ladies, do so, if you're interested, drop a pm! I don't have kik, but I do have whatsapp or email on a burner phone so, there's that?

Not sure if I am to include pic for verification but I'm an honest guy. Hope Lit will be good to me!
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