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Happy Anniversary

My first Literotica story was published one year ago today.

Itís been an interesting and rewarding experience. I was a fan of this site as a reader for well over ten years before writing stories for this site. Until I wrote my first story here, I had never written a work of fiction of any length. Iíve published 15 stories in the last year, and theyíve been received with varying degrees of appreciation, amusement, and loathing. Many have liked my stories. Some, not so much. One reader told me to eat his condom (I declined).

Iíve learned a few things in my first year here. Among them:

Iím a better fiction writer than I feared Iíd be, but not nearly as good as I still hope to be.

I am a good enough writer, if comments are to be believed, to assist some people in achieving orgasm. Thatís something.

When you pierce through all the nonsense and name-calling, you can glean useful information from the comments and feedback you get here if you read them carefully, skeptically, and open-mindedly.

The variety of peopleís erotic kinks and fetishes is truly infinite. And thank goodness for that.

This is a diverse community. Erotica writers appear to come from every possible background.

Things I still donít know:

How sweeps work.

How Laurel keeps up with the volume of stories contributed to this site.

Whether people here really are who they say they are. Iím curious, and doubtful, but I donít really care, and it makes no difference to whether I like their stories or agree with what they say on these threads.

Why people care about the Kardashians. Whoops, sorry . . . thatís probably for another forum somewhere else.

Iím looking forward to another year of reading and writing stories.
My stories are at https://www.literotica.com/stories/m...ge=submissions.
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"Eat my condom" - now that's good. I'm envious!
Chloe Tzang
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Congratulations on your anniversary, I hope the coming year is better for you than the last. Good decision on not eating the condom, lol.
I can not be held responsible for anything I say on here, my muse made me type it.

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Originally Posted by SimonDoom View Post
My first Literotica story was published one year ago today.
Congratulations on that milestone, SD. I hope to pass it myself someday, but from here it seems a long way off. Best of luck for another year.
My latest story:
Time to Breathe (Sci-Fi; 6 pages)
Low on air. Far from aid. How do you spend your final hours?
Proudly part of the 2018 Geek Pride Day Anthology

The rest of my prosaic little stroke stories
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