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One of my uncles died on the USS Oklahoma, the first ship my dad served on. I never forget the anniversary.
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Originally Posted by oggbashan View Post
Without Pearl Harbor, we Brits would have lost the war, not just in the Far East but in Europe as well.

Japan attacked the US without declaring war. Hitler made the grave mistake of declaring war on the USA immediately after Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor was the beginning of the major Pacific campaign by the US and its allies that cost many brave people their lives to end Japan's aim of conquering much of SE Asia and the Western Pacific.

We should remember and salute all those who fought for freedom.
Well said Ogg.

I have visited Pearl Harbour and seen the oil still leaking from the wreck of the Arizona. Although it may not have the graves and ranks of crosses so often associated with war memorials its effect is just as powerful and memorable.
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Originally Posted by BoyNextDoor View Post
I think it extremely weird and somewhat dysfunctional behavior that people want to remember terrorist attacks and traitors as if that somehow was worthy of commemoration.
I know I will regret asking you this.... Do you equate the attack on Pearl Harbor to Terrorism? I'm not even going to ask about the traitor comments relationship to PHD.

This is one of the reasons why we remember PHD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujquq7IU0uY
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Originally Posted by cowslinger64 View Post
Nice of you two assholes to sully the memory of those that died in this horrific incident.

Rip to the lost ones and thanks to all who helped in defense of this great country.. That has been great all this time, even with a black president you hate so much.

Leave it up to slimeball right wingers to make EVERYTHING political.

I have never heard of any American making fun of Pearl Harbor.

But that's the dittoheads for YA.

Dumpster disrespected Mccain's service, and yet these rightists were still licking his ass.

They are worthless. Too stupid to understand that most progressives are not really anti-war, but anti pointless wars. And World War II was far from unnecessary. It had to be fought.

Any war after that was simply America exercising brute aggression over weaker countries.
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