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Stored up-right, not in direct sun light, best at 60 to 70 degrees.
The original paper sleeve is best, it conforms to the groves and helps protect them.
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On a bonfire, itís a lie told by many that you canít really appreciate the sound unless itís on vinyl.
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Originally Posted by ReadyOne View Post
Probably would not hurt if you started some sort of notebook where you could make notes about the stories she told you about pieces in the collection.

Heck, it might even evolve into a book!
If only I had listened more closely.

She and I were soul mates, but I had no interest in her job, and she had no interest in mine. My only reason for caring for this stuff is simply because it belonged to her. It's monetary value or music-history significance is of zero interest to me. Someday I will look to place it all with people who can appreciate it for what it is, but for now, I'm just going to hold onto it.
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I have a few hundred records, and I store them vertically in record crates. The albums themselves are stored in sleeves to protect the covers from bumps, spills, and dust. The records are stored in their original paper sleeves. I still listen to mine, as the sound is so much better than digital, and I find I miss the hiss, crackle and pops from vinyl.
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I keep mine in a couple of wooden milk crates. Vertically. Most of them have the sleeve.
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I have over 1,000 78 rpm records.

They are heavy and a fire risk. I store them vertically on racks in my carpeted and minimally heated garage. They all have their paper sleeves.

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Jeanne D'Artois' few

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