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Wink New Here

I just wanted to say hi i am new to this forum a Dom I talke to on tmblr said i might enjoy this site so why not give it a try.

Not to sure what to all say about me i am a female i like to be called Wildflower I am new to the BDSM world.
I have always felt like there was a little piece of me that i kept hidden and locked away and for the last little while i have opened myself up to exploring that side of myself.

It's amazing i find that so many woman are scared of who they are or what they like sexually never exploring it never taking chances or experimenting with it.
I lived like that for a long time. Then something happend mentally with me where i just came to the realization where i just decided i needed to open myself to the urges and sexual desires that i was longing for and ached for.
It wasn't just a sexual physical thing for me either it was also mentally.

Take for example some woman would find name calling by a man hurtful and cruel.
Don't misunderstand me i love to be thought of as someone's beautiful sub or his intoxicating flower his love, his everything.

The other side of that is i also like to be referred to by my Master as his dirty little slut and his disobedient little whore. It excites me!!! Does it make it bad maybe to some but to me no i like it i get extremly aroused by it.

I am opening myself to this whole new world that i never knew that i ached to be apart of.
I always was the one who did every thing who had to worry about everything always in charge now i am not anymore.

I love having to obey and to follow orders having someone take charge sexually, physically and mentally.
Someone that excites and stirs the longing and the hunger that is hidden within me.

I love learning all these new things from fellow Subs And Doms that just opens my eyes and my mind to all the endless erotic things i never knew i liked.

So i just wanted to say hi to anyone reading this.

I hope to figure out the site more so i will be able to meet new people share stories ans learn and grow more as a better submissive.

I would love any feedback or get to know anyone who wants to have a conversation with me for i have tons of questions and i am eager to learn.

Thanks For Reading About Me.
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I suspect the Story Ideas moderator will move this thread to Personals pretty soon.
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Great first post... Welcome. And yes, it has been moved to BDSM Personals quickly...
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Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay.
sissy is a sub to Her and if can help please ask.
Sissy for the of IT

Sissy Salina

Sissy Rules
Sissy will only refer to sissy-self as sissy
Sissy will be in chastity (except for cleaning)
Sissy will be plugged both penile & anal(except for cleaning or usage)
Sissy will have enema twice a day
Sissy is never allowed to say "no"
Sissy giving oral servitude will have hands bound behind back
Sissy will swallow all cum or nectar
Sissy should be milked once a month
Sissy is never allowed ejaculation
Sissy’s only duty is to serve others
Sissyies are always bound or caged at night
Sissies are never to wear any male clothing articles
Sissy's will remove all hair except the long head hair
Sissy will have pierced ears and other piercings
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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome I love being here and learning new and exciting things from everyone if anyone wants to chat please send me a message.
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Wishing you luck on your search
"Real men never stop trying to show a submissive woman how much she means to him, even after he's got her"
formally known as firefighterscott. This is a new me
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Good luck to you. My advice to you, as to all new submissives on here, is please be safe and don't talk to anyone who tells you that you MUST call them Master/Daddy/Sir before you even share a bit of a conversation. Titles are earned - not self-proclaimed. Yes, I am sexually dominant, but I am not your Dominant. Therefore, you owe me nothing beyond basic human respect. The same goes for anyone else on here.

You'll likely get a lot of guys trying to give you orders before you even know if you like each other or not. Kick those guys to the curb. Take your time. Find someone you're compatible with.

Unless you just need a quickie, then do whatever.
Your stomach across my lap, your skirt pulled up, your bare ass waiting for my hand... now ask me for it.

Guys, don't be a douche. Click here!
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