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Celebrity, News anchors, politicians sex scandal

With all the sex harassment assault sex scandal of Fox News Bill O'Rielly, Hollywood Harvey Winstein, Sen. All Frankenstein, Tv Anchor Charlie Rose.
There are now a lot of women coming out to charge these celebrities.

So this will be a good and interesting idea for a story.

So there is this a well known talk Radio station who constantly doing the same thing and much worse but they don't come out and complain. But the women only threatens to file a complaint or file charges.

There is this one senior executive who paraded naked around the female co workers in the radio stations while they interviewing a well known politician. Or sometimes he will just fondle her breast as she talks on the microphone or touch her between her legs.
The lady anchor will report him to the lady Vice President but she will come out from her office bottomless with her hairy pussy showing and also fondling a cock of one of the male co worker.

The reason why there's no real complaint is because all of them in that talk radio station are all practicing nudists and swingers. So all that they do were merely teasing and they all laugh about it. And they feel sorry for those well known celebrities who were exposed to sex scandal.

sometimes a lady anchor is sitting on the cock of a senior executive and beside her is a male intern alternately sucking his cock and talking on caller on a microphone. Sometimes the caller herself is a well known celebrity and had experienced some kind of sexual harassment at work.
They will talk about how bad the behavior of such people in power for using it to their advantage, while saying it she grinds her hips on the cock she was impaled of.

There could be also a female intern that is a daughter of the male senior executive and the male intern is a son of the female Vice President.
Since it is in the open that parents of these interns are nudist and swingers. The interns are allowed to join their parents in their office swinging party. But there is a rule to follow. That their children can not have sexual contact with their parents or parents to children. But can have sex with anybody else and allowed to watch their parents openly having sex or children openly having sex.

Hope this will interests some authors.
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I've heard from a Lit author that right now the site isn't accepting political stories.
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