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His Bride to Be

The rain fell in heavy drops, as if the clouds above were tossing them down in anger. Atleast, that is the way it appeared to Jade. Her soft, hazel eyes transfixed on the tiny mirrors, they mimicking those obscure scenes portrayed in funhouses.
"Penelope." Her father's voice called to her, and the twenty four year old turned to face him.

"You are to wed Given in only a days time. What is your opinion of your progress in perfecting the rituals?" His hungry eyes scanned over his daughter. She stood at five foot seven, and her size 16 body looked as if it was shaped in an hour glass. Her long curls were braided down her back, and her ivory skin looked softer than any babies felt. She smelt of jasmine and lemon grass. Her beauty, and her mind had gotten her into many situations. None as grave as this.

"I am prepared to marry father. I am prepared to give myself with no remorse." And with that he slammed her door, and locked her away.

Jade weeped, breasts heaving, deep into the night.
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