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Sequel Rated Higher Than Original

I wrote two stories in a duology a little while ago, and I got pretty significant differences in ratings: the first was rated 3.83 and the second 4.32. Ordinarily, I would assume that I just wrote the second story better than the first, but in this case, I don't see it. I'm hoping a couple of you guys and gals could take a look at the two and give me some insight as to what you think my be the reason for the disparity.

Saving Herself: https://www.literotica.com/s/saving-herself-1
Saving Herself Pt. 2: https://www.literotica.com/s/saving-herself-pt-02

As a heads up, these are non-con stories, so if that isn't your cup of tea, you might want to pass.

Thanks in advance!
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It isn't the same set of readers for both and the two stories won't be identical anyway. There is no reason why the response should be equal. And it won't be the same set of readers for the next one either, so your time would be better spent just writing and posting new stories and not trying to meet a standard that evaporated already.
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Yes, what Pilot says. Two stories posted four months apart, two sets of readers, two sets of reactions.

Conclusions? None can be made. All you've told is the end score for each, but not how many scores per view - noting that the older story has more than twice the views, but only you know if they were viewed at the same rate over time.

You story file is too small and spread over too long a time to draw any conclusions about your reader base. All you can reliably say is, some people read these two stories and voted.

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It's pretty standard for ratings to improve as a series goes on. People who didn't like Chapter 1 aren't going to read or vote on Chapter 2. Check the view statistics and number of votes.
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I see that a lot. I think it takes time for readers to learn and be moved by your characters. If they are, they probably like them, or like to hate them, and will give you a better bump on the next story.
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I can't speak for others or for how things work here on Lit, but personally here is what I do...

If I read part one and parts 2 and three, I'll only vote or comment on part three. This is because it is the most recent. I figure that a comment has the biggest chance of being seen by the author that way.

But that's just me...
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What Bramblethorn said.

Your first chapter received over two and a half times the views that your second chapter did. This is very common on Literotica (it's true for my stories). Some of the people who viewed or read your first story chapter chose not to read the second one. Some of those readers gave you low scores.

The reader pool for the second story is more selective and smaller. It includes people who read and liked your first story. Your score went up because the downvoters from the first chapter didn't read the second.

If you keep adding chapters you'll see views continue to go down and scores likely to go up, as long as you maintain the quality of the story. Sometimes the views go down really dramatically, which can be somewhat discouraging, but the negative is somewhat outweighed by the knowledge that the "downstream" readers are on average more appreciative.

Something interesting about your story -- although the second part got a significantly higher score, the first one received a lot more favorites. Your first chapter seems to have polarized people -- some didn't like it, but some really did.
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My Serendipity series has some of the same ratings.
First chapter has the most views, and the most favorites, but the lowest rating.
The other three chapters all have higher views, but then far less views and favorites.

Like chapter 2 has the highest rating, but only 1 favorite? Weird to me.
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