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Originally Posted by Blue View Post
Is there any specific way you want me to pronounce your name?
Lets see, hmmmn, spelled phonetically I believe it would be: Uggg lol

No really, however you want is fine

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Originally Posted by barefootgirl69 View Post
What does he do to earn it? Stand on his head? Earning to me means working, putting forth effort.

All I know is, in my experience, we were simply friends and the more I got to know him the more the pull to submit to him occurred. He didn't do anything but be himself. He didn't work on being honest and kind.. he just was that way. I brought my feelings to him, not as a gift "Hey, I want to submit to you - here it is." but as something so much more. Explaining to him the feelings I was having, because neither of us was looking. He did me the HONOR of allowing me to submit.

These are just my feelings. I'm aware others may feel differently, but I will never consider it a gift that was earned.
I agree with you bfg, it is not earn't, but I do see it is a gift, one that is treasured. But as Uggg mentions, perhaps it is coming from a different perspective. I am also aware, I may use the English language in a different sense from a person in the US, so there is that as well.

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Originally Posted by Farawyn View Post
Donít do that. Act all Dommy to everyone you meet.
And inspiring someone to be submissive is not the same as sexual harassment.
Consent is the key word, yes.

Communication is the way to determine the dommyness of your advances.

I mean, itís not that hard.

ďOooh, now women are speaking up!!! Will this make it more difficult for me to get laid???Ē


Iím not saying you are saying that, but IMO this current toppling of powerful men who are misogynisitc is waaaaay overdue.
I'm not saying that. I'm simply playing devil's advocate, and trying to make a point, albeit not very clearly apparently.

Misogyny is an outdated and fucked up social construct.

But to the outside world, a lot of what I do sexually might be viewed as such.
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About "earning" it and Outside perspective.

I think I agree that "earn" might be the best word available in English.

There is a huge problem, in my opinion, with anything even close to "deserve", so, the opposite may just be the best descriptor.

In my experience and therefore in my opinion, I have needed to earn a level of trust from any pyl I have ever scened with. How did I earn that trust? I have no idea. And further. I suggest that what I did to gain that trust was different for each of them.

With respect to outside perspectives, feminism and mysogenistic behaivor...

I am certain that there are some people who look at our kink/fetish/pick your term and see nothing short of an atrocity. I'm certain, because I had Christmas dinner with them last year! In truth, their opinion is based in ignorance, in the case of my markedly anti-feminist cousins, their sole understanding of what we do was based on a very biased -in this case, Christian Fundamentalist- viewpoint. Trying to educate them of the realities... Not a winning proposition for anyone.

At the same time, I was very recently approached by a markedly feminist friend, a real alpha female type, with questions about my kink. (I don't broadcast my involvement, by I don't hide it actively either.) That she was interested shocked me at first, but when she explained why she was interested, it made sense. She is a very accomplished woman, a senior executive with s major software developer, corner office, respect and authority and married to a very milk toast liberal guy who has never been witnessed standing up to her.

Her interest is no different from the male executives who need to just not be in charge for a moment.

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