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Perils of using Google Docs


"Google Docs users are reporting various bugs today that result in them getting locked out of their documents. Most of the issues center on a mysterious Terms of Service violation. "

Looks like this one was a glitch and may now have been fixed, but if you're working on Google Docs, might want to have an offline backup.

(Not ragging on Google here - it's probably still a more reliable option than the average hard drive. But saving them on both is more reliable still.)
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Thanks for the tip. I just checked and it seems to work fine
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However, Google could remove a Google Doc if its bots decide it is obscene or if it breaks several other rules.
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Agreed. I think it's best used as a back up anyway.
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Originally Posted by MagicaPractica View Post
Agreed. I think it's best used as a back up anyway.
I do so agree.
That said, I'm never notably keen on the idea of what I write being 'inspect-able' by any external agency, benign or not.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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