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Story to edit

I have several stories published using iPhone dictation. Iím looking for copy editing so I can publish at a faster rate.
Below is an example of a worker I canít seem to get clean enough for publication. Please take a look if you want to help. Let me know if you would be interested in editing more. Thanks in advance.

Authorís note: This is the end of the sequence of stories related to Hannahís Lap. One night adventures of a college girl and the family of her best friend. All characters should be imagined as consenting adults exploring slightly past their own sexual experience.

10. Please do not post story submissions to the forums. You may post short snippets (less than 3 paragraphs or so) for discussion, but please post your full stories to the story side.

"Aummm, aummmm, aummm. Uhg, uhg! Aummm, aummm, aim. Uhg, uhg, uhg!"
How did this happen?
My mouth was bouncing off the sloppy and open cunt of Mrs. Kimmel, Becky, while my pussy was raised high off the matress with Mr. Kimmel, sliding deep in and out of it. Each collision of his hips against my ass made me grunt in a loose, hungry moan. My mind swirled with sensation and my mouth ached for the soft swallowing pussy lips hugging my cheeks. All I could do was hang onto Becky's hips and rub my open mouth into her dripping gash as her husband plowed into the folds of my cunt. I was gushing my juices as he pumped into me. My inner folds felt like sheets let out after washing, flapping open and closed as he kept opening me with his man-sized cock.
This all started with Hannah. Seducing me into a frenzy as I was laying on her lap while watching a movie. After sharing orgasms I had to climbed into bed with my sexy friend, and Hanna's sister, June. June was so disappointed that I had played with her older sister before playing with her. I tried to show her how it all just, kind of happened, but I only ended up sliding my fingers into her slick cunt and tasting my first needy, wet pussy with my mouth.

The poor girl came so hard I thought she'd wake the neighborhood. Instead she woke her mom and then passed out into a deep sleep. Even though I am a grown woman, I thought her mom would want to punish me for driving her daughter so wild with lesbian play. She did, but not in the way I expected. Every time her flat hand came down on my bottom, I moved closer to a trembling orgasm. Her punishments put me right over the edge and I ended up cumming hard again.

I was just about to get the upper hand. I could see that Mrs. Kimmel was filled with bursting lust after my performance. Pushing her back onto her bed, I was just about to see if mom tasted as delicious as her daughter. What happened next shouldnít have been a shock to me, as I knew Mr. Kimmel had been sleeping in the bed the whole time. Just as I crawled up onto the bed Mr. Kimmel stirred and asked forcefully what was going on.
I jumped down off of the bed, hiding at the foot of it. My heart pounded as if I had been caught almost raiding the cookie jar, or in this case Becky's honey pot. Mrs. Kimmel was just as shocked as I was.

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