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Son blackmails mom

A real cool story line I think. Mom comes home early and catches teen son banging his sister. Mom flips out. Later she talks to daughter and says it has to stop. Daughter says no way, I love his big cock. So mom talks to son to get him to stop. He won't either. Mom sends daughter away for a week. Then gets the kids aunt to try and talk to him about it. Fast forward after son and aunt have talked. The mom,son and aunt sit on the couch and son says he won't fuck sis anymore. Then he tells aunt to explain why not. Embarrassed she tells her sister that the kid won't do it anymore if the mother becomes his sex slave for the week. Pardon me the mom says. She slaps kid and starts to leave. He grabs his mom by the wrist and says in five minutes the deal is off so you better be kneeling in front of me sucking my big cock. Mom runs to her room. Aunt tells nephew he is an awful sonofabitch for suggesting any of this. A couple minutes pass and mom comes back. Says I guess I have no choice. Son stands up and undresses mom. She is naked and he feels her perfect boobs. Ready to suck my huge cock mom? he asks. "Whatever, a cock is a cock. What makes you think you're special." Then he whips out his 12 inch cock. "Holy shit" mom and aunt both say. Son proceeds to get a blowjob and then fucks his moms brains out, even doing her in the ass.
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no single aspect of the plot stands out as novel, but then, with thousands of stories on Lit, its combining the elements well then writing convincingly that makes a story work.

Are you going to write this, or looking for a writer? I've got other projects on the go.

I'm not clear - did son and aunt have sex? would that be shown or implied?

I didn't find the sex slave bit convincing - why does Mom agree to do it?

maybe better if Aunt shows Mom how great a lover son is, then Mom gets so hot she joins in?
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

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I really didn't catch the backmail part. The mother is going to fuck the son to keep him from fucking the sister?

Not credible enough in my opinion, because why would the mother exchange one situation for another that is the same. Incest is still occuring.

Know, using the elements of your story I see a lot of meat there.

The mother comes home and finds her son boning her daughter. She is upset by this, so she sends the son to say with her sister.

At the aunt's house:
The aunt walks in on her nephew while he is naked. She sees his huge cock and wants it. The nephew fucks is aunt completely. She tells him of his mother's secrets and even shows him old pictures of the mother fucking her own brother.

The son returns home. The mother asks if he agrees not to continue fucking his sister. He tells her no, and that he things that she should fuck him as well. The mother is shocked at his answer, but is brought to reality by a picture her son hands her of her being fucked in the ass by her own brother.

The son stands over his mother with his thick eight inch cock in his hand. The mother's defenses have been crushed and exposed. She takes her son's cock and begin sucking on it.

When the daughter arrives, she sees her brother fucking her mother on the couch. She joins in by offering her pussy for licking by her mother while her brother is pounding her mother's ass.

Just my 2 cents.
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yeah, BlackSnake improved it very much. The original plot wouldn't work.

It's more like an ultimatum: Either he has sex with the sister or with the mother .... and since the sister wants sex with him, and the mother doesn't .....

The idea that the mother also commited incest many years ago is really good.

Or to make it even better: it wasn't many years ago - it was just a few weeks or months earlier.

There is a big family reunion like Thanksgiving or something like that. The whole family (grandparents, the mother and her kids and of course the brother of the mother, "Uncle Herman") is at the house of the grandparents. At one time, the son sees how his mother and her brother leave the room - and they are in a strange mood. Quietly, he follows them upstairs. They enter one room and lock the door. When he peeps through the keyhole, he sees how they get undressed and how they have sex. Then, he hears his mother "Oh Baby, I missed it so much ...." - so this wasn't the first time.

Later, the son tells his sister about it. Finally, the son asks his sister what she thinks about incest - and after some talking, they have sex.
From that day on, they do it many times, until the mother catches them.
She gets mad and tells them how sick this is - but then, the boy tells her, that he saw how she had sex with her own brother ....

Then he blackmails her: He wants to fuck her, too, otherwise, he would tell her husband (his father) about everything ....
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Originally posted by NASCARaddicted

Then he blackmails her: He wants to fuck her, too, otherwise, he would tell her husband (his father) about everything ....
Awsome! I thought about the father, but didn't know how to put him in the picture. The father would be already suspicious of her.

To keep her son quiet, she fucks him. Now he can fuck both his sister and mother. But the sister is curious. She goes after her father. It would be easy because she has noticed him checking her out and trying to hide it.

The brother and sister would keep the facts from their parents about the other. Especially, since the mother enjoys getting fucked by her son and the father enjoys fucking his daughter. The parents don't know about each other.
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Since people love that "who do you wanna fuck" thread, let's check out some other hungson classics.
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