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A Wolverines Heart (Open)

Holly Fox

Holly had been born in New York City but when a murder that involved her parents happened she moved away, she got emancipated at sixteen and thankfully her parents had a large life insurance policey so if they died she would be okay. So she lived thirty minutes away in a nice simple house, she was hoping one day of having a family which was why she made it the way she did. She was a simple girl though she was very smart, she graduated top of her class three years in advance. She hated the city because it reminded her of what she had lost, and it killed her to think that way all the time. She wished to find someone that didn't have a closed mind, because when it came to the mutant race she just thought of them as normal people. She knew some were bad but some were good, and she had heard of the Xman. She had known about them for many years.

But that was another reason that she tried to stay away from the city, the city was a city full of blood, blood of the mutants that are shot and killed just because they are mutants. Holly had a big heart and she was beautiful but wasn't a bitch about it. She had taken in some mutants in the past, those with wounds or just trying to find a place to stay for a night or two. She was glad and kinda got a reputation from mutants, but it was a careful one, making sure no one said to much in case she was to get attacked. It was boring around there sure, but she was out of the war, away from the bloody streets. The cops who were getting paid to do dirty shit she couldn't take it. But she knew that being at the house, she wanted a husband and children but the thing was she had to go out. So it was kinda a bad situation, until one day something interesting happened.

She was getting ready to go on a pourch when she noticed a man tending to his motorcyle, she had no idea what was going on so she walked off the pourch and walked up to him, she smiled thought looking up at the sky it was about to rain, she could smell it. And she was never wrong, if she smelt it, it was something that was going to happen. She placed her hands on her hips and smiled at him.

"Need some help?"
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